Bajaj Consumer Care Partners with WareIQ for Multi-channel Pan-India Fulfillment

Bajaj Consumer Care has partnered with WareIQ as part of the latter’s Seller on Record (SOR) model, which offers a comprehensive suite of fulfillment and marketplace management services, to further expand its presence on Jiomart and other marketplaces.

Bajaj Consumer Care has a pan-India presence with a network of over 800,000 retailers. It also has a sizable presence on online horizontal marketplaces. With a portfolio of over 15 brands, the brand has an annual turnover of over ₹900 crores (US$110 million).

WareIQ’s Seller on Record (SOR) solution essentially allows brands to go live on-demand across multiple marketplaces with premium-tier access, seamless operations, zero compliance risks, & simplified tax management to facilitate accelerated revenue growth.

WareIQ’s Seller on Record (SOR) solution offers the following advanced capabilities:

  • State-of-the-art fulfillment infrastructure based on APOB/PPOB model consisting of a pan-India network of seller flex compliant fulfillment centers, along with shipping partnerships covering 27,000+ pin codes for same/next-day deliveries
  • Rapid multi-marketplace launch by leveraging its existing listings and helping brands go live on-demand across platforms with premium tier access
  • Smart fulfillment tech platform integrated with top channels, WMS, ERP, and shipping partners for simplified multi-channel & multi-warehouse order, fulfillment, inventory shipping, and returns management
  • Centralized compliances and taxation to strictly adhere to regulatory stipulations, manage tactical differences in seller policies for different marketplaces efficiently, and simplify taxation unlocking cost & process efficiencies
  • Seamless, fast, and error-free tech-enabled order fulfillment, including inwarding, picking & packing, dispatch, and returns processing operations
  • Full-scale marketplace management including catalog listing, running promotional campaigns, on-time remittances, inventory reconciliations etc.
  • Smart inventory management through its AI-powered inventory planning solution to minimize stockouts, liquidate excess stock, and improve product availability.

“We are delighted to partner with Bajaj Consumer Care, one of the leading FMCG brands in India,” said Harsh Vaidya, Founder & CEO of WareIQ. “FMCG brands are rapidly expanding across channels such as Jiomart and quick commerce platforms. However, their reach is severely hindered by complex & nuanced regulatory compliance & operations SLA requirements. WareIQ’s plug-and-play SOR model allows brands to go live on multiple marketplaces while maintaining strict adherence to the necessary regulatory and operations standards. With our solution, we are well-positioned and committed to helping Bajaj Consumer Care achieve its eCommerce growth goals,” he added.

About WareIQ

WareIQ is a Y-combinator-backed full-stack fulfillment solution provider headquartered in Bengaluru, India. It helps e-commerce brands unlock multi-channel fast & seamless fulfillment primarily through its pan-India network of fulfillment centers and last-mile courier services integrated with its smart fulfillment tech platform connected to top sales channels. Over 400 brands have taken charge of their logistics & fulfillment with WareIQ to unlock tremendous value in terms of revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction.