Unravelling the Logistics Dilemma: Ecom Express vs Delhivery – A Comprehensive Comparison

ecom express vs delhivery
ecom express vs delhivery

Ecom Express and Delhivery are leading 3PL logistics providers in India that are enabling many SMBs to scale up. Shipping, warehouse management, API integrations, full-scale order management, and powered fulfilment are some of the services offered by them. A comparison of Ecom Express vs Delhivery might sound counterintuitive. While Delhivery started as a standalone courier carrier, Ecom Express is dedicated to e-commerce shipping solutions. It has one of the largest coverage networks in India, and it is ever-expanding. As of now, Delhivery has access to 19,000+ locations.

Retailers seeking to choose Ecom Express vs Delhivery have to consider many factors like shipping costs, storage facilities, speed and accuracy, etc. 

The Importance of 3PL Providers for E-commerce

The number of businesses setting up e-commerce has increased in leaps and bounds due to digitization and customer preferences for door deliveries. COVID-19 has boosted the need further. Small and medium enterprises must choose the right 3PL provider if they want to scale up. Some of the key reasons are:

Access to Established Network: Dedicated 3PL providers already have access to a network of locations and optimized delivery routes. Assigning the task of shipping to them is key to reducing costs for scaling businesses.

Storage Facilities: It is not economical for SMBs to have their storage facilities to conduct shipping operations. 3PL providers of Ecom Express vs Delhivery enable warehouse management through their wide network of spaces.

Seamless Customer Experience: Regardless of the quality of the product and brand reputation, inefficient deliveries are the biggest turnoff for customers. By partnering with the right 3PL provider, E-commerce businesses can deliver exceptional customer experience through seamless deliveries. 

Features of Ecom Express vs Delhivery

Ecom ExpressDelhivery
ServicesShipping, Fulfilment, Warehouse Management, Order Management, Digital ServicesWarehousing, Express Shippng, International Shipping, Part & Full truck load
Coverage2,700+ cities and 27000+ Pincodes19000+ Pincodes
API Integrations20+ Sales channels and plug-insAll major sales channels and aggregators. 
Warehouse Network across India60+ Warehouses90+ Warehouses
International ShippingNoYes
Fast Delivery OptionsSame Day, Same Day+, Next DaySame day, one day, and time-definite delivery 
Speedest COD RemittanceTwo dayOne day

Services of Ecom Express vs Delhivery

Ecom Express serves exclusive SMB e-commerce business shipping needs. Starting from simple shipping services to full-scale aggregation for e-commerce businesses, Ecom Express is tailor-made. Some of the services include order management, warehouse management, AI-powered analytics, fulfilment, payment solutions, API integrations through a single platform, etc.

Delhivery offers personal shipping, international shipping, freight forward, full and partial truck load services along with warehouse management, express shipping and omnichannel integrations to D2C, B2B and B2C companies.

Delivery Network and Coverage Area

As Ecom Express has started as an exclusive logistics solution for small and medium e-commerce businesses, it has the widest coverage, serving 27,000+ pin codes across the country. Delhivery serves 19,000+ pin codes across India as of now, including personal courier shipping services. The coverage area of Ecom Express vs Delhivery is also high at 2700+ cities. 

Rest assured, e-commerce-wide coverage is the biggest benefit for D2C brands to count on their intelligence. Ecom Express and Delhivery use both air and surface modes to enable express delivery.  

Technology Usage

Technology capabilities of Ecom Express vs Delhivery include Artificial intelligence and analytics for route optimization and efficient delivery. E-commerce uses AI to accurately locate customers’ addresses to reduce misrouted deliveries and help businesses identify more business opportunities. Route optimization leads to reduced fuel costs that translate into lower shipping costs.

Ecom Express leverages AI predictive algorithms to identify the best locations for new distribution networks and expanding coverage areas.

Delhivery uses AI to reduce RTO incidents, detect fraud, and optimise routes. It uses collected data over time for real-time operational decision-making. Machine learning capabilities are used for product identification, RTO prediction, and geo-location identification. Delhviery runs addresses through an “Address verification” algorithm to filter fake/wrong addresses, reducing the burden for D2C brands

Technology-enabled delivery services of Ecom Express vs Delhivery, which enables e-commerce businesses to reduce shipping costs and increase the precision of deliveries for timely deliveries. However, RTO fraud detection is not available with Ecom Express.

Integration with E-Commerce Platforms

In spite of being a standalone courier company, Delhivery offers API integrations with major sales channels, including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc, and allows customization as per order volumes. API integrations of Ecom Express vs Delhivery cover 20+ sales channels and plugins under their Ecom Magnum service. In addition, Ecom Express provides single-platform order management along with and enables payment tracking across marketplaces. 

A variety of custom API solutions of Ecom express vs Delhivery are a boon for small and medium businesses with restricted infrastructure and budgets. SMBs can access warehousing management, returns management fulfilment services, and wide-coverage shipping services through API integrations. It is the preferred delivery partner for the biggest e-commerce players, Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra.

