Managing 10x order surge during the festive sales season across channels for Leemboodi Fashion

10x+ order surge

managed easily by WareIQ team

100% of orders

ready to be dispatched on time

0% seller cancelation

across major marketplaces

Managing a surge in order volume across channels is incredibly challenging and requires a very high level of commitment during peak sales seasons.

Order delays, cancellations, and lost and misplaced orders can severely impact the brand experience customers get. This leads to a loss of trust and loyalty.

Hence, it is important for brands to ensure their logistics are in peak condition to manage such peak sales. That is where a trusted logistics partner such as WareIQ comes into the picture.


Challenges Faced


Fashion and Lifestyle eCommerce players usually face the following challenges common during peak sales season:

  • Lack access to a flexible pan-India fulfillment infrastructure to scale up quickly and avoid order delays, lost orders, misplaced orders etc
  • High volume of returns and exchanges with no access to an easy-to-use system to track these conveniently and accurately.
  • Managing high volume of orders across channels with inadequate manpower and infrastructural capabilities
  • No dedicated account management to drive down resolution turnaround time which increases during the festive season
  • Absence of a convenient way to prepare gift kits and combos easily


Lack of access to easy capacity expansion
High volume of order delays and missed pickups
No access to reliable kitting and bundling services

WareIQ’s Solution


WareIQ has been the trusted fulfillment partner for multiple bestselling brands under Leemboodi Fashion and has supported their operations across channels to ensure peak performance during the festive season through the following capabilities:

  • A scalable nationwide network of state-of-the-art fulfillment centers to store inventory closer to customers & unlock faster deliveries
  • WareIQ’s smart fulfillment platform connected to top D2C platforms & marketplaces, allowed users to manage orders and returns easily, create combos, as well as assess warehouse performance, shipping performance etc.
  • Our skilled warehouse operations team handled inbound, picking and packing-related operations efficiently
  • Furthermore, dedicated account management facilities were provided to brands to minimize issues during operations and provide quick resolution in case issues cropped up



With WareIQ’s capable operations team and smart fulfillment platform, Leemboodi Fashion was able to easily manage 10+ order surge during the peak Indian sales season (Dussehra and Diwali sales seasons) for multiple bestselling fashion and lifestyle brands that are owned by it. Furthermore, 100% of orders were ready to be dispatched on time, showcasing a stellar performance by the warehouse operations team.

To summarize, the brands under Leemboodi Fashion, experienced:

  1. Seamless management of 10x order surge
  2. Zero delays in order dispatch
  3. Zero seller cancelations across marketplaces (Flipkart, Amazon etc.)
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We not only help you reduce your logistic costs but also your delivery timelines by giving you access to a nationwide network of fulfillment centers, dark stores, major national & hyperlocal last-mile couriers near your customers – this could be the game-changer your business needs.
WareIQ also offers a centralised tech platform for your entire eCommerce operations
  • ML-based prediction engine for efficient warehouse network design & smart inventory placement
  • A centralised platform for core fulfilment & shipping operations
  • Integrated Shipping apps to offer transparent ETAs, branded tracking experience, RTO risk insurance, NDR control etc.

Today, over 300 brands like Justherbs, Wingreens, Kama Ayurveda, Flatheads etc. in India have taken charge of their logistics & fulfilment with WareIQ to unlock tremendous value in terms of revenue and customer satisfaction.
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