List of Top 10 Warehousing Companies in Delhi Providing Best Warehousing and Logistics Services in 2023

“India has experienced substantial growth in its logistics sector. By 2025, it is expected to be valued at $380 billion.” According to a recent McKinsey Global Institute prediction, Indian warehousing and logistics spending is expected to rise by more than 10% CAGR from $200 billion in early 2020 to at least $320 billion in 2025. Additionally, a pandemic in 2020 forced businesses to create cutting-edge solutions, which changed the corporate environment.

Over the past two years, the Indian logistics industry has slowed and is abruptly gaining momentum. The new policies have provided the sector with a much-needed boost. Metro cities are in dier need of logistics and warehousing companies. Here we will talk about warehousing companies in Delhi.

The expansion of eCommerce has significantly changed corporate development strategies. Nowadays, companies can function without having a physical site. There shouldn’t be a cap on the hours spent in the internet and digitalization era. Online marketplaces give vendors the flexibility to meet customer wants whenever they arise.

Due to the rapid growth of online shopping, urbanization, and new technology, which has an impact on all facets of supply chain management and raw material procurement, inventory management has become more and more challenging. In addition, due to the increased demand in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, businesses need assistance with difficulties, including a lack of warehouse space and warehouse capacity.

Regarding commerce and industry, Delhi is India’s most significant city. Delhi has a vibrant economy, with many businesses engaged in various sectors, including manufacturing, transportation, and information technology. In addition, the city appeals to companies since it has a robust infrastructure and serves as a center for research and education.

The burden of overseeing internal operations and various other chores can be decreased by choosing from the top warehousing companies in Delhi.

To assist businesses in locating dependable warehouse service providers, a list of warehousing companies in Delhi has been compiled below.

List of Top 10 Warehousing Companies in Delhi in 2023

The list of Delhi-based warehousing companies below has been put together to aid businesses in finding trustworthy service providers.

The businesses in the following list can handle your eCommerce shipping and delivery needs, from significant initiatives like product launches to routine order fulfillment.

The top 10 warehousing companies in Delhi for 2023 are listed below, along with a summary of their salient features and offerings.


warehousing companies in Delhi_WareIq Logistics Pvt Ltd

WareIQ, one of the leading warehousing firms in Bangalore, provides cutting-edge, innovative fulfilment solutions as a full-stack, tech-enabled fulfillment partner. Working with a technologically advanced fulfilment partner like WareIQ, which provides intelligent storage solutions, will help you keep your competitive edge.

Any retail business, whether new or has been around for a while, uses the most recent technologies to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, from getting products out of warehouses to speeding up order deliveries.

With the help of best-in-class technology, WareIQ’s broad countrywide fulfillment network offers online retailers a cutting-edge, end-to-end supply chain solution.

WareIQ can lower or reduce shipping costs, shorten transit times, and offer more outstanding value to your consumers by automating warehouse processes, including picking, packaging, shipping, services, and inventory management.

Additionally, a strong fulfillment network that permits reasonably priced 2-day shipping is available to WareIQ sellers.

Here are a few of WareIQ’s unique characteristics:

Widespread Fulfillment Network to Boost Logistics Activities

WareIQ’s large and dynamic fulfilment network enables you to store things across several sites to strategically reduce transit times, with fulfillment centers dispersed among tier-1, tier-2, and tier-3 locations.

The fulfilment facilities for WareIQ may be found in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. You can provide same-day delivery to your customers with the help of our vast fulfilment network.

To assist you in selecting the best distribution strategy and cutting down on delivery times, the WareIQ dashboard compiles data and insights from previous orders.

You may improve your services and expand over India with the help of WareIQ.

Lower Warehousing and Logistics Costs

If you have a good logistics plan, you can provide your clients with shipping options that are both affordable and competitive.

WareIQ can help you save on shipping costs, resulting in lower shipping rates and faster delivery services by providing affordable same-day or next-day delivery with WareIQ Rush.

WareIQ collaborates with the top domestic shipping carrier facility to hammer out bulk shipping savings. These financial savings are subsequently distributed to both you and your clients.

Effortless Analytics In Real Time

With WareIQ’s sophisticated data and analytics reporting platform, merchants can quickly review distribution KPIs, examine fulfilment and shipment performance, and manage their supply chain without being engaged in day-to-day operations.

