5 Best Strategies for eCommerce Retailers to Make the Most of the Amazon Great Indian Festival 2024

Amazon was initially founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos as an online book retailer to capitalize on the burgeoning emergence of a brand new concept to the general public -the internet. Fast forward to 2024 and Amazon has transformed from a relatively unknown startup that was pioneered during the internet boom to one of the most successful and renowned online selling platforms in the world.

In a similarly enterprising move to its initial founding, the company started operations in India in 2013 and has been largely responsible for the explosive growth of the eCommerce sector in the country and has introduced revolutionary new technologies that have since been adopted by the competition in an attempt to keep up. While Amazon sells millions of goods every year, it experiences a significant amount of success during its Amazon Great Indian Festival. In this blog, we will delve deeper into what the Amazon Great Indian Festival is, important statistics that showcase its success, 5 tips to make the most of it and important details about the upcoming Amazon Great Indian Sale in 2024.

What is Amazon Great Indian Festival?

The Amazon Great Indian Festival, also referred to as the Amazon Great Indian Sale, is an eCommerce sale that is run every year by Amazon.in. Being one of the largest flagship Amazon sales, it is usually conducted anytime between September and October and consists of lucrative Amazon deals on a whole spread of product categories ranging from electronics and furniture to sporting goods and household items. The company generates a large portion of its annual sales and revenue from this event and more than 78% of retailers suggest that they will gain more visibility because of the sale than in their conventional operations.

The company expects to generate a gross merchandise value (GMV) of upwards of $9 billion, a more than 23% jump from the previous year. Additionally, the Amazon Great Indian Sale has historically been used to launch new products, owing to the immense popularity that it receives from customers.

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Impactful Statistics of the Amazon Great Indian Festival

The Amazon Great Indian Festival has given multiple opportunities to Amazon as well as the large number of retailers that use Amazon sales to boost their brand visibility and generate as many sales as possible. The eCommerce business is a numbers game so the sheer success of the Amazon Great Indian Sale can be reflected by the performance and statistics of previous iterations of the event. We have taken the liberty of listing some of them below:

  • During the Amazon Great Indian Festival in 2021, more than 30,000 retailers generated more than $100,000 in sales
  • The Amazon Great Indian Festival was able to serve 99.7% of pin codes across the country
  • Amazon’s net income increased to $14.3 billion, almost double in relation to Q4 of 2020
  • As a direct result of the Amazon Great Indian Sale, the company was able to attain a 9% growth rate to total revenue of $137.4 billion during Q4 in 2021
  • The Amazon Great Indian Festival saw the highest recorded sales numbers in 2021 since the inception of the event
  • 79% of new customers during the Amazon Great Indian Festival came from Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns and cities
  • In addition to global brands and large nationwide companies, an estimated 75,000 local retailers from 450 cities participated in the Amazon Great Indian Sale
  • Last year’s Amazon Great Indian Festival featured more than 1000 product launches from reputed brands such as Samsung, OnePlus, Boat, Lenovo and more
  • The Amazon Great Indian Festival in 2024 managed to create more than 110,000 provisional jobs
  • The company expanded its storage capacity by more than 40% during last year’s Amazon Great Indian Festival

5 Tips to Have a Successful Amazon Great Indian Festival in 2024 as an eCommerce Retailer

Enhance the Attractiveness of Your Products

In a similar vein to how products are displayed in the most strategic and attractive way by brick and mortar stores, eCommerce retailers that take part in Amazon sales such as the Amazon Great Indian Festival, need to make their product listings stand out from the rest by making them as visually appealing as possible. This includes the use of high-resolution photos and videos of the product in multiple use case scenarios, well-written product descriptions, and any other element that will add to the appeal of their products. Amazon offers various services such as professional photoshoots and workshops on product listing guidelines to follow so retailers can opt to take part in them to get better results.

Improve the Visibility of Your Commodities

Amazon is filled to the brim with products in multiple categories so the impetus is on retailers to make sure that their products are as visible as possible to their target audience, especially during Amazon sales where competition is fierce, such as the Amazon Great Indian Festival. Improving product visibility is mostly done through strategically placed keywords and ensuring that all the keywords that pertain to a retailer’s products are covered in the listing so it will rank higher on search engines such as Google and within Amazon itself. Again, Amazon offers courses on SEO listings so be sure to take part.

