Top 20 Instagram Business Ideas in 2024 for Aspiring eCommerce Sellers

We live in an age where social media has taken precedence over real-world interactions for people of all ages but especially Millennials and Gen-X. Looking at the impact that it has had on the younger generation, older audiences as well want to be a part of the hype. Social media embodies all the conveniences of the modern internet.

You can check up on what your friends and colleagues are up to in their daily lives. You can watch and share pictures, videos, TV shows, and movies with the click of a button. And most importantly, you can see something you like online and instantly get a link to purchase it from multiple different sources and choose the best option with the lowest price.

Apps like Instagram have made this possible through their various business integrations that allow eCommerce to take place, without ever needing to leave the app. It has features such as an in-built web browser that can load fully-fledged web pages right from the post or ad that you clicked on, links to various online payment options, and access to customer tracking pages. It also enables sellers to boost their product’s visibility through paid ad campaigns that show up directly in users’ feeds.

This adds a whole new dimension of convenience to eCommerce, which had already revolutionized the world of shopping. In this blog, we will take a look at 20 Instagram business ideas you can use to get your eCommerce business up and running.

Introduction to the Use of Instagram for Business

When it first launched in 2010, Instagram was a social media site that used the relatively new idea of photo sharing as its main form of communication rather than text. With over 2 billion members, Instagram has grown into one of the most well-liked social media platforms in the world thanks to the enormous increase in smartphone sales over the coming decade and their improved capabilities.

It has also played a significant role in the emergence of “social media influencers,” a phenomenon where marketers pay people with large followings a particular sum of money to promote their goods on their feeds or take part in digital marketing campaigns. Instagram has been able to actively expand its business focus since being acquired by Facebook (now Meta) in 2012 and many users now utilise the network to sell on Instagram and earn a living. Many customers also use Instagram to offer eCommerce customer feedback about their experiences with a brand.

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5 Methods to Make Your Instagram Business Ideas a Success

Increase Your Account’s Follower Number

The number of sales and conversions your Instagram business ideas will make may not be directly correlated with the number of followers an account has. However, establishing your business as a respectable household name could raise consumer confidence in it. There are numerous ways to boost the number of followers on your page. You will need to publish frequently and make sure you stay on top of specific trends if you want to accomplish them naturally. Though Instagram can fine you if it catches you in the act, there are companies that sell followers and likes for a predetermined price.

Modify Your Posts to Reflect Your Brand

We advise you to maintain a consistent brand image throughout all of your posts, which may involve employing the same filters or editing programs. Although Instagram includes some decent editing tools, it would be wise to use services like Canva or Snapseed to give your posts, reels, and stories a little extra zest so that they will resonate with your more deeply with your followers. This will give your business ideas for Instagram more chances of being successful.

Use Imaginative Hashtags and Captions

Since Instagram is an image-focused app, captions might not seem like a crucial component, but they do matter, especially among those who actually choose to read them. They can often mean the difference between people viewing your brand as just another company versus them being inspired to purchase the products you are selling. The fun prospect of captions on Instagram is that they don’t have to be as serious and direct as they are on platforms for online shopping. They can evoke humour, wit, or any other feeling you choose. Additionally, using hashtags is important if you want the relevant audience to see your content.

Examine the Newest Instagram Features

Instagram frequently introduces new features and emphasises the formats that generate the most engagement. It used to be stories but now the focus is on reels, which are brief videos that are usually under two minutes long. You must modify your posting approach in accordance with the most recent trends in order to profit from the buzz and ensure that as much attention as possible is automatically given to your content. This will help your Instagram business ideas stay on top of the latest trends.

Utilize All Postable Formats

Stories, posts, videos, and reels are the four main forms available on Instagram, and each one has a specific function in the overall appeal and aesthetic of your account. Stories may be used to highlight events; posts can be informative about your business and its products; reels can be used to boost publicity and videos can be targeted as how-to guides for using certain products, among other things. Utilizing all of these formats regularly will guarantee that your account is active at all times and that your followers have new content to interact with, in addition to generating more visibility about Instagram business ideas.

