Intelligent RTO Prevention Solution for Online Brands

Use WareIQ’ RTO Shield - AI-powered RTO Prevention app to identify high-risk customers, disable COD for these orders and say goodbye to RTO losses

Reduce RTO volume by
Improve Order Conversion by
Increase delivery rates by

Use AI to Easily Tackle the Leading RTO Causes and Reduce RTO Volume

Invalid customer information
Customer Unavailability
Fraudulent Orders
Order cancelation after purchase

How Do We Do This?

Initiate Customer Risk Profile Generation

Feed your sales data to our AI algorithms that combines it with 3rd party datasets to develop customer risk profiles

Intelligently Identify & Disable COD Orders for High-risk Users

Our app intelligently flags high-risk orders based on set rules and customer behavior & automatically disables COD option for untrustworthy users, allowing only online payment mode

Manage All COD Orders from a Central Dashboard

Track, Manage, Review and Approve/Reject COD orders as per their assigned risk level

WareIQ RTO Shield Uses Multiple Factors to Identify & Flag High-risk Customers Accurately

Rule based Filtering
  • Order value based
  • Phone number based
  • Short delivery address
  • Invalid Pin Codes
  • Invalid address or name parsing
  • Product category based
  • Specific product SKU based
Customer behaviour based filtering
  • Past RTO order frequency
  • Past RTO percentage
  • Address deliverability check
Transaction based filtering
  • WareIQ RTO intelligence leverages merchants past transaction data and learns overtime to improve prediction scores