How it works


Connect your online store/Ecommerce channels and send us your products

All major ecommerce platforms & marketplaces are integrated with our central platform

First-mile and Inwards operations

We schedule pickup from your central warehouse or supplier location. As it reaches our site, we perform the inward ops, QC checks and update real-time inventory status



Storage & Order Fulfillment

As soon as an order is placed, it is automatically sent to the WareIQ's fulfillment center closest to the customer to be picked & packed by our grounds team

Last Mile Delivery Engine

We are integrated to all major 3PLs and on-demand courier companies. For each order, WareIQ finds the fastest, and most reliable option to get it delivered to customer



Returns Management & Support

Damaged or lost inventory is quickly handled, & returns processed promptly. We answer customer questions about shipments, and respond to any negative transactional feedback to keep your product rankings as high as possible

COD Remittance

We offer twice-a-week COD remittance to ensure you have a steady cashflows


One Platform To Centralize Your Operations

WareIQ is a one-stop-shop for all your logistics needs from managing inventory, to shipping orders, solving COD, NDR or Fraud issues, and analyzing your performance. This mean less time wasted resolving shipping issues and more time to focus on growing your business.

India’s largest Fulfillment network

With WareIQ, you get access to a pan-India network of Ecommerce Fulfillment centers allowing you to offer guaranteed 2-day delivery to 90% of your customers

Own Network 30% Coverage

With WareIQ 95% Coverage

Your single source of truth

We integrate data from all of our warehouses, customer’s warehouses and retail stores to give you complete visibility and control over operations Manage inventory levels, order data, and control billing from the same system.

An extension of your team

Our teams support your day-to-day Fulfillment operations and resolve any exception cases Plus, our reports give you the insights you need to

Shippers we serve

Scale, enhance, or optimize your distribution.

Online-first Brands

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Large Retail
Modernize your DISTRIBUTION

We’ll enable your omnichannel strategy by centralizing your operations across retail stores & distributed warehouses to optimize shipping timelines & cost

Cross-border & Dropshippers

WareIQ will be your India fulfillment partner, managing all complexity in getting order from your supplier to the end customer

Ready to get started?

Build a dynamic, flexible warehousing and fulfillment network that meets demand. Build something that improves the customer experience, and gives you the structural flexibility to grow. Fast.