New Recharge Packs with WareIQ Interact for SMS & WhatsApp Notifications

New Recharge Packs with WareIQ Interact for SMS & WhatsApp Notifications

Introducing WareIQ’s New Prepaid Wallet System for WareIQ Interact – our comprehensive customer communication solution.

We are transitioning from postpaid notification billing to a prepaid wallet system. This new system will enable our clients to have better control over their communications and ensure a seamless delivery experience to the end customers.

With the new prepaid wallet system, businesses will need to select a usage-based plan and recharge their wallet based on the chosen package to send notifications to their customers.

Here are the recharge plans for SMS and WhatsApp communications:

SMS Communications:

  • Base Plan: INR 700, covers 2,000 SMS
  • Regular Plan: INR 3,000, covers 10,000 SMS
  • Enterprise Plan: INR 5,000, covers 20,000 SMS

WhatsApp Communications:

  • Base Plan: INR 1,200, covers 1,000 WhatsApp messages
  • Regular Plan: INR 5,000, covers 5,000 WhatsApp messages
  • Enterprise Plan: INR 10,000, covers 12,500 WhatsApp messages

All prices are exclusive of applicable taxes.

‘Order Shipped’ notification will be provided as a complimentary message for each order, regardless of the recharge pack selected. Any additional communications availed per order will be adjusted based on the recharge packs chosen.

There is no expiry of the recharge packs, and businesses can do multiple recharges to increase their eligible limits as needed.

This new update will help eCommerce businesses who have partnered with us get a higher degree of cost control, flexibility, and transparency.