Delhivery vs Blue Dart: Decoding the Logistics Battle in India

delhivery vs blue dart

Blue Dart and Delhivery are leading logistics companies in India, serving domestic and international segments. Blue Dart is quite old (1983) compared to Delhivery, which started in 2011 for hyperlocal delivery services in India. Today, both logistics providers are much sought-after by individuals and enterprises as reliable shipping partners. However, Delhivery vs Blue Dart’s features and benefits differ in quantity and quality. 

Due to its faster and more comprehensive coverage, Delhivery is more customised for SMB e-commerce shipping solutions. Warehousing is the unique solution by Delhivery. Blue Dart is the undisputed logistics provider in Metros Tier 1/II cities, fast expanding its local coverage. Retailers seeking to choose between Delhivery vs Blue Dart shall consider the following comparison for insights.

Salient Features of Delhivery

  • Domestic and international shipping. International shipping in partnership with significant cargo carriers.
  • Two-day COD remittance to facilitate working capital for D2C brands.
  • AI and ML-powered capabilities to verify customer addresses and delivery route optimization, combined with AI-powered RTO predictors, improve deliverability.
  • API integrations for omnichannel vendors to sync, track, and verify incoming orders. Servers Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.
  • Wide variety of shipping speeds, including one-day delivery, same-day delivery, time-bound, and slot-based deliveries. Specialised handling and shipping of fragile, dangerous, and hazardous goods.
  • Options of quality check at customer doorstep for return orders, exchanges, and replacements to ensure high saleability of items for D2C brands.

Salient Features of Blue Dart

  • Domestic and international shipping with dedicated cargo airlines leads to lower international shipping costs.
  • Lowest RTO prices in the logistics domain.
  • Specialised delivery options for temperature-controlled logistics.
  • Excellent customer support, along with live tracking capabilities and instant feedback.
  • Reduced documentation with digital payment options, digital proof of delivery, etc.
  • Same-day, next-day, and Sunday/holiday deliveries and time-slotted delivery options for time-critical businesses.
  • Efficient management solutions for exchange and reverse orders.
  • Exclusive e-tail delivery teams to reduce last-mile delivery delays and challenges.

Services offered by Delhivery vs Blue Dart

The delivery options of Blue Dart fall under a wide selection of portfolios like Domestic Priority, Dart Apex, Dart Plus, and Dart Surface line. Each portfolio has customised shipping speeds, rates, and tracking methods tailored for different business needs. The Delhivery vs Blue Dart portfolio is relatively straightforward with Express Parcel, freight forward, part and full truck loading, and warehousing capabilities. 

Warehouse management is the unique service offered by Delhivery vs Blue Dart that is crucial for small and medium businesses. Delhivery is known for its fast and reliable domestic shipping with the broadest coverage.

Analysis of Pricing

Shipping rates of Delhivery vs Blue Dart take weight and distance into consideration. Delhivery has a strong warehouse network across the country (90+ locations), leading to optimised shipping rates and hyper-local delivery. Blue Dart has domestic warehouses across 45+ sites, which means higher shipping costs for e-commerce businesses. 

Extensive coverage and shipping routes of Delhivery vs Blue Dart also contribute to lowered shipping costs due to decreased fuel costs. However, Blue Dart has other strengths, like parcel lockers and vital workforce resources.

The type of service, package dimensions, insurance coverage, and remarkable handling influence Blue Dart shipping costs. Box size and quantity, delivery speed, mode of payment (Prepaid/COD), and type of order (Forward/Reverse/RTO) influence Delhivery shipping pricing.

Blue Dart Pricing for Domestic Courier

Shipping WeightDomestic Priority 1030Domestic Priority 1200Critical Express
First 500 gmsRs. 150Rs. 150Rs. 100
Additional 500 gmsRs. 75Rs. 75Rs. 50

Delhivery Pricing for Domestic Courier

ServiceShipping PricesShipping Prices
Express DeliveryINR 40 (For local parcels up to 500 grammes)
INR 300 – INR 500 (For parcels over 10 kg)
INR 75 (Up to 500 grammes parcel for national delivery)
INR 300 – INR 500 (For parcels over 10 kg)
Air CargoINR 100 (For local parcels up to 1 kg)
INR 350 – INR 550 (For parcels over 10 kg)
INR 150 (Up to 1 kg parcel for national delivery)
INR 350 – INR 550 (For parcels over 10 kg)
Ground Transportation (Nationally)INR 75 (For parcels up to 1 kg)INR 180 (For parcels up to 10 kg)

Delivery Options of Delhivery vs Blue Dart

Delhivery vs Blue Dart delivery options offer almost all the major options, including same-day delivery, next-day delivery, time-bound delivery options, and slot-based delivery. Blue Dart also has Sunday/holiday delivery options and custom solutions for time-critical businesses. 

Blue Dart ensures a high-end customer experience through reduced payment, return, and exchange documentation. Both providers offer live courier visibility, empowering customers to analyse their last-minute delivery changes. 

Blue Dart offers specialised shipping for temperature-controlled goods, which is helpful for laboratory shipments. Similarly, Delhivery also specialises in handling and delivering high-value logistics and dangerous/hazardous goods, promising safety to industries like medicine, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. 

