When Should I Use a Fulfillment Center for FBA Prep Services?

Fonts must be clear.

 Labels must not be faded.

A direct thermal or laser printer must be used.

Only certain types of packaging material allowed ….

And the checklist on how to prepare inventory for FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon goes on… and on… and on.

Amazon ships 35 items a second and that’s because FBA runs like a well-oiled machine. But it can be a mind-boggling overload of instructions and information for vendors. Failing to comply with FBA preparation requirements may result in being charged for non-compliance, and products being returned, disposed of, or blocked from future shipments. And that’s not a situation any vendor wants to be in.


A fulfillment centre for FBA prep services can lift the weight off your shoulders

Using the right service, like the one offered by WareIQ for instance, will ensure your inventory is prepared according to Amazon’s regulations and standards and delivered to Amazon. WareIQ is a software-only platform that connects and centralizes a nationwide network of fulfillment centers and last-mile couriers.

Once products are sent into a prep service, you can focus on other aspects of your business, like sales, marketing and scaling up for instance!


So, when do you use an FBA prep service?


~ If you are looking to comply with Amazon’s scheduled delivery

Prep services ensure proper packaging and preparation which helps to reduce delays in receive time. Taking scheduled appointments in the Amazon Fulfillment Center is a hassle because of the complex checklist of items to be executed. There are chances of missing the time slot leading to stock rejection. Stock preparation needs to follow Amazon guidelines which is a thorough process that WareIQ staff is trained in.

WareIQ offers FBA prep services that ensure quality control, streamlining and adherence to Amazon standards whether it comes to fragile item preparation, repackaging thousands of SKUs to simply labelling products correctly with barcodes. WareIQ’s automated order fulfillment system ensures efficient and accurate picking and packing.


~ If you are looking to save money

Keeping track of a lot of different stock keeping units or SKUs that require different prep services can be tricky. You have to ask yourself if your business can afford to have its products returned or be billed a non-compliance fee for failure to meet FBA standards. Outsourcing FBA prep is a cost-effective way to move inventory. With WareIQ’s smart technology, SKUs are mapped across sales channels for efficient fulfillment.

Also, with WareIQ you’ll only pay for what you use, which means if you ship only one product in a month, you’ll only pay a pick and pack fee for that one. WareIQ books slot for clients on their behalf and offer bulk shipping with multiple sellers thereby ensuring cost efficiencies.


~ If you are looking to save space

FBA doesn’t just take up mind space, it takes up a whole lot of physical space as well. De-palletizing and repackaging, and storing packing materials such as poly mailers, fragile item wrapping, or labels can take up a lot of space, which most vendors do not have. In this case, a fulfillment center may be a great option. WareIQ has the bandwidth to fulfill 1 to 10,000+ orders each day.


And finally, if you are looking to save on resources

Think about what you could be doing with the resources it takes to manage FBA prep. Outsourcing to a fulfillment centre can help you focus on growing your core business.

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