10 Best AliExpress Alternatives for Dropshipping in 2024

AliExpress has emerged as a big name in the eCommerce dropshipping space with its specialized dropshipping company, DSers. However, there may be some features that you require from your dropshipping service that isn’t offered by AliExpress. If a need cannot be met by the company, it would be a good option to identify an AliExpress alternative. In this blog, we will look at the best AliExpress dropshipping alternatives and how they compare.

What is AliExpress Dropshipping?

China-based online retailer AliExpress, which runs the dropshipping website DSers for AliExpress, is owned by Alibaba. AliExpress has millions of products listed that make it the first pick for many dropshippers. Unlike many wholesale merchants on Alibaba, AliExpress lets you order single units of goods. As a result, you can ship directly to customers without the need for special off-site inventory storage.

Free registration and the options to browse millions of products at reasonable prices are its two biggest advantages. You can easily place an order on the website without talking to any vendors if there is a language barrier. DSers is in-charge of managing all notifications and shipment tracking. Several very dependable automation solutions are also available that automate order fulfillment for well-known eCommerce sites.

One of its drawbacks is that most of AliExpress’s suppliers are located in China. The time it takes for products to reach customers in different countries can be longer despite the fact that this leads to reduced prices and commonly accessible global shipping options. Because of the fact that customers must wait weeks for their orders to arrive, it is best for companies to search for an AliExpress alternative that is located in India and has shorter shipping times.

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Required Features in AliExpress Alternative Dropshipping Companies for the Year 2024

Provide Single and Bulk Order Shipping

When you become an eCommerce seller, you have to deliver products to each of your buyers as well as store high-demand products to have stock to fulfill later sales to avoid stock-outs or price hikes. Your partner dropshipping company should be able to ship every order, regardless if it is just a single order of a small item or a bulk order of heavy items. This gives you flexibility in knowing that every order can be fulfilled with the same company, which gives you more bargaining power and lower costs.

Have Good Return Policies

A dropshipping company should frame and offer a return policy according to the facilities they can provide. You should inquire about the return policies of multiple companies and choose the one that offers that fits your requirements. They need to offer features like penalty-free returns in case of product damage or substandard quality.

Offer Better Reachability

It should be an important aspect to notice. If you want to dropship your products and agree with all of the policies, you should also check the dropshipping coverage of every company and select the one that provides services to the most locations.

Utilize Automation

Dropshipping is used by eCommerce sellers mainly to be less directly involved in the order fulfillment process and use less of their resources, either financial or labour. A good dropshipping company is incomplete without efficient automation of key processes to provide a good experience. 

Comparison Table of Every AliExpress Alternative

Sr. No.Dropshipping CompaniesSelling PlatformWhat it sells
1.Seasonsway DropshippingNoMostly focused on fashion-related products
2.Snazzyway DropshippingYesLadies wear and undergarments
3.DHGateYesAll Items
4.Banggood DropshippingYesAll Items
6.DXYesElectronic items
8.GeekBuyingYesElectronic items
9.Worldwide BrandsNo-
10.Deodap DropshippingYesHouseholds equipment

Top 10 AliExpress Dropshipping Alternatives for Retailers


Seasonsway dropshipping is an AliExpress dropshipping alternative that is best suited for fashion items because they mostly focus on fashion-related products, which can be understood by having a quick glance at their inventory. They have a substantial stock of mobile accessories, home goods, garments, innerwear and gift items.

These specific product niches are all more profitable than other niches. Experts give advice on trading in the aforementioned markets where retailers can make more money. Therefore, Seasonsway should be one of the best options if you wish to trade in these categories.

Signing up with Seasonsway is free. You will have to either create your own website or register with retail marketplaces since they don’t offer any.

They provide a wide range of fashion products. You receive a dashboard from which you can handle your dropshipping requirements, including payments, processing, and other dropshipping needs.


Snazzyway is unique in regard to being an AliExpress alternative. It is an Indian-based dropshipping website specializing in women’s undergarments. The ideal fit is if you work in the women’s underwear industry, such as lingerie, bras and other inner-wear.

In addition, if you think the undergarments market is undervalued, you should know that the Indian lingerie market, which was valued at over $3 billion in 2017, is expected to rise at a healthy CAGR of roughly 14% to reach $6.5 billion by 2024. If you are a dropshipping company that deals in garments and innerwear, you can definitely consider Snazzyway as a prime AliExpress dropshipping alternative.


The primary option that crossed every retailer’s mind when AliExpress was banned in India and they had to find AliExpress dropshipping alternatives, was DHgate. It is yet another trustworthy AliExpress substitute in India. On DHgate, you can buy practically everything. It offers B2B and B2C dropshipping services. The website’s user interface is its best feature. Its product categories are extremely thorough. Various categories have further subcategories.

All of the top logistics providers including TNT, HK Post, Singapore Post, Post Link, Ems, China Post, UPS, DHL and FedEx, are used by DHgates. DHgate often needs 3 to 15 days to deliver its goods. Depending on the goods, the days may change. DHgate has the option for credit cards, PayPal, and Western Union.

Banggood Dropshipping

Banggood is another AliExpress dropshipping alternative with affordable rates on a variety of goods and has a strong rivalry with AliExpress. With more than four million listed products, it contains everything from iPhones to drones. This eCommerce shop is relatively unknown, which naturally makes it an alluring location for dropshipping goods.

