Branded Tracking Page: How to Re-Engage Online Customers Through a Branded Tracking Page in 10 Ways in 2024?

eCommerce as an industry relies heavily on customers and their feedback on your business. Focusing on producing a unique product and selling it at an appropriate price is hard enough for a retailer before needing to factor in how to target customers that would show the most interest in their products and would have the highest chances of converting potential interest into a confirmed sale and how to provide seamless order fulfillment and post-sales experience to them so that they’d be obligated to not only purchase from the same brand again but also give positive feedback and recommend it highly to others.

Once retailers have figured out a strategic method to implement all these procedures, time needs to be dedicated to understanding how they can convert one-time purchase customers into repeat ones. One of the best ways to re-engage prior customers and entice current customers to keep purchasing from your business is to have an attractive branded tracking page for branded order tracking. Read along to learn about the benefits and best practices of using a branded tracking page and how WareIQ can be of assistance.

What is a Branded Tracking Page?

A branded tracking page is a page where retailers and customers alike, can track the order status amongst all the order fulfillment processes that it needs to accomplish to ultimately be delivered successfully to the customer. The “branded” aspect of the tracking page refers to various customization options that can be implemented to make the page reflect a particular message or design language that a brand is trying to convey to its customers. Examples can be product suggestions, offer summaries, and unique themes.

The purpose of adding these elements, as opposed to just a static page with just the tracking details, is to try and entice the customer into purchasing another product or service and convey that the brand cares about presentation and customer experience, across the entire order fulfillment process, which will help them get a positive impression of the brand and could increase the chance of them becoming repeat customers.

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Why is it Important to Engage Online Customers through Branded Tracking Page?

It Helps to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Customers will appreciate engagement through factors like being redirected to a well-designed, easy-to-use branded tracking page, being asked for their feedback, and if they were satisfied with the entire experience and will show their appreciation either with their wallets or through positive feedback. They will know that the brand actually cares about its image and it can be a big factor in how they perceive the overall purchase experience and whether they would choose to buy from you again or not.

It Entices Customers to be Loyal to Your Brand

Even though the eCommerce space is rife with competition selling similar products at similar prices, an easy way to differentiate yourself from the crowd is to have increased customer engagement. This will set apart your brand in their eyes and if they are satisfied enough, you may have a customer for life. A 10% increase in customer retention can increase revenue by 70% so it definitely pays in the long run.

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It Helps You Track Their Preferences Through Their Responses

By engaging with customers, you can receive honest feedback, which may consist of bucketloads of praise but could also contain blunt criticisms. This will help you ascertain what processes work and what don’t and you can streamline the necessary procedures to mitigate those complaints. Similarly, you can double down on what customers like and appreciate so that you will continue to receive positive feedback.

It Gives Your Brand a Positive Image

Customers are sure to think highly of a brand if they make an honest effort to engage with them. It makes them feel like their experience really matters and so it should. They are the ones who vote with their money so it helps to keep all your customers happy and satisfied. Even if a customer has an issue, immediate engagement and steps to fix it instantly will help your brand’s image skyrocket.

It Could Lead to Increased Sales

Because of positive feedback and reviews from other customers or prior customers who have experienced your engagement first-hand, your brand will be able to generate more sales from people who appreciate efficient customer service. Few things are more annoying to a consumer who cannot find a solution to order-related problems or queries from the company that has sold it to them in the first place. This can be avoided by engaging online customers.

It Helps to Maintain Interest in Your Brand

If you consistently try engaging with online customers, whether they are prior or current ones, you will keep them reminded about your brand and all its positive aspects. It can be useful if you are trying to promote a product or an event, trying to generate buzz due to demand stagnation, or even simply trying to get feedback from them to optimize business processes.

5 Must-Have Elements in Branded Tracking Page in 2024

Customer Support Contact Details

While a branded order tracking page may satisfy some customers about the status of their order, others may have other queries that they would like to contact you about. Make sure that you add details such as a phone number, email address, and social media handles so that they can contact you and check out your feeds for exciting content at the same time.

Banners of Complimentary Products

With an appropriate 3PL company, you will be able to customize your branded order tracking page to your liking. This means that you can add banners of any product that you think is relevant, either based on customer preferences or what would be complementary to the ordered product, or products you would like to promote. This will increase the visibility of those products and could result in more sales.

Status of the Order

This is the primary piece of information that should be on your branded tracking page. You can make it look as fancy and promote as many products as you want but if the order cannot be tracked intuitively and clearly, customers will speak up. You should be sure to provide all the details of the order such as the placement date, dispatch date, ETA, and other items. You can read about order fulfillment status in detail here.

Logo of Your Company

Presenting your logo front and center on your branded order tracking page reiterates to the customer which brand they are buying from. They don’t need to be bothered about the courier service or manufacturing company. This will ultimately prove to boost your brand image and stamp your logo in the minds of customers.

branded tracking page_WareIQ banners

Top 10 Benefits of Using Branded Tracking Page in 2024

Appreciation by Customers

Customers pay attention to the finer details, especially in the eCommerce industry with a large number of firms offering similar products and overall experiences. Something as simple as an intuitive and well-designed branded order tracking page with concisely laid out information and representing the ethos of the brand can make the whole experience feel special and can result in occupying real estate in the minds of customers. 

