Partner with WareIQ to Accelerate Your Deliveries at Lower Cost Per Shipment with our Smart eCommerce Fulfillment Solution

Generate Greater Profitability with WareIQ

increment in gross margins per unit with WareIQ
Market Standard With WareIQ
Taxes & Commissions INR Y INR Z
Fulfillment Cost INR Y INR Z
Shipping Cost INR Y INR Z
Returns & Damages INR Y INR Z
Support & Insurance INR Y INR Z
Please note:
  • All the above costs are provided on a per unit basis
  • The above mentioned costs are indicative and the actual fee depends on the customer's exact requirements
  • The aforementioned costs are applicable for fulfillment services within India only
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How WareIQ helps achieve lower cost per shipment?

Connect your D2C & marketplace channels to our smart platform
Integrate channels from 20+ D2C platforms and marketplaces & connect your orders to our platform
We identify locations closest to your customers to store inventory at using our smart platform
Use intelligent AI algorithms to identify inventory placement locations closest to customers and unlock same/next day delivery at a cheaper cost
We place inventory in our nationwide fulfillment network & manage your fulfillment fully
Leverage our capable operations team to store inventory in our pan-India fulfillment network and manage end-to-end order fulfillment efficiently
Optimize cost & speed through our smart courier engine to allocate orders to the right courier
Choose automatically or manually from a network of national, regional and hyperlocal courier partners to optimize for cost and speed