Numerous products are available on Banggood from China, Hong Kong and even the US. The majority of the items on this list are obtained straight from the manufacturer.

Banggood offers ePacket and air parcel shipping with transit times ranging from 7 to 30 days. Visa, PayPal, wire transfers, and even cash on delivery are numerous payment options, accepted by Banggood.

The majority of items, including drones and robots, that aren’t offered by other online retailers are available at Banggood. Banggood is an excellent option to look at if you need to dropship these difficult-to-find commodities.


TradeIndia is a good AliExpress dropshipping alternative because they are the second-largest B2B marketplace in India, with a total of 42,93,725 registered buyers and 37,47,446 registered sellers. The TradeIndia platform facilitates around 31,42,496 interactions between buyers and sellers each week.

That is the main justification for choosing their services. You can connect with thousands of reliable dropshippers in India by signing up on their platform. Although the majority of the vendors listed here are from other nations, you can look for Indian dropshipping businesses too.

TradeIndia offers a large variety of products, so you won’t ever be out of style. You can browse through thousands of products in a variety of categories on their website.


DX has a huge selection of products available for dropshipping, which makes it a good AliExpress alternative. It has a top bargains section where all items are discounted by roughly 50%. As a result, dropshipping with DX becomes profitable for retailers.

The majority of DX products are shipped the same day. The delivery period, however, may surpass 15 days if you reside in a nation that is further from the producer. On the majority of its products, DX provides free shipping. PayPal and credit cards are accepted for payments.


Salehoo is a dropshipping and eCommerce AliExpress alternative designed to prioritize the concerns of eCommerce business owners over inventory. With Salehoo, you can access more than a million products from 8,000 suppliers for just $67 a year.

Salehoo’s inventory is directly sourced from wholesalers so you have an advantage over other eCommerce store owners that source their products through AliExpress and DHgate. Salehoo offers some of the top products for dropshipping.

Most Salehoo wholesalers allow you to negotiate delivery times and receive your products whenever you like. The shipping of the goods will, however, take at least 30 days if the wholesalers are headquartered in China. for payments, PayPal and credit cards are accepted.

You can choose the goods you wish to offer through your store with Salehoo by clicking a few buttons. For only $67 a year, it also enables you to bargain with customers and purchase and sell goods at the best prices.


Geekbuying is an AliExpress alternative where electronic and tech gadgets are the major items sold. You can find the rarest tech products here. On this dropshipping platform, you can also find jewellery, watches and apparel. 

Products can be shipped anywhere in the world by Geekbuying. For all locations, the standard shipping period is between 5 and 10 days. It also allows you to place bulk orders.

You have a variety of payment choices on Geekbuying. You can pay on this website using PayPal, a credit card, a debit card, Boleto, or Konbini. Additionally, instalment payments and wire transfers are both options.

Worldwide Brands

Dropshippers and wholesalers can connect on the Worldwide Brands network. Just after a one-time payment of $224, all of the wholesalers who use WorldWide Brands are accessible to you for a lifetime.

According to the portal, users have access to more than 16 million products. Worldwide Brands offers numerous products that you may order and dropship directly to your consumers. Most of these products are obtained directly from manufacturers or wholesalers so you will get them at a low price.

Each product’s delivery period on WorldWide Brands is determined by the wholesaler. If the wholesaler’s headquarters are in China, the merchandise will be delivered in about a month. You can receive the goods from local wholesalers in less than a week. For payments, PayPal and credit cards are accepted.

For experienced dropshippers who want to test out selling new products in the market, WorldWide Brands is the ideal venue. It is not intended for beginner dropshippers who want to establish their own business.

Deodap Dropshipping

DeoDap is an AliExpress dropshipping alternative that is privately held by the Indian trading and distribution business. Their management has extensive knowledge of the importing and distribution industries. The company’s primary duty is to procure, market and distribute grocery goods from both domestic and international markets. In 2010, DeoDap was founded as a tiny family business. At the time, the company’s primary activity was delivering various goods to small retail stores.

They have a strong presence in India and run a very competent sales, marketing, warehouse and distribution operation. As a result, they can work with all the big wholesalers as well as individual retail businesses. They constantly look for products that they believe could have an impact on the Indian market. They have the expertise, knowledge and resources required to guarantee the prosperity of our suppliers.

Conclusion: Opting for the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Alternative with a 3PL Fulfillment Partner like WareIQ

India is the biggest eCommerce retail market and that is why there are various dropshipping companies that are trying to capitalize. Most sellers tie up with multiple dropshipping companies but it is also important to think about the kinds of products you sell, if their service fees and shipping costs fit within your spending plan and whether their delivery times are reasonable for the locations of your clients. For retailers who need the full range of eCommerce fulfillment services, working with a specialized 3PL provider like WareIQ can be the best AliExpress dropshipping alternative by offering fulfillment services with ultra-fast delivery as opposed to dropshipping.

aliexpress alternative_wareIQ services

WareIQ is a full-stack eCommerce fulfillment platform that offers all the services required for online merchants, including storage in multiple fulfillment centers, picking, and packaging, shipping, last-mile delivery, etc. As we partner with more than 20 of the biggest shipping Indian aggregators, we will always offer the quickest and most affordable option for each order within the country and provide users with multiple technological benefits such as an advanced WMS and a custom app store.

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