Network Reach and Coverage

The network reach of Delhivery vs Blue Dart shows significant differences. Delhivery has access to 18,600+ pin codes across India, while Blue Dart has access to 16,000+. Delhivery started as a hyperlocal delivery service provider in India. So the higher coverage of Delhivery vs Blue Dart is only understandable. 

Delhivery excels in its remote domestic reach, leading to 2,200+ last-mile centres and indicating fewer last-mile delivery problems. Blue Dart vs Delhivery services are top-notch in metros, trying to catch up in Tier III and IV cities.  

In the international logistics segment, Blue Dart has a reach of over 220 locations worldwide. Blue Dart is the first logistics company in India with its own Cargo Airlines, which facilitates more transparency and accountability for users. Delhivery uses the Air Cargo services of FedEx and Aramex. Due to a lack of direct control over the shipping process, end users can expect less accountability regarding order delays and related factors.

Technology and Tracking capabilities

Delhivery originated as the biggest 3PL provider using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to counter RTOs, verify customer addresses, and find efficient routes. E-commerce businesses can immensely benefit from discounts on shipping rates. D2C brands can prevent fraud and save valuable time serving genuine customers. 

Blue Dart employs analytics, predictive modelling, AI, and ML algorithms over data collected from around a million daily shipments across 55,000 locations. Blue Dart uses this data and technology to stay true to the delivery times and provide regular tracking details.

The tracking capabilities of Delhivery vs Blue Dart provide real-time tracking for customers. Customers can get regular updates, expected arrival dates, last-mile tracking, etc. Customers can track Delhivery orders 24/7, through their Mobile number or AWB, order ID, or LRN, making it more user-friendly for D2C brands. Tracking in Blue Dart is only possible through a waybill or reference number.

In case of delays, Delhivery provides an IVR number. Blue Dart has centralised customer service numbers to help customers know the consignment status.

International Shipping

Blue Dart is the oldest competitor in the Indian logistics domain and has a dedicated fleet of cargo airlines to service international shipping to over 220 countries. Blue Dart paves the way for high shipping speeds and lowered shipping costs. Direct control over cargo shipping entails that reputed brands have more room for negotiation, booking more space to accommodate particular handling goods.

International shipping of Delhivery vs Blue Dart is less efficient as Delhivery has no dedicated air freight carriers. It partners with other logistics providers and airlines to accomplish global shipping. Blue Dart and various shipping services provide better service in the international shipping segment.


The analysis of Delhivery vs Blue Dart reveals that Delivery is more customised for e-commerce businesses. It has simple tracking procedures, handling RTOs, and hyperlocal reach. However, Delhivery customer support could be more attractive. Blue Dart offers more reliability in the international shipping domain, while Delhivery caters to faster shipping. Similarly, the features and services of Delhivery vs Blue Dart have pros and cons that cater to the different needs of D2C brands.

Blue Dart has an edge over all its competitors for shipping in metros and Tier I/II cities. D2C brands that require delivery anywhere on time might find it disadvantageous. 

The choice of Delhivery vs Blue Dart for 3PL depends on the need and type of businesses. Industries that require shipping of temperature-controlled logistics have to go for Blue Dart. If speed is a concern, Delhivery offers more leverage. Likewise, brands must narrow their requirements before choosing between Delhiver and Blue Dart.


Delhivery vs Blue Dart: which is better for E-commerce Businesses?

Multiple channel E-commerce businesses have to decide the best choice between Delhivery vs Blue Dart based on an assessment of their needs. Both 3PL providers have pros and cons in shipping solutions. Delhivery has hyperlocal coverage, AI-powered RTO trackers, two-day COD remittances, easy returns, and exchange management.
Blue Dart has no extensive hyperlocal range but is a leader in Metro’s Tier I/II cities. D2C brands can negotiate from a spectrum of delivery options with Blue Dart under a broad portfolio, including Dart Apex, Domestic priority, Dart surface line, etc. For general 3PL services, Delhivery seems to offer better services.

What are the features of Delhivery vs Blue Dart Tracking?

The tracking capabilities of Delhivery are simple for customers. By providing a mobile number, customers can get the live location details of their order in Delhivery. Delhivery tracking is possible only with a waybill or reference number, which could be more user-friendly for D2C brands. Customers can also reach Blue Dart customer service to know their order status. Tracking features of Delhivery vs Blue Dart offer live tracking features 24/7 for customer experience.

What is cheaper between Delhivery vs Blue Dart charges?

The pricing chart of Delhivery vs Blue Dart depends on consignment weight, dimensions, shipping location, international or domestic shipping, etc. Both 3PL logistics facilitate price calculators on websites. However, BlueDart charges are expected to be low for international shipping due to dedicated cargo services. Delhivery partners with FedEx and Aramix for international shipping services. On the other hand, the extensive coverage of Delhivery, around 18,500+ locations, translates into cheaper shipping prices.

What is better between Delhivery vs Blue Dart for international shipping?

Blue Dart is India’s first 3PL logistics provider with dedicated Cargo airlines for global shipping services, with six B757-200 freight carriers. So, we can expect that Blue Dart has direct control over the shipping speeds and cargo lines. Blue Dart better serves shipping costs, reliability, and efficiency. Delhivery is known for its faster international shipping, which is more convenient for small and medium businesses catering to international customers.