Meesho Seller Registration: Strategies and Benefits to Achieve Success in 2024 

The Indian eCommerce market is rapidly expanding and opportunistic sellers are taking advantage of listing their products on the various eCommerce selling platforms that are available. Based on the type of products they offer, the pricing bracket they fall in and the objectives of the business, retailers can choose to sell on the channels that fit their criteria, in order to be competitive, compared to their rivals.

Sellers need to utilize various strategies to come out on top, tailored according to the type of market that they are operating in. They need to put in the effort to understand the nuances of their audience in order to provide the best possible experience to them. Meesho is an up-and-coming eCommerce platform that has gained attention from sellers for its unique advantages. We will take a deeper delve into the company, strategies to become a top Meesho seller, and the benefits and drawbacks of selling on Meesho. Read along.

About Meesho

Meesho Seller_meesho website

Founded in 2015 and currently headquartered in Bangalore, Meesho is one of India’s leading online marketplaces that primarily caters to being a cost-effective substitute for some of the larger, more expensive eCommerce selling platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. With more than 50 lakh products on offer being sold by upwards of 2.6 million users, spanning across the country, Meesho has found its own successful niche in the vast ocean which is eCommerce retail.

What is meesho famous for? The company has garnered attention and popularity among sellers for its unique advantages that help provide a competitive edge such as a lack of shipping fees, extremely low commission rates, penalty-free returns and much more. Additionally, Meesho has a comparatively easy setup and verification process, which makes it a good option for people who are not well-versed with technology.

With Meesho trying to cement itself as the go-to option for an affordable online shopping experience, retailers who sell on Meesho are bound to benefit from this increased growth and success, especially as more people discover the joys and simplicity of eCommerce retail.

This raises an important question. How is selling on meesho profitable to the retailers?

Meesho Seller Panel

After registering as a supplier on Meesho, sellers gain access to the Meesho Seller Panel. Meesho Seller/Supplier panel serves as a comprehensive shop for all the selling requirements. Sellers can log in and list the products they want to sell, manage their inventory, process orders, and track payments in place through it. 

The panel provides a centralised platform for suppliers to handle various aspects of their operations, from uploading product catalogues, managing prices, offers, discounts, to giving product information. In short, it streamlines the whole selling process– enabling efficient management of listings, orders, and payments all at once on the platform.

Register as a Meesho seller at zero cost and start selling

1Apply for a GSTIN and a bank account for registering as a supplier on Meesho.
2Create a catalog of your products and upload it on the app/website.
3Once the catalog is uploaded, you will start receiving orders via different social networking platforms.
4Meesho delivers your products at zero extra cost to your customers.
5Meesho receives the payment 15 days after the successful delivery of your product.
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Register as a Meesho seller at Zero cost and Start Selling

Meesho offers a simple platform for starting your entrepreneurial journey. It requires minimum capital and time investment. There are four simple steps to become a Meesho supplier.

1. Meesho Supplier Registration

Register on the Meesho Supplier Panel using a PAN card, a GSTIN, and a bank account.

  • Visit the Meesho supplier website and click on “Become a supplier” at the top right corner.
  • Enter your mobile number on the registration page to receive an OTP.
  • Add the OTP to proceed, then enter your email ID and set a password. They are the Meesho seller login credentials. 
  • Click on “Create Account” to create a Meesho seller account.

2. Product Listing

After creating the Meesho seller account, it is time to list the products you wish to sell under specified catalogues. The key to high sales is creating at least 3-4 catalogues and organising the products. Include dimensions, weight, price, and photographs of the products for customer information.  

3. Receive Orders

If users like your products, they can share them on their social media platforms. It boosts visibility and can lead to increased sales.

To maintain customer interest, increase the product catalogues to at least 5-7. Meesho also offers a fast delivery program for a better user experience. Suppliers can choose the Next-Day Dispatch (NDD) service for quick deliveries through the Meesho Seller Hub. There is also a price comparison tool to set a competitive and attractive selling price for promoting faster sales.

4. Payment Process

Meesho processes payments on the 15th day after delivery through both online and offline methods. The best part is that Meesho charges sellers 0% commission rates. The Meesho seller panel gives information related to payment tracking.

8 Proven Strategies to Become a Top Seller in Meesho in 2024

Have a Large Variety of Product Listings

Meesho product listings_become a top-level Meesho seller
Meesho product listings

Listing a wide variety of products is a good way of becoming a top seller for retailers who sell on Meesho. This must include the most selling products on Meesho, to meet the demand. Retailers being aware of the top selling products on Meesho may have an extra edge for 2024. Customers who shop online generally find appeal in scrolling through multiple listings to arrive at the product they finally want to purchase. Giving them the opportunity to do just that will get them to spend more time scrolling through a retailer’s listings, as opposed to viewing a single product and moving to a competitor’s page. This is a good way of increasing conversion rates and overall sales volumes.

Price Your Products Competitively

Since one of the main unique selling points of Meesho is its affordability, retailers should oblige by pricing their products on par or lower than their competitors. Making customers feel like they are getting a better deal will help retailers who sell on Meesho undercut the competition and attract more customers with their competitive pricing. This also opens the door to positive feedback and word-of-mouth marketing from customers who want to publicize goods deals to others.

