How to Enhance Post-Purchase Experience in eCommerce With Order Notifications [2024]?

The eCommerce industry is highly competitive, especially in a rapidly expanding market such as India’s, and the onus is on companies to try and find unique ways of differentiating themselves from the competition. As customers begin to order online more often because of the convenience that it brings, more and more are starting to get accustomed to useful convenience features such as ultra-fast delivery and seamless order tracking. In fact, research indicates that more than 83% of online shoppers expect regular updates about the status of their packages.

This is where providing transparent and timely order notifications to customers can help to improve their experience and opinion about a company. Read along to get a detailed understanding of order notifications, the overall post-purchase experience and what it entails, and how WareIQ’s notifications app can help provide a stellar customer experience.

What are Order Notifications?

Order notifications, also called post-purchase notifications, are real-time alerts that are sent to customers to keep them informed about the status of their order and when it is expected to arrive at their destination. They can typically be sent on a variety of mediums such as email, SMS, Whatsapp and even customised platforms such as an order tracking app or a branded tracking page, where retailers are able to provide more detailed information such as product banners, social media links, information about the company and much more, compared to conventional channels.

Order notifications are an extremely important facet of modern eCommerce retail as they enable customers, most of which run on extremely tight schedules, to make arrangements to be available to collect their orders. The details that are generally present in post-purchase notifications include the order number, tracking ID, and which stage of the fulfillment process the order is in such as “items have been packed”, “items have been dispatched” and “items are out for delivery”, and the estimated date and time that the package will arrive at the customer’s doorstep.

WareIQ – Amazon-prime Like Logistics for Modern Brands in India

WareIQ, an eCommerce fulfillment company, empowers online brands with a superior-tech platform to compete with Amazon like service levels by bringing their average delivery timelines from 5-10 days to 1-2 days.

"With WareIQ’s full stack digital enabled fulfillment solution, we got access to the pan India network of fulfillment centers & cold storage facilities enabling same/next day delivery, without any upfront investment in supply chain infrastructure from our end. During the IPL campaign in April 2022, WareIQ efficiently handled unpredictable 200x surges in daily order volumes of ~20k/day with a 99% fulfillment rate. With WareIQ as our preferred fulfillment partner, we witnessed 172% growth in online order volume in just 4 months, with a significant improvement in the overall customer experience in fulfillment."
- Damanbir Singh, Product & Operations Head, Lil’Goodness

5 Elements Involved in Providing a Good Post-Purchase Experience to Customers

Enhanced Communication

Customers generally expect a basic after-sales experience that encompasses a feedback form and details about their purchase. However, something as simple as an appreciative email or message, thanking them for their service and saying a few words about how their business helps the company to stay afloat, goes a long way towards making them feel special and that they are actually valued by the firm. This will also increase the chances of them becoming repeat customers and recommending the company to their family and friends who have similar requirements.

Customer Support

Some companies often provide excellent customer support while trying to convert interest into a sale and during the delivery process, only to falter after the customer takes ownership of their order. A bad taste can be left in the mouth of a customer who has spent their hard-earned money on purchasing the products of a particular company, only to find that they are ignored or provided with sub-par customer support after the company no longer has an active interest in keeping them engaged.

This is where companies can differentiate themselves by keeping a record of prior customers and their contact information, and giving them importance when they have an inquiry or issue. They could even be calling because they are interested in making more purchases so retailers need to capitalize on making them feel like their business is welcome.

Increased Consumer Loyalty

Research indicates that a customer retention rate of 5% can boost profits by up to 90%. Providing a seamless after-sales experience is essential for businesses who want to retain customers, whether it is through post-purchase notifications, promotional emails or messages thanking them for their business. Customers are more likely to repeatedly purchase from brands that they can trust and that have made a genuine effort to provide an enhanced experience to them, not just to sell them a product, but also to keep them in the loop about future events, campaigns, and new product launches. eCommerce customer feedback matters the most.  

After-Sales Service

It is easy to think of after-sales service as customer support but they are very different in practice and they each have their own role in providing a positive post-purchase experience to customers. While customer support is centered around more technical aspects such as answering calls and solving problems, after-sales service focuses more on making sure that customers are satisfied, even if there are no additional issues that arise. It encompasses things like product returns, facilitating exchanges and much more. Good after-sales service leads to happy customers so businesses need to focus on providing it.

