Magento 2 Order Fulfillment With WareIQ

WareIQ’s fulfillment platform easily integrates with Magento 2 to enable end to end fulfillment services for Magento 2 sellers. Get access to WareIQ’s nationwide fulfillment and last mile delivery network and deliver Magento 2 orders on the same/next day

Why Outsource Magento 2 Fulfillment and Shipping to WareIQ?

Multi-Channel Selling

WareIQ’s fulfillment platform allows multi-channel integration – D2C and Marketplaces. Furthermore, WareIQ’s Branded Tracking app helps brands turn tracking pages into profitable marketing channels.

Speed & Cost Optimisation

WareIQ utilizes smart inventory placement to place inventory closest to customers through pan-India network of fulfillment centers/warehouses and enables same day/next day deliveries at a cheaper cost.

Stock Availability

WareIQ’s inventory planning program using AI-based inventory optimization helps brands to ensure that high-selling SKUs are always available in stock to avoid any kind of sales loss.

Online Conversions

WareIQ provides Prime-like shipping badges displaying fastest delivery timelines [next day & same day delivery promises] to reduce cart abandonment and boost conversions on D2C websites.

Returns & Exchanges

WareIQ’s state-of-the art returns processing facilities, enabled with camera and scan-based devices, with a platform actively tracks the same for visibility. Furthermore, WareIQ also helps brands intelligently identify & insure themselves against RTOs through the RTO Shield App.

Inventory Cost Reduction

WareIQ’s AI-based inventory planning program helps brands identify slower-moving SKUs easily so that brands can start liquidating the space and free up working capital, along with improving sales by making space for higher-selling SKUs.

How Does WareIQ Fulfill Orders For Magento 2 Sellers?

WareIQ’s centralized platform with a single UI for fulfillment ops, inventory management & last-mile seamlessly integrates with Magento 2 online stores. Your Magento 2 cart can now directly communicate with our warehouse management, order management and inventory management systems with minimal setup.

A customer places an order on Magento 2 website, and information about the order is directly transferred to WareIQ’s centralized fulfillment platform.

WareIQ’s WMS quickly recognises and collects the correct order stored in the warehouse or fulfillment center, located nearest to the customer. The warehouse staff picks and packs the order after printing the labels, making it ready for shipping.

WareIQ’s order management system (OMS) automatically provides tracking data to your customer and back to your Magento 2 business.

Choose your preferred company from WareIQ's extensive list of last mile delivery and courier service partners, who will pick the order from the FC and deliver on the same/next day. Boost revenue through fastest shipping & delivery.

Reliable and Fastest Fulfilment Services for Sellers to Accelerate Magento 2 Sales

Store inventory closer to your customers through pan India fulfilment network, utilizing an advanced inventory placement system based on artificial intelligence for ultra-fast fulfillment for your Magento 2 Store

Why Utilize WareIQ Fulfilment Services For Your Magento 2 Store?

Easily link your Magento 2 store To WareIQ's fulfilment platform

Place your merchandise near to customers with smart inventory placement in WareIQ’s FCs

Drive conversions with Prime-Like badges displaying next/same day delivery promises on website

WareIQ’s lightning-fast fulfilment helps you increase your Magento 2 sales

RTO Insurance and seamless returns claim management with WareIQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)