The dashboard of WareIQ can be used to learn stuff like this.

  • The distribution system tracks and manages inventory for each sales channel.
  • Keep track of product bundles and SKUs.
  • SKU tracking, the number of days’ worth of stock left, and other crucial information.
  • By looking at past trends, you can predict demand.
  • Sort products by the progress of order fulfillment.

Holisol Logistics

warehousing companies in Delhi_holisol logistics

Holisol Logistics is one of the best warehousing companies in Delhi. It’s headquarters are in Delhi. eCommerce companies can use Holisol’s end-to-end supply chain logistics platform. In addition to other services, For the heavy engineering, agriculture, and automotive sectors, Holisol offers returnable packaging in addition to multi-channel fulfilment for both B2B and B2C retail. Additionally, Holisol has created fully AI-enabled digital supply chain solutions.

Holisol, an industry leader in supply chain management and logistics, wants to become a prominent player in these sectors. They provide complete end-to-end solutions to their clients’ enterprises that depend on technology. For Holisol, the three bottom lines of profit, planet, and people are all top objectives.

PCL Logistics Pvt Ltd

warehousing companies in Delhi_pcl logistics

A well-known provider of warehousing services in Delhi NCR, PCL Logistics Pvt Ltd, formerly known as Perfect Carriers & Logistics, was established in 1999. Its headquarters are located in Gurgaon, a key industrial hub in North India. The company is renowned in the market for offering competitive pricing that is tailored to India’s demands. Also well known for their adaptability, dependability, punctuality, and safety, PCL Logistics.

As part of PCL Logistics’ comprehensive supply chain management services, experts oversee each stage of the process, from the initial procurement of raw materials through the delivery of finished items to the end consumer.

Every consignment is transported to its destination in India by PCL Logistics’ efficient specialists within the given time frame. They also have all the equipment required for safe and secure cargo storage in our facilities.

PCL Logistics has grown to be a major player in cargo storage and transportation. PCL Logistics steered the company towards expansion with the help of a committed team, and as a result, it has become one of the top warehousing companies in Delhi.

Om Trans Logistics

warehousing companies in Delhi_om trans logistics ltd

In 2008, Ajay Singhal launched OmTrans Logistics Ltd, which has its head office in Delhi. One of India’s top warehousing companies in Delhi, Om Trans Logistics’ mission is to offer its customers the best logistical solutions.

The business strives for excellence in production, service, and innovation. Om Trans Logistics is a committed logistics company that offers the best services to its customers.

They have a team of specialists with more than 21 years of combined expertise in logistics. As a result, Om Trans Logistics has consistently provided its customers with cutting-edge and cost-effective logistical solutions to keep their costs as low as possible while still providing a high level of service.

To satisfy the demands, Om Trans Logistical has developed a full range of logistics, warehousing and distribution, customs and shipping, brokerage, land, sea, and air transportation.

AWL Warehousing Logistics

warehousing companies in Delhi_AWL Logistics

Rahul Mehra launched AWL Logistics in 2007. AWL India Pvt. Ltd., the Indian logistics company with the fastest pace of growth, uses cutting-edge technology to accomplish its goals. AWL strives to provide exceptional customer service and aid businesses in expanding their global consumer bases. Despite obstacles, AWL tries to complete jobs as one of the top warehousing companies in Delhi. The development of infrastructure and technology drives their activity. AWL has established an unrivalled reputation for providing top-notch supply chain management and logistics solutions.

This company, which offers global logistics solutions, has built its success on tailored client service and efficient application of its broad logistics expertise.

The fleets of AWL can be used in various fields, including entertainment, electronics, cosmetics, and energy.

AWL India Pvt. Ltd is one of the best and most renowned logistics firms in Delhi.

FastoGistics India Pvt. Ltd.

warehousing companies in Delhi__FastoGistics

FastoGistics India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading service providers of air freight, transportation logistics, freight forwarding, and warehousing in Delhi. Only top-notch materials from dependable market suppliers are taken into account when developing the services that are provided.

FastoGistics India Pvt. Ltd. seeks to offer premium integrated supply chain/logistics services at competitive prices via land, sea, air, and rail.

To offer high-quality, reasonably priced logistics services that are the finest in their industry about processes and practises worldwide. additionally to assist their clients in creating an integrated supply chain.

