Delighting Customers: 3PL Services and Personalized Packaging Magic

3PL Services and Packaging

Customer experience is the ultimate goal of brands today. While product quality, supply chain and order fulfilment all play a role in determining the success of an organisation, customer experience is a very delicate area. The losses in other areas are recoverable. But ignoring customer experience is more penalizing. 86% of consumers are prepared to pay extra for superior customer service alone. In the next five years, the top priority for companies is CX rather than product or pricing.

What can D2C brands do to make an impactful CX? Onboarding 3PL services is non-negotiable to make order fulfilment and shipping efficient and scalable. There is one more aspect that significantly impacts end-user experience: packaging. Let’s look at how both these play their magic to draw out an enhanced customer experience.

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3PL Providers for Enhanced Customer Experience

Your customers have expectations. Meeting those demands is crucial. 3PL services can help align your logistics strategies with precisely what your customers want. By leveraging the 3PL services providing world-class fulfilment services, you can enhance the overall customer journey and make it smoother and more enjoyable

Faster Shipping Times

55% of consumers say they would switch to another delivery service provider for faster Delivery. But you have to allow this if you don’t outsource reliable 3PL services. Top 3PL service providers in India come with the expertise and resources to improve the fulfilment process, resulting in faster shipping. 

They may have later courier cut-offs, allowing more orders to be processed and shipped on the same day. Additionally, 3PL services can provide extra staff during peak periods, leading to quicker turnaround times.

By implementing efficient processes and utilizing technology, 3PL services can streamline fulfilment, improving shipping times and customer satisfaction. By building solid relationships with 3PL service providers, D2C brands can optimize last-mile deliveries to a large extent. 

Fast shipping can minimize customer complaints as customers expect their orders to arrive promptly. Onboarding 3PL services helps e-commerce brands meet these expectations and provide a great customer experience.

Order Accuracy

Order accuracy is essential for keeping customers happy. 3PL services can improve your order accuracy rates. Quality control processes and barcode scanning technologies to track orders at every step of the fulfilment process are integrated with the 3PL services of many providers. Various inventory management software is available to categorize orders at the time of stocking itself to avoid mixups. 

They also have advanced warehouse management software (WMS) that can track even the most complex processes and stock movements, from kitting to dispatch and returns processing. This increased accuracy will reduce errors and returns, which will make your customers even more satisfied and save you money.

Flexibility and Scalability

As your business grows, you want a fulfilling partner who can grow with you. In fact, 90% of Fortune 500 companies take help from 3PLs. The perfect 3PL provider can offer flexibility and scalability to meet your changing needs. 3PL services contain pre-existing supply lines and warehouse capacities to allow for readily available usage. Ecom Express provides exclusive warehouse management as part of Ecom Magnum’s service. 

Reliable 3PL services can help you expand your product range, increase your order volume, and explore new regions. They have the support and resources you need to reach your goals.

Expertise at Hands

When you work with a 3PL provider, they have a team dedicated to fulfilment. They have the knowledge and experience to handle shipping logistics and solve any problems. 3PL services have mechanisms even to handle new challenges. Last-mile delivery glitches can only be handled with control and experience in fulfilment. 

3PL services also help improve your shipping strategy by suggesting the best carriers, negotiating better rates, and optimising stock rotations.

Technology and Automation

When you partner with a 3PL services provider, you get access to advanced technology and automation systems. For example, Delivery uses AI-powered systems to eliminate delivery-related frauds, while Ecom Express uses AI to find the most efficient routes.

Automation systems change the game of your order fulfilment. They make things faster and more accurate. From packing to shipping, they ensure precision and speed. Mistakes and delays will be minimised.

With automation, your 3PL provider can handle more orders also, allowing you to grow your business without worrying about logistics.

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Packaging Strategies for Good CX

In spite of effective shipment strategies and onboarding 3PL services, the delivery process is partially under the control of either brands or 3PLs. External factors always play a role in inefficiencies in one way or another. 

But packaging provides a way to surpass such inefficiencies and last-mile delivery issues to delight the customers. Speaking of which, did you know that packaging design influences buying decisions for 72% of US consumers? You’ve got plenty of leverage here.

It is essential to break down what goes into impressive packaging for customers in this era. It also helps optimise the economic factor involved in arranging the best packaging, besides helping organisations automate the process.

Right-sizing Packaging

Choose the suitable package size for each product to reduce waste and lower shipping costs. The care put in also delights customers. Many packages are oversized more often than not, leading to unnecessary expenses and loss of visual appeal. 

Sustainable Materials

Customers are more aware of the environment. Use sustainable packaging materials that enhance your brand values- paper, cotton, bamboo, etc. If necessary, outsource customised packaging supply. I got biodegradable or recyclable options to contribute towards sustainability.


Add personalised touches to your packaging to leave a lasting impression on customers. It can be based on the product type or occasion. Include handwritten notes, branded tissue paper, or unique stickers to show your appreciation and foster loyalty.

Automation and Technology

Embrace automation and technology to streamline packaging processes. Lack of consistency leaves a pale impression on customers. Invest in machinery that optimises packing and labelling. It reduces errors, maintains consistency and improves efficiency.Data and Analytics: Data and analytics can identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement in ever-changing packaging operations. Recycling strategies are also crucial. Consider how, when, and where to recycle the waste. Measure transportation costs and customer feedback to make data-driven decisions to enhance packaging strategies.


While 3PLs are indispensable in taking over many aspects of D2C and B2B brands in delivering goods to their customers, organizations truly can exercise tight control over packaging solutions that are mainly inefficient in today’s world. Leveraging in this area is easy. Just select the suitable materials, practice customization and deliver within time to weave the magic on customers to come back for more.

FAQs about 3PL Services

What is 3PL services?

The abbreviation 3PL stands for third-party logistics, also known as order fulfilment. A 3PL warehouse specialises in providing ecommerce fulfilment services like warehousing, order processing, and shipping. Some 3PL service providers also offer returns processing, cross-docking, or kitting.

What are the four types of fulfilment in 3PL supply chain management services?

1. In-house Fulfilment: Brands and companies shipping their orders with an in-house team. 
2. 3PL Fulfilment: Ecommerce service providers who offer fulfilment solutions from warehousing, packing, and shipping to handling returns. 
3. Dropshipping: Outsource the supply chain process, including product sourcing, production, Delivery, and returns and send orders directly to customers.
4. Multi-Channel Fulfilment: Management and fulfilment of orders from different channels such as websites, Amazon stores, social media, and more.

What are the best 3PL services in India?

WareIQ, Shiprocket, NimbusPost, Blue Dart Express, Access Warehousing, Jayem Warehousing, CityXfer, DHL, Delhivery, FM Logistic India, Allcargo Logistics, Apollo LogiSolutions, AWL India are some of the top 3PL services in India.

What are the examples of personalised packages?

To make packages more personalised, include one or more of the following in the packaging:
Discount offer cards in the package.
Free product samples.
Thank you cards.
Personal notes.
Request product review through a written card.
Return shipping label.