Shipping Rates and Charges

Delhivery is a courier company that uses package weightage, dimensions, location, etc, to decide the shipping rates. It provides transparency with a price calculator on the website. The use of AI in route optimization of Delhivery vs Ecom Express helps SMBs gain margin on shipping costs. 

As mentioned, route optimization has a huge influence on lowering fuel costs that ultimately translate to optimized and transparent shipping rates. One can expect lower shipping rates of Ecom Express vs Delhivery due to wide coverage across the country. 

However, the lower warehouse capacity of Ecom Express comes in competition with higher 

warehouse locations of Delhivery. Depending on the location and distance, final shipping in Ecom express vs delivery prices can be low or high. 

Further, there are no additional charges with Ecom Express, such as for lowest orders, warehouse management, minimum order value, or plan charges.

Warehouse Management of Ecom Express vs Delhivery

While both 3PL providers offer warehousing solutions for starting businesses struggling with capital, the features of Ecom Express vs Delhivery have differences. Ecom Express, with 60+ warehouse locations, currently manages around 7 Mn sq. ft of warehouse space, whereas Delhviery has 90+ warehouse locations, with more than 18 Mn sq. ft of warehouse infrastructure. SMBs can fully rely on Delhivery’s warehouse spaces across the country to store their inventory.

Multiple storage templates: Community warehouses, JIT marketplace, mother hub, and dark stores that are totally under the control of Ecom Express; returns processing, refurbishment, and quality control are some of the USPs of Ecom Express vs Delhivery. 

Delhivery’s warehouse solutions include integration with its other shipping services, lowered fulfilment costs for scaling businesses, faster TAT, and complete visibility into order management, inventory, and supply chain management for brands. 

While there is flexibility in Ecom Express vs Delhivery to choose storage location irrespective of delivery location, Delhivery allows optimization of storage cost vs delivery speed.

Tracking and Timeliness

E-commerce businesses can leverage live order tracking from both Ecom Express and Delhivery. Customers can track their orders with the help of AWB or reference numbers for Ecom orders, whereas Delhivery simplifies to Mobile numbers. Once the order is shipped, customers have only IVR numbers to contact in both Ecom Express and Delhivery. 

Ecom Express guarantees delivery within 24-72 hours, depending on the location, whereas Delhivery takes up to 72 hours. Customers can contact Delhivery only after the shipment of their product.

Additional Services and Offerings

Ecommerce Express provides digital services like Aadhaar-based e-KYC, document verification, biometric fingerprint collection, contact point verification, and cash collection through direct hand cash and cheques for banking, financial, insurance and telecom industries, taking advantage of their wide coverage across the nation. 

Delhivery also enables data intelligence solutions to e-commerce businesses for counter RTOs, expanding networks and providing businesses with inaccurate or missing address info, validating customer addresses, and geolocation. Through its data intelligence capabilities, Delhviery empowers businesses to maximize opportunities while preventing fraudulent customers and associated losses.


The query of Ecom Express vs Delhivery is inevitable for scaling e-commerce businesses. At the outset, it is important to note that Delhivery is a standalone courier company with 3PL logistics solutions, while Ecom Express is a dedicated 3PL for e-commerce shipping needs. From the above comparison of Ecom Express vs Delhivery, it is clear that D2C brands that require international shipping must choose Delhivery. When it comes to domestic shipping, Ecom Express has wider coverage, tailored payment solutions, QC of returns, etc., which are the lifeblood of a good customer experience for D2C brands. 

Ecom Express vs Delhivery, which is better for SMBs?

Ecom Express is the leader in faster domestic shipping services tailored for e-commerce businesses. Delhivery undertakes both domestic and international shipping. In terms of coverage, Ecom Express has access to 27000+ pin codes, whereas Delhivery serves around 19000 locations in India. E-commerce businesses have to look at factors like shipping costs, API integrations, storage facilities, and omnichannel APIs before deciding the right partner between Ecom Express vs Delhivery. 

What is the popular Ecom express vs delhivery review?

E-commerce is the shipping partner for all major sales channels, including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and Jabong. At the same time, Delhivery undertakes personal courier shipping besides 3PL logistics. In spite of its capabilities, Delhivery is not an exclusive 3PL provider for e-commerce. So, Ecom Express is preferred by most scaling businesses at the outset due to its alignment with the industry needs, such as efficient deliveries, COD, customer experience, etc.

What are the features of Ecom Express vs Delhivery?

Both Ecom Express and Delhivery provide shipping services, multiple delivery options (same day, next day), warehouse management, API integrations, order management and inventory management solutions. While Ecom Express also provides tailored payment solutions, AI-powered route optimization, and fulfilment services, Delhivery provides AI-powered RTO detection, special handling, fraud detection and courier carrier engine as its USPs.

What are the shipping costs of Ecom Express vs Delhivery?

There are no fixed shipping costs offered by Ecom Express vs Delhivery. They are based on factors like bulk size, size and weight of products, location, choice of shipping speed, warehouse location, etc. They can also vary depending on local fuel costs, market conditions, seasons and regulations. However, shipping costs of Ecom Express vs Delhivery are optimized with the help of AI-based route optimization and address validation, allowing transparency into the costs.