20 Best Business Ideas for Instagram to Generate Sales and Boost Profit in 2024


The core functionality of Instagram is still centered around pictures and videos so a good way to monetize yourself is to provide this service to other people. There are plenty of aspiring influencers and regular people that want to have nice photos and videos of themselves or their surroundings on their feeds but don’t have the means, confidence, or technical know-how to pull it off. Many people will pay a premium for well-taken and edited photos so it could be the first step to making your business ideas for Instagram a reality.

Digital Artist

Artists have always been an important element of society by providing refuge to people through their beautiful creations. Digital artists offer the same relief but in a modern sense. Instead of a physical canvas, they employ tools such as iPads, laptops, and even their phones. There are plenty of tools out there to help you create various forms of digital art. Given that there are plenty of people that would pay for well-made digital art and some who require it for their own brand, this could one of the most profitable Instagram business ideas out there.

Makeup Artist

Makeup is one of the most profitable industries in the world and due to Instagram being a very visual-oriented space where people want to look their best, there is definitely a market and an audience for people to provide makeup tutorials, suggestions, and tips. Just like most other business ideas for Instagram, this can be done from the comfort of your own home while reaching a potentially unlimited number of people.

Web Developer

In order to build up their own websites or improve the operation and performance of their current websites, more and more eCommerce retailers will eventually be obliged to resort to specialised businesses or independent web developers. When you start providing website development services, a huge number of potential clients will be made available, given the rapid growth of the eCommerce industry.

Marketing Professional

Internet traffic is the main source of visibility and sales in eCommerce. Since there is fierce rivalry in practically every business, brands can stand out from the crowd by implementing distinctive and interesting marketing techniques. Numerous organisations are continually searching for marketing firms that can increase their reach and raise sales, which can be accomplished through traditional marketing, social media marketing, or a combination of the two. Instagram can provide the link you need to these prospective clients, which is why it is one of the best Instagram business ideas to make a quick profit.

On-Demand Printing Services

Printing services are necessary for eCommerce businesses in the fashion and textile sectors to produce items like t-shirts, backpacks, hoodies, coats and much more, which is what makes this one of the best business ideas for Instagram. You can instantly reach the enormous number of eCommerce apparel manufacturers that are still figuring out their manufacturing and operations and don’t yet have an on-demand printing partner by offering on-demand printing services on Instagram.

Tattoo Artist

Tattoos have been considered taboo in the past but more and more people are opening up to the idea of getting something meaningful inked onto their bodies. While there are plenty of tattoo artists around, there aren’t many that have a profound following on Instagram, so it could be good means of getting into an untapped segment. 

Graphic Designer

Many people and companies require good graphic designers, either to post cool stuff on their feeds or to showcase their business in a professional and unique light. Being a graphic designer is one the business ideas for Instagram that requires a special skill that isn’t possessed by most people, so it is easy to post your designs and get inquiries from people that like them.

Interior Designer

Many people are getting accustomed to the minimal interior designs they see on Instagram reels and Youtube videos but not many of them are aware of how to spruce up their homes to get the same effect. This is one of the easiest Instagram business ideas to accelerate because you can simply post images of your projects and instantly get people interested because they want something similar.

Event Planner

While you are trying to search for Instagram business ideas, there are many others that are trying to do the same and need help planning and organizing events that will get them on the map. Being an event planner is a highly demanded position because the number of people starting their own companies or ventures is at an all-time high.

Event Promoter

In a similar vein to being a marketing professional, being an event promoter is one of the best Instagram business ideas because not only do people need help in organising events but the planners themselves need help with promoting it. Getting something to go viral is pretty simple nowadays with the right message, caption and hashtags.

Personal Trainer

Gone are the days when you needed a gym and a person to be physically present with you to ensure that you meet your targets. Becoming a personal trainer is one of the quickest Instagram business ideas to implement because there is a strong desire for people to improve their lives and become healthier without breaking the bank. You can simply post videos and tips about how to get fit and people will instantly want to learn more and sign up permanently.

Personal Dietician

Just like being a personal trainer, being a personal dietician is one of the best Instagram business ideas if you want to tap into a highly demanded market. There are many people that don’t have time to work out and are just looking for simple ways they can lose weight, which can easily be done through a healthy diet. By posting the right content, you can attract this audience and get them to subscribe to a monthly plan where you can curate their diets daily, weekly or monthly.


