Returns Management Simplified

Enable customers to raise returns on your website
Process returns in an automated fashion
Reduce returns by screening out high-risk orders

Provide a Seamless Returns Experience to Your Customers

Enable Customers to Place Return Requests

Use a branded return portal on website
Mobile website version supported to make returns through mobile screen simpler
Set returns processing window within which customers can raise return requests

Reverse Pick-up Automation for Hassle-free Returns Operations

Partial return management to choose return eligible SKUs & process returns at quantity level
Set return reasons to enable couriers to QC product during pick-up
Automatic rule-based courier allocation for reverse pick up
Automatically route returns to right warehouse for split orders

Use a Central Returns Panel to Easily Manage All Returns

Track and review all customer return requests
Get to accept or reject return requests
View return reasons, return product images and bank details shared by customers to initiate refunds

Additional Capabilities to Enhance Your Returns Management

Get Reverse Pickup Reports
  • Know the reason for the return pick-up failures
  • Analyze courier partners performance across multiple parameters
  • Track returns percentage trend
Customer Notification at Every Stage
  • Notify customers about the return order status - approved or rejected
  • Send SMS & WhatsApp alerts to improve return pickup success rate
Reduce Reverse Logistics Costs
  • Use RTO Shield App to intelligently identify orders with high return risk
  • Disable COD option for the high risk order and save on losses due to RTO