Access to Free Advertising

You can design your branded tracking page any way you want, including adding popups and links to your other products and services. In addition, you can add snippets for offers you are running, new products you may be launching in the future, and promotion of your brand in general, all without spending an extra dime on advertising. 

Leads to Tertiary Purchases

As a result of the point above, you may receive tertiary purchases from customers who browsed your branded order tracking page, found something they liked, and placed an additional order. The same process can be repeated on the branded tracking page of that order and can keep on going until they figure that they’ve had enough online shopping for one season.

Assists in Post-Purchase Engagement

Oftentimes, customers are left neglected between the time they purchase their order and the time they receive it. Branded order tracking pages can be a way of engaging with them after they have spent their money, which makes them feel special and that they’re getting a comprehensive customer service experience, which will add brownie points to their feedback and reviews, if and when they decide to give it.

Conveys Your Brand Message

Your branded tracking page has the potential to be a window for customers to instantly learn more about your brand if they weren’t aware of it already. You can choose to present your brand on your terms and convey any message that you desire, knowing that they will constantly be checking the page until their order arrives. This will give your brand a good amount of recognition on a personal level.

Mitigates Confusion About the Order Status

Customers often get anxious after placing an online order if they don’t know where it is or how long it’s going to take. A branded tracking page will mitigate that confusion and will give them easy access to check where it is on the go and clear any query directly from the page itself which will give them peace of mind and reduce the number of calls that your businesses receive from agitated customers who don’t know where their order is.

Reduces Buyers Remorse

On many occasions, especially after placing an order from a small or mid-sized company with not much brand recognition, customers feel a sense of buyer’s remorse because they don’t feel assured about the quality of the product or the brand. One way to provide this assurance before they receive their product is to give them access to an efficient and well-designed branded tracking page. They will instantly feel gratified knowing that your company means business and that their money is in the right hands.

Reduces Time Spent on Dealing with Agitated Customers

Since customers will always be aware of the status of their order and which fulfillment process it is currently in, in real-time, they would not feel the need to frantically try and get in touch with you to get this information. In turn, this puts less stress on your customer care team who can spend time personally handling cases where errors or mishaps have actually occurred and can focus on coming up with a solution as soon as possible.

Enhances the Overall Purchase Experience

If a retailer can provide a stellar customer experience post-sale, in addition to providing a product that the customer needs, it is definitely a recipe for success and repeat customers. Taking care of every aspect of a customer’s experience with your company and making sure that they are never left wanting, is a sure-fire way of skyrocketing your brand image in the eyes of that customer and other customers who read their glowing reviews about their brilliant experience.

Conclusion: How WareIQ Help eCommerce Businesses Engage Their Customers Through a Branded Tracking Page?

Now that we have learned the many benefits and touchpoints of utilising branded tracking pages, you need to assess if your business requires them or not. Generally, businesses that are expanding rapidly or who are just trying to provide a professional experience to customers, in addition to standard order fulfillment processes, would be best suited to making use of branded tracking pages. Luckily, if you fall into the above categories, you don’t need to look any further. WareIQ has got you covered.

branded tracking page_WareIQ benefits

In addition to providing all the above features and more, WareIQ provides a whole range of order fulfillment and eCommerce warehousing-related services to assist any requirement that your company may have in terms of inbound and outbound logistics operations. With respect to branded tracking pages, we offer the following services:

Customizable Tracking URL

You can insert a customizable tracking link that redirects customers to your website or any page that you desire so that no click or tap goes to waste.

branded tracking page_WareIQ Customized Tracking Link

Marketable Product Placements

With our customization options, you can turn your branded tracking page into a mini eCommerce store, complete with product descriptions, images, and options to buy them. This will help customers spend more time browsing through your products, as opposed to a competitor’s. 

branded tracking page_WareIQ Branded Tracking Cross-sell

Insert Links to Your Store

You can add multiple links to take customers wherever you think would make a difference. Whether it is to your website homepage, your social media handles, or your eCommerce selling profiles, you can be assured that customers will only be directed to where you want them to go.

branded tracking page_WareIQ Branded Tracking Links

Updates in Real-Time

Our branded tracking page provides customers and retailers updates to each and every metric of the order fulfillment process, such as location, ETA, and stage in the delivery process in real-time so neither you nor they will ever be left wondering about where the order is.

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branded tracking page_WareIQ Branded Tracking Updates

Receive Customer Feedback

For receiving customer feedback, you can add fields for customers to leave valuable feedback so that you can better gauge their tastes and preferences and how to improve and refine your products and services. This will not only help you to retain customers but will assist you in streamlining the process to find new ones.

branded tracking page_WareIQ Branded Tracking Feedback

Branded Tracking Page: FAQs

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