The Importance of First Attempt Delivery and 3 Methods to Increase Your First Attempt Delivery Rate (FADR) in 2022

In the vast world of eCommerce retail, one of the most crucial aspects is to ensure that customers receive their orders on the promised date and time. Delayed order delivery can result in confusion regarding the customer being present at the location, someone being available to receive the order, the delivery executive trying to contact the customer to clarify the location and so on.

This is why it is in every retailer’s best interests to try and deliver orders according to the ETA mentioned to the customer to be able to have a smooth receipt of the order by them and to avoid further implications such as initiation of returns, dissatisfaction caused by longer delivery timelines and inconvenience caused to all parties involved because of the inability of the order to be successfully delivered. In this blog, we will go over the meaning of first attempt delivery, its importance, the main reasons for its occurrence and 3 important methods for retailers to increase their first attempt delivery rate. Read along.

What is First Attempt Delivery?

First attempt delivery is classified as the initial attempt of a last-mile delivery partner to fruitfully deliver an order to a customer, regardless of whether they are in the position to receive it or not. The number of first attempt delivery attempts can vary depending on factors such as the customer’s availability, if there is someone on the premises that can accept the order on their behalf or if the delivery partner has arrived either before or after the scheduled delivery date and time mentioned by the order tracking software. 

The number of last-mile deliveries that are successfully fulfilled by a company is known as the first attempt delivery rate (FADR). It is beneficial for retailers to have a high FADR as this indicates that most orders are fulfilled seamlessly, without any errors occurring from either end. Conversely, a low FADR can spell trouble for a business as this can often mean more return initiations, customer displeasure and negative reviews online.

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Importance of First Attempt Delivery

Improves Customer Experience

Online shopping customers in this day and age are accustomed to instant gratification due to same-day and next-day delivery becoming the norm and eCommerce retailers constantly striving to find ways to cut delivery timelines even further. Thus, when a delivery is delayed and does not arrive on time, it further amplifies the negative impression that customers will have of that business. When a first attempt delivery is successful, customers will have an overall positive opinion of their whole interaction with a company, as this reiterates how effortless and less-time consuming online shopping can be.

Mitigates Added Expenses

If a first attempt delivery isn’t successfully accepted by the customer, retailers will have to shell out additional resources on subsequent delivery attempts, which can instantly add up costs. If an order has to be re-delivered multiple times, the general costs associated with the delivery process can triple, reducing the profit margin of the business in the process. A successful first delivery attempt reduces the need for any of these additional costs and retailers can focus on fulfilling other orders instead of being held up in trying to deliver prior orders.

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Enhances Brand Image

If a company has a high first attempt delivery rate (FADR) and has a ton of positive reviews from previous customers relating to their order delivery experience, it enhances the brand image of the company and inspires confidence in new customers that they will receive their orders in a punctual manner. This can increase conversion rates as potential customers generally trust the opinions and experiences of existing customers, which leads to overall satisfaction and an increase in the popularity of a brand.

Helps Gain a Competitive Advantage

When a brand has consistently positive reviews regarding first attempt delivery, it will instantly garner a favourable reputation among new customers, compared to a company that is flooded with negative feedback and complaints. Customers spend hours trying to find the best possible deals and if they are assured that they will get better service with one company than its competitors, they will gravitate towards that company for their requirements.

Main Reasons for Failed First Delivery Attempts

Incorrect Address Information

A large portion of the success of first attempt delivery depends on whether the location details are accurate. If the wrong address is entered in the system or is given by the customer, delays in delivery become inevitable due to the need for the delivery executive to find the new location and travel there.

Wrong Contact Details

Imprecise contact details can have a drastically negative impact on first attempt delivery due to the fact that customers will not be able to be contacted in the event of a delay or if the wrong location details are given. Instead of the delivery executive being able to contact the customer and clarify any queries relating to the location or other details they might have, they may have to send it back to the warehouse and try again on another day.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Order fulfillment is subject to many factors that are not within the control of the retailer or the delivery partner. Common unforeseen occurrences include vehicle breakdowns, traffic congestion, road repairs and protests or festivities causing road blockages, among many others.

Unavailability of the Customer

The main reason that inhibits first attempt delivery is the unavailability of the customer when the delivery partner reaches their location. This can be due to multiple factors, some of which can be attributed to the retailer, such as delayed delivery, earlier arrival than the specified ETA or problems in finding the location but can also be the fault of the customer themselves, such as not being physically present due to other commitments, not informing family or friends to collect the parcel or mistakenly giving the wrong address or contact details.

3 Key Methods to Increase Your First Attempt Delivery Rate

Consolidate All Your Information

Collating all the information about a company’s logistical and operational processes, especially relating to last-mile delivery, and also all the data about the specific order can have a positive impact on their first attempt delivery rate. This ensures that all the information needed by the delivery executive to have a successful first attempt delivery is at their fingertips and can reduce the number of errors or mishaps that occur during the fulfillment process.

Employ Real-Time Order Tracking

Advanced order tracking software can help significantly in increasing the first attempt delivery rate of a company. By making all the tracking information about the order available to both the delivery personnel and the customer such as the stage of fulfillment, real-time updates when the parcel enters a new phase and any cause of delays or revisions in the ETA, both parties will have a better idea of when the first delivery attempt will be made and the customer can make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the order is picked up.

Automate Important Processes

Automating processes using advanced software solutions such as sending notifications to customers every time there is an update in the order fulfillment cycle, ensuring that the delivery partner is present to pick up the order when it arrives at the dispatch point and making sure that they have all the relevant information regarding the delivery location and contact details of the customer, increases the chances of the first delivery attempt of being a success.

Conclusion: How Can WareIQ’s Offerings Help Improve Your First Attempt Delivery?

First attempt delivery is an extremely important aspect of order fulfillment and the success of the company as a whole as it determines how efficiently and frequently they can fulfill orders. If a company has a high first attempt delivery rate, it generally indicates that the time taken to fulfill each order and the costs involved are reduced.

On the other hand, if a company has a low FADR, it conveys that the cost and time involved in delivering each order are higher than it needs to be and this can result in fewer sales and reduced profit margins. These factors can have a large impact on the operational capacity of a company. If you are an eCommerce retailer and need help with increasing your first attempt delivery rate and any other eCommerce requirements you may have, you can place your faith in WareIQ.

first attempt delivery_WareIQ services

WareIQ is one of the country’s leading eCommerce fulfillment companies. We take advantage of advanced technology in every department relating to eCommerce fulfillment to ensure high rates of success and fewer mistakes or errors. Some of the ways that WareIQ can help to improve your first attempt delivery are as follows:

  • We offer intelligent inventory placement in a pan-India network of fulfillment centers and dark stores to ensure that your inventory is located close to your customers and major transport hubs, which reduces delivery timelines.
  • We offer an advanced WMS that can track your inventory across multiple fulfillment centers and can integrate with more than 12 of the biggest eCommerce marketplaces.
  • We provide branded tracking facilities that can be customised as per your requirements to give you and your customers an enhanced order tracking experience.
  • We have partnered with more than 20 of the largest shipping aggregators in the country and always ensure the quickest and most cost-effective delivery for every order.

Give your first attempt delivery the boost it needs to be successful by partnering with WareIQ.

First Attempt Delivery: FAQs

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