Heightened Customer Satisfaction

Most customers have enough presence of mind to gauge the difference between genuine effort and doing the bare minimum. To achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, firms have to put in the time and avoid taking shortcuts, as that can often lead to poorer results than what was intended. Additionally, it is also important to keep track of the rate of satisfaction that customers exhibit when they have encounters with different departments of a business. Retailers need to push for feedback in order to understand what their strengths and flaws are so that they repeat and expand the procedures that work and mitigate or adjust the ones that don’t.

Importance of Post-Purchase Notifications in eCommerce

Active Communication is Expected by Customers

Post-purchase communication helps firms assert to customers that they genuinely appreciate their business and value their feedback as to where they succeeded and where they fell short, which allows them to make the relevant changes and adjustments to streamline every process and customer interaction. Customers also may have queries or product-related issues even after they have accepted their order so it pays to constantly be available in case they try and contact the company.

Order Notifications are Anticipated by Customers

It is overwhelmingly clear that customers expect constant and consistent alerts from retailers about the status of their orders, as is mentioned in an earlier portion of this blog. Order notifications provide insight to customers as to which stage of the order fulfillment process their package is currently in and when it will reach their destination, allowing them to make the necessary preparations to accept it when it arrives. 

Post-Purchase Notifications Inspire Brand Loyalty and Positive Feedback from Customers

The post-purchase interaction is the last thing that a customer will experience a business on their current order cycle so it is essential that they are left with a positive opinion. Not only does this increase the chances of them becoming repeat customers, but their positive and impactful reviews on a listing and other public forums can be the push that is needed to convince other potential customers to give the business a chance.

3 Ways in Which WareIQ’s Notifications through the “WareIQ Interact” App Enhances Post-Purchase Experience in 2024

Order notifications and post-purchase interactions are essential for providing a comprehensive and positive customer experience. Oftentimes, the after-sales services offered by a business are what matters more than the actual purchase itself. This is also something that many businesses neglect to offer so opportunistic retailers can use this as a means to stay ahead of the competition. And if they are partnered with WareIQ and have access to all of our post-purchase offerings, they are guaranteed to be on top of the eCommerce totem pole.

If anyone is well-versed with downloading apps on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, there won’t be a learning curve involved to seamlessly download and install apps on their custom WareIQ dashboard. One of our latest offerings to help retailers offer their customers an exemplary post-purchase experience is the notifications app. Designed to make sending order notifications and other after-sales interactions with customers as easy and seamless as possible, users can simply download apps with the press of a button.

WareIQ’s post-purchase notifications app – “WareIQ Interact” enables online businesses to provide a powerful, personalized & automated post-purchase experience to their customers across WhatsApp, Email & SMS during the entire shipping journey.

Through WareIQ Interact, you can deliver a personalized & interactive experience to your customers in 3 ways:

Engage Customers Across Channels

  • Drive up-sell & cross-sell opportunities by sharing notifications with customers across multiple channels – WhatsApp, Email & SMS
  • Additionally, lower NDR & RTO rates by seeking direct confirmation from the customer over Whatsapp, Email & SMS
post-purchase experience_WareIQ Interact 1

Live Delivery Updates

  • Share a variety of live updates regarding your customer’s consignment delivery & alleviate their shipping concerns
post-purchase experience_WareIQ Interact 2

Track Notifications

  • Access the notifications dashboard to track the history of all communications sent out
post-purchase experience_WareIQ Interact 3

WareIQ not only offers services like order notifications and post-purchase services but also the entire gamut of operations that are associated with eCommerce fulfillment. This includes facilities such as:

  • A nationwide network of fulfillment centers
  • A custom WMS that can handle inventory management
  • Integrations with multiple eCommerce marketplaces
  • A choice of more than 20 of the largest shipping aggregators
  • The most cost-effective and transparent pricing in the business
  • Smart inventory placement
  • Intelligent delivery assignment based on the quickest routes and cheapest prices
  • No minimum order quantity
  • A custom app store
  • An RTO shield with insurance and liability protection

Post-Purchase Experience: FAQs

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