Offer Deals and Discounts

The entire reason for running the Amazon Great Indian Festival is to offer goods to customers at reduced prices or better deals than conventional, off-season pricing plans. Retailers need to do their part by running various discounts on offers on various products, either to increase the sales of their latest offerings to get rid of outdated or slow-moving stock. Amazon provides personal account managers on request and for an additional fee to help determine what the optimum pricing would be depending on the nature of the business, competition in the sector and type of products so retailers can take advantage of that.

Streamline Your eCommerce Operations

Retailers need to be aware of the fact that they are sure to get a much larger number of orders than they are used to so they need to make sure that their operations can handle the extra traffic. Tasks such as inventory management, stock replenishment, storage, picking and packing services, transportation and more will all be under more stress in addition to suppliers having to produce more goods in a shorter period of time in order to meet demand. If all these processes are not equipped to handle the extra influx of orders, it might result in delays and poor customer satisfaction, leading the company to be penalised by Amazon.

Get Assistance Directly From Amazon

Since Amazon has extremely strict guidelines, low tolerances for mistakes and seeks to standardise the customer experience as much as possible, they make many customer support services available to retailers to assist with many different types of queries, especially during periods of high demand and sales such as the Amazon Great Indian Festival. From online workshops, direct communication, in-person training and more, the company ensures that no sellers are left lacking in the information they need to be successful during Amazon sales.

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Important Details of the Amazon Great Indian Festival in 2024


The last sale commenced on 6th of October, 2022 and ended on the 10 of October, 2022. Users will have an opportunity to purchase finished goods at significantly discounted prices for the 5-day period.

Offers and Discounts

Amazon offers discounts of up to 90% on certain categories with free gifts also available during the purchase of eligible items. Additionally, the various categories are subject to the following discount rates:

Mobiles and Accessories: Up to 40% off

Home and Kitchen Products: Up to 70% off

Electronics: Up to 75% off

Fashion Items: Up to 80% off

Televisions and Household Appliances: Up to 50% off

Everyday Essentials: Up to 60% off

Benefits for Amazon Prime Members

Amazon Prime members will get an additional 24 hours to explore and shop compared to regular users. They are also eligible for additional discounts and offers in certain categories in addition to the usual benefits such as same-day shipping.

Benefits for Various Banks and Payment Options

SBI Credit Cards: 10% Discounts up to ₹2,000

Amazon Pay / ICICI Credit Cards: 3% cashback and a reward worth ₹1,800 

Bajaj Finserv Credit Cards / Debit Cards: No-cost EMIs on up to ₹2 lakhs

Conclusion: Fulfill Your Amazon Orders With WareIQ

The Amazon Great Indian Sale is one of the biggest eCommerce sales in the country and is a chance for the company and retailers alike to make the most of the increased demand and sell as many products as possible in addition to being able to launch new products, get exposure to a larger audience, enhance their brand image and much more.

Amazon also offers plenty of helpful tools to enable sellers to reach their goals as their success and reputation are also in the best interests of Amazon. An Amazon sale such as the Great Indian Festival can also be the nudge that many retailers need in order to achieve long-term, sustainable growth and success. If you are a retailer that sells on Amazon and requires assistance to fulfill their orders during the festival and otherwise, you can consider partnering with WareIQ.

amazon great indian festival_How WareIQ optimises speed delivery

WareIQ is an up-and-coming, homegrown eCommerce fulfillment company that provides a wide swathe of services that encompasses every aspect of eCommerce. Some of the facilities we offer that would be beneficial to you if you plan to expand your services for the Amazon Great Indian Sale and operate on multiple eCommerce marketplaces are:

  • A nationwide network of warehouses and fulfillment centers
  • A custom WMS that can integrate with multiple online selling platforms including Amazon and can consolidate order data, manage inventory across multiple fulfillment centers and more.
  • An ultra-fast shipping service that provides same-day and next-day shipping
  • A choice of more than 20 of the biggest shipping aggregators in the country that automatically assigns the fastest and cheapest option for every order
  • A custom app store with multiple applications to enhance productivity in different areas of your eCommerce business

Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale: FAQs

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