Beauty & Cosmetics Fulfillment and Warehousing Services

Leverage WareIQ’s eCommerce fulfillment services for beauty, cosmetics and personal care category to accelerate sales

Challenges in Fulfillment for Beauty & Cosmetics Brands

High complexity and hassle in managing fulfillment operations across multiple channels (D2C & Marketplaces)
Lack of access to pan-India fulfillment and shipping network enabling faster deliveries
Product damage due to unavailability of temperature controlled warehouses and hygienic storage space
Absence of kitting & Customization services which are critical in the beauty & cosmetics category for customer delight
Inventory stock outs, excess inventory and long delivery times for best-selling haircare, skincare and cosmetic products

WareIQ’s Fulfillment Solution for Beauty & Cosmetics Brands

Easy integration & multi-channel fulfillment for top D2C and marketplace channels
Nationwide fulfillment and shipping network with availability of temperature-controlled warehouses
Central platform for cross-channel sales, operational visibility and easy returns management
Kitting, packaging and customization services for creating delightful gift sets to delight customers
Inventory Placement Program (IPP) to minimize stockouts, liquidate excess inventory, and improve availability for key demand centers

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