Accelerate Online Sales with Same Day Delivery

Boost key revenue metrics for your brand with same day delivery

30% jump in revenue conversion with 0% RTO losses

Go live in 7 days in metros

Bengaluru, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata

NDR & COD Verification through WhatsApp

Low order cancellation & cart abandonment

Radius-free delivery pricing

Reduced Cost per Shipment (CPS)

Enabling Same Day Delivery in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1:

Connect your sales channels with WareIQ Merchant Platform, & activate RUSH

Step 2:

Place inventory smartly in our fulfillment & dark store network closer to your customers

Step 3:

Deliver customer orders in 24 hours & boost brand loyalty and repeat purchases

WareIQ got you covered

WareIQ offers a Prime-like fulfillment platform to optimize delivery speed, cost & experience.

Improved customer satisfaction

WareIQ’s real-time data and prompt response times, you can ensure timely deliveries and greater brand reliability.

Reduced delivery time

WareIQ’s smart inventory placement ensures that fulfilment centres are well-stocked & inventory is placed nearer to your customers that enables faster shipping from warehouses & faster delivery to customers.

Less storage costs

Save resources spent on establishing infrastructure. WareIQ will help you store your inventory in fulfilment centres across India.

Join hands with WareIQ

WareIQ offers Amazon-like next-day delivery for eCommerce companies in India. Through its tech-platform, WareIQ connects a nation-wide network of fulfilment centres and last-mile couriers offering Amazon-grade logistics.

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