Get 100% Approval on Marketplaces Claims with Our Returns QC Solution

Leverage our tech-enabled returns QC solution to capture, centrally store and auto-index HD media evidence of damaged or missing returned products for simplifying claims filing on marketplaces

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Multi-channel Returns and Marketplace Claims Management is Highly Complex

WareIQ Returns Claims Solution

Different Return Policies for Different Marketplaces

Each Marketplace has different return policies, making returns management across channels highly complex

WareIQ Returns QC & Claims Solution - Indexing & Sorting Media Files is Time Consuming

Indexing & Sorting Media Files is Time Consuming

Brands must efficiently manage and organize photographic evidence to ensure fast, accurate claims processing

WareIQ Returns QC & Claims Solution - HD Media Evidence Necessary for Claims Filing

HD Media Evidence Necessary for Claims Filing

High-quality photographic evidence along with timestamps is critical, as poor-quality images lead to claims rejections

WareIQ Returns QC & Claims Solution - Absence of Grading Impacts Future Ops

Absence of Grading Impacts Future Ops

Effective grading of incoming returns is essential to identify the future actions for the QC failed stock

Achieve 100% Approval Rate on Marketplace Claims with Our Smart Returns QC Solution

WareIQ Returns QC Solution - Mobile App

Our Returns QC App Captures HD Media Evidence of Damages During Returns Processing

Warehouse executives capture HD footage of returned items using our mobile app, reducing claims rejection due to low-quality footage used as proofs

WareIQ Tech Platform as a System of Record

WareIQ Tech Platform as System of Record to Auto-index & Store Media Against the Right Order ID

All media captures are auto-indexed as per order ID/AWB and stored on our platform for easy access and retrieval to simplify & expedite claims filing

WareIQ Scan-based Returns Inwarding and Grading

Scan-based Returns Processing & Grading to Ensure Zero Errors & Proper Categorization

Handheld scanning devices are used during returns processing, along with our QC app for real-time WMS updates and proactive returns grading, respectively

Our Solution is Compliant with Returns & Claims Policies for All Major Marketplaces

● Amazon SAFE-T Program

● Flipkart SPF Program

● Myntra Returns Policy

● Nykaa Returns Policy

● Meesho Returns Policy

● Jiomart Returns Policy

● AJIO Returns Policy

WareIQ Returns Claims Solution - Across Marketplaces

Watch Our Solution Working in Real time & Learn How it can Simplify Claims Filing

See how our solution enables warehouse executives to capture, auto-index and centrally store HD media evidence of damages or missing items in returned items. Download all media files in bulk from our tech platform and ensure zero errors during claims filing.

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