New Feature Launch: WareIQ Branded Tracking & Customer Feedback

New Feature Launch: WareIQ Branded Tracking & Customer Feedback

For brands, engaging customers online after a purchase has been made has a host of benefits, such as:

  • Higher repeat sales
  • Elevated customer satisfaction & loyalty
  • Knowing customers preferences in depth

WareIQ’s Branded Tracking app allows you to achieve these for your brand easily & build a premium post-ship experience in a seamless fashion.


Add Promotional Banners on the Order Tracking Page

With WareIQ Branded Tracking, add promotional banners on the order tracking page to redirect customers to your store for re-engagement and increase repeat purchases.

Customize Order Tracking Page to Include Brand Elements

WareIQ_Branded Tracking_Brand Elements
WareIQ_Branded Tracking_Custom Link

Boost brand awareness by adding brand elements such as your logo to the tracking page and customize its URL to reflect your brand name. Moreover, you can add links to various landing pages of your online store to the tracking page, enabling easy redirection of users to your store.

Enable Customers to Easily Track Order Status

Share full shipping journey and real-time order updates with customers through the tracking page.

Seek Feedback Easily to Improve Customer Experience

With the Customer Feedback feature, you can easily gather feedback from customers on their brand experience. Analyze customer feedback trends over time and geographically to inform your future strategies and build brand trust and loyalty further.


  1. Redirect customers to your online store and increase repeat purchases
  2. Boost your brand awareness and build your brand presence further
  3. Alleviate customer concerns regarding shipping by allowing them to easily track the status of their orders
  4. Gather customer feedback easily and leverage insights to augment the brand experience in line with customer expectations

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