Accelerate Your Quick Commerce Sales with WareIQ Fulfillment​

Regionally place your inventory to fulfill purchase orders from Blinkit, Zepto, and Swiggy Instamart with a fully compliant solution. Drive frequent replenishments to multiple dark stores, on schedule and with Proof of Delivery

WareIQ Quick Commerce Fulfillment

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WareIQ Investors

How Does It Work?​

Step 1

Place Your Stock In The Regional FCs To Avoid Lost Sales​

  • WareIQ has fulfillment centers in 15 cities across India

  • Our Planning engine can assist you in right inventory placement decision in right city

  • Daily Dispatches

Step 2

On Receiving Purchase Orders, WareIQ Picks, Packs & Dispatches​

  • Stock Batch management to avoid rejections

  • Process Compliant across Zepto, Blinkit, and Instamart

  • Repackaging at scale

  • Scan-based ops to minimize short/excess dispatches

Step 3

Deliver On-Time Based On Appointments, With PODs

  • Multiple delivery options integrated based on the size of consignment – B2C couriers, daily milk-runs, PTL etc.

  • Proof of Delivery with all shipments to avoid conflicts

  • Returns management and reconciliation support

Features of Our Quick Commerce Fulfillment​

Flash Storage

Short term storage ideal for Quick Commerce

Deliveries Within 48 Hours

Appointment based deliveries enabled by a variety of courier options - B2C, Milk Runs, PTL etc.

Pan India Network of FCs

Fulfill 20-50 dark stores per city in a day with ease using our scalable fulfillment network

Smart Inventory Placement

AI-led inventory distribution to lower your cost per order and capture lost sales with placement services

Packaging, Labeling & Repacking

We use a variety of packing materials compliant with BlinkIt, Swiggy Instamart & Zepto

ERP/WMS/OMS Integrations

Connect with the ERP, WMS and OMS of your choice in a few clicks

Access to POD Across Couriers

Get Proof of Delivery for the courier of your choice to avoid conflics

Focused Customer Support & Assistance

Our customer success team ensures not even single PO's fulfillment is missed

Partner with Us for Seamless Quick Commerce Fulfillment for Zepto, BlinkIt and Swiggy Instamart

Connect with us to know how we can help you make your Quick Commerce Fulfillment more efficient

Partner with WareIQ for Seamless Quick Commerce Fulfillment


Q) In how many cities can you fulfill Quick Commerce orders?

We are currently present in 12+ cities, and expanding to more each quarter. City presence: NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Indore, Jaipur and Ahmedabad

Q) Who takes my Quick Commerce appointments, and how does your SLA work?

Appointments are taken by the brands. WareIQ comes into the picture for fulfilling orders as per the appointment schedule. Our team will work backward from the timeline and deliver it on time.

Q) Who arranges for last-mile delivery to QC dark stores?

WareIQ has its partner network to deliver it to QC dark stores. Based on the size of the consignment, we can choose from B2C courier, small vehicle like TATA Ace, or Part-truck load movement. All partners are vetted and measured on their on-time delivery performance.

Q) How do I send you the Purchase Orders?

Currently, Quick Commerce platforms do not have a seller panel and don’t have ready APIs. So, the Purchase orders need to be manually uploaded on the WareIQ platform. This will change as APIs from the platforms go live

Q) Is my inventory updated for other eCommerce channels, post Quick Commerce Purchase Orders?

Yes, our inventory management portal is updated in real-time, and SKU counts are reflected live on all platforms where they are being sold as soon as an order is placed on any platform.

Q) How do I manage my inventory with WareIQ?

Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to track inventory levels in real-time across all our fulfillment centers. We also offer inventory forecasting tools to help you predict demand and avoid stockouts.

Q) What happens if I run out of stock on a quick commerce channel?

We'll notify you immediately if inventory levels fall below a pre-set threshold. You can then create POs or STNs basis our inventory planning engine's auto-recommendations and initiate replenishment.

Q) Can I store temperature-controlled items with WareIQ?

Yes, we offer dedicated storage facilities for temperature-controlled items like fresh produce and dairy products.

Q) Can I track my orders in real-time?

Yes, our system provides real-time tracking information.