10 Best Tips to Write Better Product Descriptions and Increase Online Conversions in 2024

A deal, advertisement, or marketing can only be successful when your customers understand the message. You need to write product descriptions in a simple and attractive way so that when a customer comes to your product page, the message will resonate with them and they will consider buying it. Thus, you need eCommerce product descriptions that will communicate with visitors and answer frequently asked questions related to your product. 

Providing good product descriptions should be just as important as the quality of your website or the quality of your product’s images. Not only does it enhance the online consumer experience, but it also adds credibility to your business, raises the ranking of your online store, and increases the number of people that convert to your website. Let us look at the best strategies to attract customers to your online business with persuasive product descriptions.

What are Product Descriptions?

A product description is a marketing paragraph that describes a product’s features and benefits and emphasizes its unique selling proposition (USP). A product description’s main goal is to persuade people to buy the product by giving them all the important details about its qualities and advantages of it.

However, creating product descriptions that merely explain your products as a supplement to product pictures is a common mistake that occurs frequently. This mistake can be made by business owners, marketers, and even expert copywriters. A solid product description not only sells your products to actual customers but also provides additional optimization for search engines.

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Benefits of Product Descriptions for Online Buyers

Are you aware that your SEO could be impacted by your product reviews? Your product reviews may wind up showing up in Google searches, particularly in Google Shopping, if you use review services. They can significantly boost website visitors. Effective product descriptions can increase conversions, establish your brand image, increase credibility and enhance the SEO capabilities of your website. To understand this point, imagine how absurd it would look if a product listing has no product description examples. A buyer will have doubts about the authenticity of the product as well as the availability. Product details help buyers in the following ways:

  • They will be redirected to the exact product they are searching for
  • They will get to know the available size, colours, fittings, etc.
  • It lists down all the features in an easy-to-view way
  • They can understand the use cases for the product and tips for better decision making
  • They can use this information to compare it with other products
  • It works as a user guide
  • It enhances the available insight about the product

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10 Tips to Write Better eCommerce Product Descriptions to Sell More and Sell Faster in 2024

Highlight the Features and Benefits

We become passionate about certain product features and specs when we market our own products. We are completely devoted to our business, website and offerings. The issue is that our prospective customers are not as interested in unimportant features and specifications. They want to know how it will satisfy their demands and what benefits they can expect. You must therefore emphasize the advantages of each feature. Sell an experience rather than a product.

Understand Your Ideal Buyers

When you write eCommerce product descriptions with a large number of potential customers in mind, your descriptions end up being vague and addressing no one in particular. The finest product descriptions speak immediately and personally to your target market. You converse with them by posing questions and providing answers in this way. Address them directly with words like “you”.

Start by picturing your ideal customer while creating your own product descriptions. What sort of trend do they find enjoyable? What phrases do they use? What phrases irritate them? Do they accept phrases like “sucky” and “crappy”? What inquiries do they make that you ought to respond to? Think about how you would communicate with your ideal customer if you were selling your goods in person in a store. Try incorporating that language into your eCommerce site so you can have a more meaningful dialogue of that nature there.

Use Common and Relatable Words

In general, lengthy product descriptions are not required. The product description examples that you can use depend on the type of product you are describing and the list of features that it has. However, you should generally try to keep product descriptions concise and simple to read. This is where bullet points can be quite helpful.

The facts about the material, available colours and size options are some of the significant features that can be noted in bullet points. Keep in mind that users may occasionally only read the bullet points and ignore the rest of the description. It is crucial to draw attention to the most significant qualities and advantages in your product descriptions.

Appeal to the Imagination of Buyers

According to scientific studies, holding a product in your hands makes you want to buy it more. Since you’re selling online, your customers can’t physically see or hold your goods. Additionally, there is a copywriting technique to increase desire – have your reader visualize what it would be like to own your goods. This can be done by using large, clear photographs or exciting language. Start your paragraph with the word “imagine” to use this copywriting strategy and then describe how you imagine the reader would feel after purchasing and using your product.

Use Small Storytelling Techniques

Think about if there is any relatable backstory of your product that holds any special meaning for you before writing your product descriptions. There’s a good chance that your audience will find it to be especially unique, lovable, and memorable. Use that tale in your eCommerce product descriptions to give it more personality, draw customers in and win them over.

Use Superlatives of Powerful Words

You can convincingly demonstrate why your product is the best, simplest or most sophisticated by using superlatives and powerful words. As Amazon explains, “the Kindle Paperwhite is the most sophisticated, patented e-reader in the world”. The reader gets the impression that this is something remarkable because of the phrase “patented.” Going along with product description examples like this, Amazon claims that “Paperwhite boasts higher contrast and spectacular resolution” and Amazon goes on to provide various percentages to support this claim, as well as one crucial benefit: “Paperwhite provides glare-free, clear, crisp text and images even in direct sunshine.”

Add Facts and Figures

Never boast about your product or give wrong information. It may skyrocket your product sales for a while but it will never work in the long term and can ruin your brand reputation and generate negative feedback from unhappy customers. Always try to give facts and figures to support what is mentioned in the product description examples. Numbers in bullet points always appear immediately on the first look and make a mark on the viewer.

Utilize a Specific Format

When the product description has a clean, scannable design, your product descriptions will be easier to read and be more appealing to potential customers. When creating your product description, consider the following areas:

  • Use headlines to draw website visitors in
  • Utilize scannable bullet points
  • Provide lots of white space
  • Enlarge your font to improve readability.

Use SEO to Make it More Visible Online

It is crucial to keep your keywords in mind, even though this will probably happen naturally if you create a decent product description. Using the appropriate keywords will assist your sites to move up in the search results from the perspective of search engine optimization (SEO). In addition to enhancing trustworthiness, gathering and showing customer feedback has SEO advantages for your product pages. Consider that easily searchable keywords from an SEO standpoint will have a huge positive impact on your page. The main advantages are:

  • Includes pertinent keyword phrases on your product pages
  • Provides regular “new content” updates to your product pages

Use Good Quality Images & Videos

The greatest approach to describe your goods isn’t usually through text. Consider how you can simplify your writing if it starts to grow overly wordy. Customers are more likely to retain information when it comes to visual representations. If at all feasible, showcase your product in a visual way that demonstrates how it works. Even though they typically lack words, images do provide answers to customer questions. Include as many details about the many applications and perspectives of your product as you can in the pictures. Keeping this in mind, take care that the quality of the image of the video is good otherwise it will reflect poorly on your business.


The above advice will help you create eCommerce product descriptions that encourage customers to buy from your eCommerce company. Connecting with customers through language and imagery when they are unable to physically connect with your products can make the difference between them just browsing online and actually completing a purchase. If you need assistance with fulfilling orders that are the result of enhancing your product descriptions, consider partnering with WareIQ.

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