How Cuddles for Cubs Grew their Monthly Order Volume by 500%+ in Just 1 year with WareIQ’s Fulfillment Solution

500%+ growth in monthly orders

The overall monthly order volume has grown tremendously in the past 1 year for Cuddles for Cubs

50%  reduction in storage cost

WareIQ’s solution helped in reducing storage cost during peak sales seasons

3 new sales channels added

With WareIQ’s support, business was operationalized on new marketplaces

Since our inception, it has been incredibly important for us to ensure our logistics operations are taken care of in an efficient and seamless fashion as we want to deliver a highly optimized and positive post-purchase experience to our customers. It was also important for us to have access to a flexible fulfillment infrastructure that allowed us to scale our operations rapidly and fulfill orders for the maximum number of customers in the shortest time possible.

Cuddles for Cubs
Arjun Doshi
Cuddles for Cubs
Cuddles for Cubs
Arjun Doshi
Cuddles for Cubs

About Cuddles for Cubs

Cuddles for cubs is creating comfier, cuter, and more colorful gender-neutral clothes for children. From fabric sourcing to product design, their design approach revolves around creating items that children love. They have created highly attractive, versatile, and comfortable products for children. What started off as comfy sleepwear, has evolved into adorable, everyday clothing that little cubs can wear anytime.

Mumbai, Maharastra

Challenges Faced

Since Cuddles for Cubs laid its foundation in late 2020, the focus has been to create timeless designs and durable products so parents can save them for a younger cub. This way of generating less waste is based on the value of giving and sharing.

Given Cuddles for Cubs is in their zero-to-one journey, it was critical for the business to grow rapidly by reaching the maximum number of customers across India in the shortest time possible, for which they needed access to a scalable fulfillment solution that would provide them with:

  • A flexible network of fulfillment network spread across India
  • Avoid locking of inventory to have access to an adequate amount of working capital, which can be invested into other important initiatives tied to growth
  • Create a positive post-purchase experience for their customers by shipping their orders in the shortest time possible
  • Expand its reach by diversifying their sales channel portfolio
No access to a scalable and wide network of fulfillment centers
Locking of inventory leading to lack of working capital
Limited reach to customers present online across various sales channels

WareIQ’s Solution

  1. Fulfillment Network: WareIQ onboarded Cuddles for Cubs to its nationwide network of fulfillment centers that allowed the brand to place its inventory closest to its customers and enable faster shipping timelines, as well as reduce its storage cost during sales season due to the on-demand nature of the warehouses/fulfillment centers
  2. WareIQ Merchant Platform: It powers WareIQ’s fulfillment network, and it allowed Cuddles for Cubs to analyze and monitor its orders closely across various time periods and geographical zones, and understand its operational health in real-time, enabling them to formulate and implement new growth-oriented operations strategy easily
  3. Wide Shipping Network: Additionally, Cuddles for Cubs was able to reduce its shipping costs by selecting the right shipping partners for the right context through WareIQ’s merchant platform which is connected to a wide network of last-mile players, covering more than 27,000+ pin codes collectively, and allows sellers to create their own preferred rules for shipping selection (Update: We have added updated our shipping selection engine to share recommendations for the right shipping partner based on advanced AI algorithms, making the selection of last-mile courier partners easier and completely hassle-free)
  4. Customer-centric Support Team: With WareIQ’s solution, Cuddles for Cubs was able to expand its presence onto new marketplaces such as Myntra, Nykaa, and FirstCry, from being initially present only on Shopify
  5. Seamless Warehouse Operations: WareIQ’s skilled warehouse operations team also helped Cuddles for Cubs in fulfilling both B2C and B2B orders efficiently & seamlessly


With WareIQ’s built-to-scale fulfillment solution, Cuddles for Cubs was able to achieve:

  1. 500%+ growth in its monthly order volume in 1 year
  2. 50% reduction in storage cost during sales season
  3. 20%+ reduction in shipping cost in 1 year
  4. The business was made live on 4 new marketplaces with WareIQ’s support

With WareIQ as our trusted fulfillment partner, we have been able to scale our operations significantly in our zero-to-one journey. Using WareIQ’s eCommerce solution our team has been able to fulfill both B2C & B2B orders, cut down storage costs by 50% during sales seasons, and provide faster deliveries to customers. Along with this, we have been able to unlock 6x business growth in under 1 year. The partnership has also helped us in diversifying our outreach onto multiple marketplaces such as Nykaa, Myntra etc.

Cuddles for Cubs
Arjun Doshi
Cuddles for Cubs
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