11x+ monthly order volume

growth in just 10 months

4+ new marketplaces

added to the sales channel portfolio

Personalized packaging

to delight end customers

About Blissclub


Blissclub is a community-first brand crafting technical apparel for #WomenWhoMove. The brand’s mission is to spread happiness through movement. It is a female-founded company, set out to design activewear specifically for the women of India. Blissclub craft our products with the utmost intent, thought and love.

Headquartered out of Bengaluru, Blissclub is one of the fastest-growing brands in the apparel category in India, currently.

Retail Apparel and Fashion
Bengaluru, Karnataka

Challenges Faced


Blissclub started its operations recently in 2020. This meant they needed immediate access to a robust logistics infrastructure to enable rapid growth in their 0-1 journey, while maintaining a highly positive NPS, which has been their central focal point since inception. This required ready access to asset-light fulfillment and shipping infrastructure which allowed them to unlock faster deliveries at scale across the country and channels.

In summary, these were the following challenges they were facing:

  • Since Blissclub was just beginning its journey in 2020, having access to a scalable supply chain infrastructure was the biggest obstacle in its way of growth & expansion
  • Given the nascent stage Blissclub was in, an asset-light logistics network was the need of the hour for the brand, so that capital was not blocked for inventory & operations, and was available for more growth-focused business initiatives
  • Blissclub prides itself in creating delightful customers for its clients through personalization & packaging. Having a partner which focuses equally on designing a delightful customer experience was critical.
Needed access to a scalable supply chain infrastructure
Avoiding blocking capital for inventory & operations, and instead focus more on growth-focused business initiatives
Needed to maintain a highly positive NPS by delighting customers through personalization

WareIQ’s Solution


WareIQ has been the trusted fulfillment partner for Blissclub ever since they started their operations. WareIQ has helped Blissclub grow their business exponentially by providing access to the following:

  1. A scalable nationwide network of state-of-the-art fulfillment centers to store inventory closer to customers & unlock faster deliveries
  2. WareIQ’s proprietary merchant platform connected to top D2C platforms & marketplaces, providing rich business insights & enabling expansion onto new sales channels
  3. A skilled warehouse operations team for handling delightful & personalized packaging and enabling a seamless returns management process



WareIQ has been the trusted fulfillment partner for Blissclub since its inception. During this time, our full-stack fulfillment capabilities have helped the brand by:

i) Supporting logistics in a manner that led to 11x+ growth in order volume in just 10 months

ii) Expanding its presence onto 4+ new marketplaces

iii) Simplifying personalized packaging for orders in order to delight the end customers and generating a positive NPS

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About WareIQ
We not only help you reduce your logistic costs but also your delivery timelines by giving you access to a nationwide network of fulfillment centers, dark stores, major national & hyperlocal last-mile couriers near your customers – this could be the game-changer your business needs.
WareIQ also offers a centralised tech platform for your entire eCommerce operations
  • ML-based prediction engine for efficient warehouse network design & smart inventory placement
  • A centralised platform for core fulfilment & shipping operations
  • Integrated Shipping apps to offer transparent ETAs, branded tracking experience, RTO risk insurance, NDR control etc.

Today, over 300 brands like Justherbs, Wingreens, Kama Ayurveda, Flatheads etc. in India have taken charge of their logistics & fulfilment with WareIQ to unlock tremendous value in terms of revenue and customer satisfaction.
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