Amazon Compliance Documents – What Sellers Need to Know

amazon compliance document for seller

If you are a seasoned Amazon seller, you might have dealt with Amazon compliance documents already. But if you’re starting to list your product on Amazon, you must know what these documents are. 

It’s not that you can sell any product on Amazon and not meet with objections. Certain products, like chemicals, weaponry, foods, cosmetics, etc, need to pass Amazon’s safety regulations to enter the product listing page successfully. In that connection, sellers may have to submit various Amazon compliance documents proving the safety of their product. That’s what we’re talking about on this page.

Depending on the type of product, region of selling and Country of origin, Amazon compliance documents may change. As regulations also change with time, know that you may be requested to provide Amazon compliance documents at any point in time.

Understanding Amazon Compliance Documents

Amazon requires sellers to hand in special documents to show their products are safe and follow all the rules, especially for items like toys, electronics, food, and medical gear. That’s what Amazon compliance documents are, which help your products pass the various safety requirements. These papers help make sure everything for sale on Amazon won’t harm customers. Amazon compliance documents also lower the chance of products being pulled off the market for safety reasons. 

If you’re adding a new product (known as an ASIN) or if the safety rules have changed, you need to send the Amazon compliance documents quickly. If you don’t, Amazon might stop your product from being sold and discard it if it’s in their warehouse. Plus, if you’re selling to customers in other countries, your products could face restrictions from customs.

Examples of Amazon Compliance Documents

A wide variety of Amazon compliance documents exist due to the intricate and varied nature of consumer goods rules and safety norms, which change with the introduction of new products and differ by region and product type. Some of the examples of Amazon compliance documents are:

  • Test reports from an accredited laboratory
  • Children’s Product Certificate (CPC)
  • Letters of authorization from manufacturers
  • General Certificate of Conformity (GCC)
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
  • Proof of insurance.
  • Tracking labels
  • Label images
  • Registration cards
  • Compliance markings

Amazon Product Compliance Requirements

Clearing Legal Regulations

Not all products need Amazon compliance documents. Only those products fall under local, state, national or international rules and regulations. Some of them include toys, food, germ killers, medical tools, beauty items, items with special chemicals, or such items that claim to be painkillers, etc. 

So, do thorough research on various regulations your product might come under before listing it on Amazon. 

Restricted Items on Amazon

Amazon has its own rules for certain items, which might be controlled for safety. Sellers must get Amazon’s clearance by showing the right Amazon compliance documents, like a toy safety certificate, to sell these goods. Approved sellers must then follow Amazon’s rules, like proper labelling and keeping enough stock.

Some of the examples of restricted items are:

  • Supplements
  • Medical devices
  • Lighting
  • Precious gems
  • Burial artefacts
  • Certain food items
  • Lasers
  • Theft devices
  • Weapons
  • Any environmental product
  • Cosmetics and skincare/haircare
  • Tobacco
  • Products made for children and animals
  • Seeds and plants
  • Alcohol
  • Disinfectants
  • Postage stamps
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Fine art
  • Upholstery

If you’re listing products from any of the above categories, then you need Amazon compliance documents to get permission to list on Amazon.

Amazon Compliance Reference Tool

Amazon Compliance Reference tool is a handy, self-run guide that helps sellers figure out the rules they need to follow for their products. Found in Seller Central, sellers can check if there are any rules for their items, learn about these rules, and find out what Amazon compliance documents they need to submit.

Steps to Access Amazon Compliance Reference Tool

If you’re an Amazon Seller, you can find the Amazon compliance reference tool in Seller Central. Follow the below steps.

  • Go to Performance > Account Health.
  • Scroll down to spot Manage Your Compliance, and click on Product Compliance Requests.
  • Spot the Compliance Reference tab in the upper menu.
  • Carefully read the disclaimer and confirm the agreement to go to the Amazon Compliance Reference Tool.
  • Enter the region of shipment origin and where you want to sell.
  • Search for your item from the given categories or by using keywords or the HS (Harmonized System) code.
  • Find out which required Amazon compliance documents you need and then upload them.
  • If you need the required Amazon compliance documents, the system will display potential sources where you can obtain them.

What happens if You Fail with Amazon Compliance

If you still need to get the needed Amazon compliance documents ready, expect delays in activating your listing. Without proper Amazon compliance documents, your product may be pulled, limited, or banned from selling. Amazon is strict because they could be held responsible for selling unsafe third-party items, so they’re serious about listed products meeting safety standards.


In summary, navigating Amazon compliance documents is a crucial step for sellers aiming to list products on the marketplace, particularly in categories that carry specific safety concerns. 

Since regulations can evolve, sellers should be prepared to update and submit necessary documentation as required to maintain compliance and avoid any interruptions in their Amazon journey. Stay informed, keep your Amazon compliance documents in order, and you’ll set the stage for a smoother selling experience on Amazon.

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FAQs About Amazon Compliance Documents

What is manage your compliance Amazon?

Manage Your Compliance dashboard is where you upload your Amazon compliance documents for your product listing. Manage your compliance Amazon dashboard is also the place to manage uploaded documents, respond to requests, and complete various regulatory requirements.

What is the Amazon compliance documents checklist?

Sellers need to provide Amazon with documents that show their products meet safety rules. The list of documents typically involves Letters of authorization from manufacturers, General Certificate of Conformity (GCC), Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Proof of insurance, Tracking labels, Label images, Registration cards, Compliance markings, etc.

What are some Amazon compliance documents samples?

Some of the samples of amazon compliance documents are as follows:

US: General Certificate of Conformity (GCC), Children’s Product Certificate (CPC), Tracking label, Country of origin marking, etc.

EU: CE marking and traceability, GPSD/GPSR label, Declaration of Conformity (DoC), etc.

Can all amazon sellers access compliance reference tool amazon?

Yes. Every Amazon seller can access the compliance reference tool to check if their product requires clearance or if Amazon has raised any objections. Subsequently, sellers have to submit requisite Amazon compliance documents for clearance to product listing.

What is the letter of compliance Amazon template?

If Amazon stops your product listing because of a safety concern, you’ll get a message explaining the problem and what to do next. To get your product back on sale, you should give more details. A letter of compliance must come from the manufacturer on their official letterhead and be signed by an authoritative person there.
The compliance letter must at least have a short explanation for the recall, the ASINs and names of the items you want back on sale, a promise that any new stock will meet all rules and not be affected by recalls, and any relevant safety certificates and test documents. Send the LOC as a PDF.

What is an Amazon product compliance request?

When there are any objections to a seller’s product listings, Amazon may send the compliance request at any point in time, depending on various local and regional regulations. Sellers have to proceed accordingly to get clearance and get the listing back into the seller’s engine.