Instagram is constantly flooded with posts and reels about cute and well-made baked goods that make all of our mouths water, which makes this one of the best business ideas for Instagram. By posting the right content to the right audience, you can instantly have people inquiring about where they can get these products in their city, to which you can be the solution.


If there was ever such a thing as an Instgrammable profession, this it is. Being an influencer involves posting nice pictures of yourself in exciting settings and making people want to do the things that you do. Hence the name influencer. You do need to come up with a dedicated strategy because it seems like just about everyone is giving this a go, but the benefits in the form of paid promotions, sponsored meals and travels to up-and-coming restaurants and resorts and much more, seem worth the effort, which makes this one of the best business ideas for Instagram.

Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors are like influencers but committed to only a select few brands. If you have a big enough following and reputation, certain brands will want to adopt you full-time to promote their offerings and will offer you all the perks that influencers get, in addition to a predetermined amount of money per post or per month.

Food Influencer

This is one of the nicest Instagram business ideas if you like food and want to capitalize on it. By simply visiting a few of the hippest spots in town, taking mouth-watering images of good food and highlighting the ambience, you can generate a large enough following that will have new and existing restaurants pining for your publicity.


Tik-Tok style videos have been doing the rounds on Instagram and other social media platforms for a while now so finding a way to monetise it would be one of the best Instagram business ideas. You simply need to hop on the latest trends and find ways to have unique moves so that you can get some of your own videos trending and copied by other people.

Repair Services

There are many people that require many different items repaired, such as smartphones or televisions, and do not want to pay the premium that the official manufacturers charge. By posting videos and tutorials of simple fixes to common problems, you can amass a loyal following that will come to you whenever they need anything repaired.

Product Reviewer

Given the access that most people have to the latest goods and services, they often need a helping hand to determine which option is worth their money. This is can be one of the most successful Instagram business ideas because if you get a big enough following, you will have companies sending you sponsored items for free so you can review them. 

Conclusion: Choosing a Fulfillment Partner to Bolster Your Instagram Business Ideas

Making use of Instagram as an opportunity to turn your business conceptions into a reality is a very intelligent and relatively risk-free choice, especially due to the current popularity of social media in general. You have complete flexibility over what products you want to sell, what audience you want to target and how you want to market your brand to them. You also do not need to pay Instagram a cut in relation to any of your sales so what you make is all profit.

However, because Instagram does not provide any first-party fulfillment options as it is not marketed directly as an eCommerce marketplace, you will need to either fulfill orders on your own or partner with a 3PL fulfillment company. We recommend choosing the latter as you will gain access to a wide range of facilities, especially with a company like WareIQ.

business ideas for Instagram_WareIQ services

WareIQ is an eCommerce fulfillment company that is based in India. Being one of the fastest-growing providers in the country, WareIQ offers a vast suite of services and technology that can enhance the experience that customers have with your business. Some of the solutions we offer are listed below:

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Every one of our fulfillment centers, which are dispersed throughout the country, is furnished with specialised SKU-specific amenities, including cold storage, temperature-controlled warehouses, specialist storage materials for fragile goods and more. We also offer hyper-local fulfillment through dark stores, which allow inventory that needs to be fulfilled right away to be stored and delivered to surrounding areas.

Personalized Packaging Services

We offer specialised packaging services based on your company’s needs. You can highlight your brand with your logo and the colours of your choosing. You can also choose materials that will protect your products, especially those that are delicate, such as jewellery or electronic items.

Super-Fast Same-Day and Next-Day Delivery

To make sure that your products are always delivered on time, we have worked with more than 20 of the major shipping aggregators in the nation. Additionally, we automatically select the fastest and most economical option for each order.

Personalized WMS with Several Integrations

In order to track, store and update your inventory and in real-time, our bespoke WMS can interact with a variety of eCommerce selling platforms, including Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and more. You can access all of your significant data through a single dashboard.

No Minimum Order Quantity

No minimum order requirements apply to our services. You can only choose what you need because you only pay for the facilities and services that you utilise.

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