WareIQ | Up to Speed | Latest Product Updates & News | Newsletter Issue #6

WareIQ | Up to Speed | Latest Product Updates & News | Newsletter Issue #6

Welcome to the 6th issue of Up to Speed – WareIQ’s newsletter outlining the latest releases.

This time we have a big release lined up for you. This is going to change the game, especially if you are a marketplace or house of brands.

New Release: WareIQ Seller Panel

We understand how difficult it is for marketplaces and house of brands to manage their portfolio of sellers/merchants/brands. Everything, right from onboarding to performance management to payments and reconciliations, and all the things that fall in between these, are full of hassle, eating away productivity and efficiency crucial for optimum performance.

Our latest release is focused on WareIQ Seller Panel – the 360-degree solution for marketplaces and house of brands. It is a powerhouse of smart features that simplifies seller management, automating a significant chunk of usually broken or inefficient processes, leading to cost-saving and time-saving.

Here’s a brief look at what WareIQ Seller Panel can do for you.

Manage your Marketplace with Ease

Efficient Inventory Management

WareIQ_Seller Panel_Marketplace Management_Efficient Inventory Management

Consolidate inventory across sellers through real-time inventory sync across various WMS platforms and manage listings on marketplaces efficiently.

Catalog Management for Marketplaces

WareIQ_Seller Panel_Marketplace Management_Catalog Management

Enable sellers to seamlessly manage their catalog of products and pricing on your marketplace with WareIQ Seller Panel.

Built-in Order Management Capabilities

WareIQ_Seller Panel_Marketplace Management_Order Management

Sellers on your marketplace can utilize WareIQ Seller Panel as an OMS to route orders and split invoices, as needed.

Simplify Returns and Cancellations

WareIQ_Seller Panel_Marketplace Management_Returns and Cancellations

Our seller panel allows marketplaces to manage returns and cancellations directly from the platform, including partial cancellations and partial returns.

Automated Seller Payments

WareIQ_Seller Panel_Marketplace Management_Automated Seller Payments

Leverage WareIQ Seller Panel as an end-to-end hassle-free payment solution to process payments for sellers on your marketplace in an automated fashion.

Aggregated & Individual Performance Overview

WareIQ_Seller Panel_Marketplace Management_Performance Management

Our seller panel allows marketplaces to understand the performance of sellers and sellers to understand the performance of their individual brands.

Run Operations for your House of Brands Efficiently

Order Processing for Multiple Brands

WareIQ_Seller Panel_House of Brands_Order Processing_Multiple Brands

Route and allocate orders for multiple brands in a seamless fashion, with each order automatically mapped to the right brand.

Sync Inventory Across Brands

WareIQ_Seller Panel_House of Brands_Inventory Sync_Multiple Brands

Use a common inventory pool to capture orders from across the online stores/websites of all the brands under your portfolio.

Analyze the Performance of Brands

WareIQ_Seller Panel_House of Brands_Performance Management

Get a brand portfolio-level performance overview, along with individual performance assessment for each brand to devise data-backed business strategies for future growth.

Automated Branded Communications

WareIQ_Seller Panel_House of Brands_Customer Communications

Engage customers with automated communications (Tracking Page, Email, SMS, WhatsApp etc.) with brand guidelines of the right brand in your portfolio.

Aman Sandilya

Aman Sandilya

Aman Sandilya is a Product Marketing Manager at WareIQ, with over 5 years of experience across Product Marketing, Brand Marketing, Marketing Communications, Event Marketing, etc. He has previously worked with Cognizant, Capgemini, and Merilytics focusing on marketing initiatives for clients from eCommerce, CPG, Retail, Logistics, and Operations domains.

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