New Product Launch: WareIQ RTO Shield

New Product Launch: WareIQ RTO Shield

More than 35% of online orders risk being returned back to origin (RTO). These RTO orders can lead to heavy losses and slow down business growth.

With WareIQ’s RTO shield, you can say goodbye to RTO losses. With our AI-powered RTO solution, you can intelligently identify potential RTO and adopt measures to minimize its impact.


Predictive technology to flag high-risk customers

WareIQ RTO Shield

With WareIQ RTO Shield, online sellers can:

  1. Assess RTO risk for each order basis holistic customer profile developed using rich data on visitor’s activities across telecom, banks, hyperlocal, OTT etc. usage
  2. Automatically disable COD for high-risk, untrustworthy, and/or blacklisted customers
  3. Additionally, set rules using parameters like pincodes, order value etc. to determine when to provide the COD option and when to disable it


With RTO Shield, online sellers can easily screen out high-risk orders and get the following benefits:

  1. Improve inventory turnover and thus generate higher sales
  2. Save on reverse logistics cost and drive down order processing cost
  3. Reduce time, and thus the opportunity cost, lost in quality checks & repackaging of returned orders