New Feature Launch: PO Creation & Real-time Inventory Transfer Tracking

New Feature Launch: PO Creation & Real-time Inventory Transfer Tracking

At WareIQ, we are always looking for ways to provide eCommerce sellers with a unified logistics experience to take away all your operations hassle.

A lot of our clients shared how complex inventory transfer from one warehouse to another is for their operations team. They lacked:

  • An easy and automated PO creation process
  • Real-time visibility into the transfer process
  • Alerts to immediately communicate issues for quick remedial action

To simplify inventory transfer, we have launched a new PO Creation feature that allows online sellers to create POs and track inventory transfer process in real-time directly from our merchant platform.


Simplify inventory transfer and boost logistics efficiency by 10x


WareIQ PO Creation & Management Feature_Create

Create POs from our smart fulfillment platform by entering relevant SKU details, destination warehouse, ETA etc.


WareIQ PO Creation & Management Feature_Transfer

Attach the bar codes and labels generated by our platform to the boxes to be transferred and initiate transfer.


WareIQ PO Creation & Management Feature_Track

Once the PO is created, sellers can now centrally track the progress status of all transfers initiated by their team on our platform.


WareIQ PO Creation & Management Feature_Alert

As and when stages are updated, sellers get platform notifications and auto-triggered emails to alert them.

Watch this short video to know how to get started


With WareIQ’s PO Creation & Management feature, eCommerce brands can:

  1. Reduce the hassle in creating and managing POs
  2. Generate all the required labels from WareIQ smart fulfillment platform to facilitate inventory transfer
  3. Fasten the inventory transfer process
  4. Monitor the inventory transfer process in real-time from our dashboard
  5. Alert stakeholders of escalations and status change over email in an automated fashion