Future Warehouse Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

warehousing company in delhi_FWS

Future Warehouse Solutions is among the top warehousing companies in Delhi, India. It was founded by Mr. H.C.Yadav in 2008. FWS’s mission, ” FWS is sustainable growth. Hence, sustainability forms the core of our products.”

In North India, FWS is a leading warehouse provider. We have the largest business in Delhi NCR and Uttar Pradesh. Their clients range from 3PL service providers to FMCG companies to Manufacturing to publishing houses to well-known E-commerce players.

The main services offered are logistics, warehousing and manufacturing, distribution, sustainable warehouse business development, airfreight, multi-level warehousing, warehouse leasing and so much more.

Kimi Warehousing

warehousing companies in delhi_Kimi Warehousing

Kimi Warehousing is the one-stop 3PL warehousing solution in Delhi NCR and other metro cities in India. One of the best warehousing companies in Delhi was founded by Yogesh Kumar Singh and Vijay Sharma is successfully operating for 17 years in India. You should consider partnering with them if you are looking for order fulfillment, inventory management, warehouse storage, RTO, and other warehousing anf logistics operations.

Their core USP is to provide multi-user and shared facilities, flexible warehouse management solutions, technology-driven function, excellence in eCommerce order dispatch handling as per SOP, and no lock-in period.

Ecom Express

warehousing companies in Delhi_ecom express

Ecom Express was established in 2012 as a technology-based logistics and warehousing service provider in Delhi. They have a substantial presence in India, serve more than 27,000 Indian pin codes, and are among the best warehousing businesses in Delhi.

Ecom Express uses automated tools and data sciences to optimize the order fulfilment process. They also provide quick delivery services and reverse logistics operations that are quality-controlled. They have also incorporated artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to decipher incorrect addresses and plan specific delivery dates. Additionally, it has fulfilment centres across the country, totalling 1,008,000 square feet in area.

Emiza Inc.

list of warehousing companies in Delhi_Emiza

Emiza is a technology company that provides cloud-based supply chain management and warehousing solutions. It focuses primarily on SMBs (small and medium businesses). Emiza’s first warehouse was set up in Delhi in 2016. Emiza is currently one of the leading warehousing companies in Delhi and other places in India.

Emiza provides various other services like B2B logistics, last mile delivery, B2B eCommerce marketplace services etc. Emiza’s warehousing solution enables companies to monitor their inventory levels in real-time, track and trace shipments, and automate many of their warehouse putaway processes, including picking, packing, and shipping. The company’s goal is to help businesses improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction through the use of technology.


Finding the top Indian logistics service providers first may be quite helpful in choosing the best logistics businesses to deal with, even though this can be a complex process. All of the top warehousing companies in Delhi are now your sole options. The final step is to decide which logistics partners will give you the most visibility for carrying out our orders and the most incredible pin-code reach. Finally, be aware of the required services to maximise operational efficiency and proactively cut costs.

eCommerce businesses can build and run their infrastructure for shipping orders, which is an expensive and time-consuming procedure, with the top warehousing companies in Delhi overseeing operations. This means that eCommerce firms rely on reliable logistics and the best warehousing services in Delhi to manage their orders and keep their clients updated on the status of their deliveries.

Why Pick WareIQ as the Preferred Warehousing Company in Delhi for Your Online Marketplace in 2023?

WareIQ works with some of the most well-known businesses in the country as a leading provider of full-stack eCommerce warehousing services in Delhi. WareIQ, a fulfilment startup, offers a full-stack platform comparable to Amazon Prime, enabling eCommerce businesses to provide same-day delivery to customers.

warehousing companies in Delhi_wareIQ fulfilment network

When you choose WareIQ as your go-to order fulfillment company, you can safely and efficiently distribute your products across the country (including tier 2 and tier 3 locations) while storing them in WareIQ’s fulfillment centers in Delhi. Additionally, it will provide you with the means to rival Amazon in terms of service quality, elevating WareIQ to the position of one of the leading warehousing firms in Delhi. There are also some fascinating advantages.

  • You may free up more of your time by giving the management of eCommerce logistics to a reliable 3PL fulfillment company like WareIQ so you can focus on other crucial aspects of your company, like brand marketing and the introduction of new items.
  • The WareIQ platform uses cutting-edge technology to make it very simple to track and monitor your purchases in real-time.
  • The innovative inventory placement capabilities of WareIQ can help your company close deals on schedule.

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