Upload Multiple High-Quality Images

Pictures on a retailer’s product listing page are the first impression a customer will have of their product so it is in their best interest to use the most complimentary images of the product as possible. It also helps to provide multiple images to showcase the product from different angles and use cases, in the interest of not leaving customers feeling like they need more information to make up their minds. In addition, having high-resolution images removes doubts about the credibility of the product and the brand. With most phones in the current age having multiple cameras, taking good pictures isn’t a struggle and they can be edited on the go.

Pay Attention to the Packaging Experience

A good unboxing experience can make the product and brand stand out from the rest, in the eyes of consumers. While many companies opt to save money and package their products in drab, boring and plain packages, retailers who wish to become a top seller in their category can focus on providing a unique and high-quality packaging experience to their customers, which will also increase their chances of attaining repeat purchases. Simple things like having the brand logo on the box with a label about the product can go a long way.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Brand

These days, with most consumers having an active presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, among others, it would be advisable to use the power of these channels to communicate your brand image and product offerings effectively to potential customers. A Meesho seller that pays attention to their social media page is bound to have to hype around their products than one who doesn’t. Another benefit is that posting on these apps is free so Meesho sellers can try experimenting to check what works and what doesn’t.

Run Ad Campaigns on Meesho

top Meesho seller_advertise on Meesho
Advertise Products on Meesho

One of the ways you can retailers can establish themselves as top seller on Meesho is by making use of the native ad campaign feature that highlights their products and increases visibility compared to their competitors. This is an undisputed way of increasing revenue as more visibility will ultimately lead to more sales. Meesho ads also allow users to track various performance metrics to identify whether the campaign was successful or not.

Opt for Meesho’s Next-Day Dispatch Service

top Meesho seller_Meesho next day dispatch service
Register for Meesho next day dispatch service

Although many platforms and fulfillment companies offer same-day and next-day delivery, retailers who sell on Meesho and opt to fulfill their products directly through the company to take advantage of the negligible shipping fees can opt for the Next Day Dispatch (NDD) service, which is Meesho’s fastest delivery option. Benefits include shipping badges that display that the product will be dispatched the next day after ordering, faster delivery to customers than the conventional service and placing those product listings at the top of the pile.

Keep Track of Analytics on the Meesho Seller Panel

Statistics that keep track of a business’s performance can be a very important asset for eCommerce sellers to consistently monitor and compare their success with that of their competitors and their own estimations. The Meesho seller panel enables users to have access to a variety of different metrics such as sales volumes, trends and best-selling products, which can help businesses ascertain which aspects of their business are successful and which need to be tweaked.

Sell on Meesho: Benefits and Drawbacks

Benefits for Retailers Who Sell on Meesho

  • Meesho consists of the lowest commission rates in the eCommerce industry. Retailers still have to pay a fee of 1.1 to 1.4% on each sale, which is marginally higher than the company’s claimed 0% commission but is still much lower than other selling channels that charge anywhere from 5% to 10% per sale.
  • Meesho does not impose fixed or collection fees on retailers who sell on the platform. This is unprecedented in the industry and allows sellers to have higher profit margins by keeping a higher percentage of revenue from every sale.
  • Retailers who sell on Meesho can generate sales at any time during the day or night, given that the company operates round the clock. This increases the window for sellers to make sales as opposed to a physical store that has to fall in line with time restrictions.
  • While most eCommerce marketplaces levy a fee or penalty if returns are initiated, regardless of the reason, retailers who sell on Meesho are in a unique position where they are not penalised if a return is requested by a customer.
  • In keeping with the theme of Meesho sellers not being charged for conventional eCommerce deductibles, they are also not charged for shipping, if they choose to opt for Meesho’s first-party fulfillment plan. This enables them to charge higher prices and keep a higher ratio of the profit earned from every sale.

Drawbacks for Retailers Who Sell on Meesho

  • While Meesho sellers are not directly charged for shipping, delivery expenses have risen dramatically for the company and retailers are at risk of feeling the heat in other ways and may eventually be in a disadvantaged position if the company suddenly changes its policy.
  • A common complaint from Meesho customers is that there are varying degrees of quality, with many products being poorly manufactured, discoloured and more. This may lead to customers associating substandard quality with the entire platform and retailers who sell on Meesho.
  • Another disadvantage of using Meesho’s first-party fulfillment is that slow deliveries are commonplace. While it is free, customers end up paying for it through their time and patience, which can increase their dissatisfaction and cause a negative outlook for your business and its products.

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If you sell on Meesho and want to become a top seller, it would pay dividends to employ the above strategies to enable you to get ahead of your competitors in the race to earn as many sales as possible. This would not only make your processes more efficient and cost-effective but would also provide your customers with the best possible experience which often translates into positive feedback and reviews which could, in turn, lead to even more customers giving your business a chance to see what the hype is all about.

With a little bit of effort and research, you can top the rankings in your respective product category and reap the benefits by generating more sales and increasing your profit margins. If you require assistance with fulfilling orders on Meesho or any other eCommerce service, you can opt to try out WareIQ.

meesho seller_How WareIQ optimises speed delivery

WareIQ is a swiftly-expanding eCommerce fulfillment company that offers a host of eCommerce-related services, ranging from storing products in our country-wide network of fulfillment centers to ensuring customers receive their deliveries on time and everything in between. We give users access to the use of advanced technology such as a custom WMS, which helps to automate various aspects of inventory management and can integrate with most major eCommerce marketplaces including Meesho, a well-designed app store that enables users to download apps to enhance productivity through a simple interface and much more.

Top Meesho Seller: FAQs

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