Custom Packaging: Definition, Types, Benefits & How to Offer Branded Shipping Experience in eCommerce & D2C Through Custom Packaging in 2024

Custom packaging allows businesses and products to create their own distinctive packages, as opposed to conventional packaging, which is the same as that of every other company. Product packaging is crucial for businesses because it not only makes their product stand out from the competition, improving the consumer experience but it also plays a key role in protecting the product within.

If your company doesn’t have customisable branded packaging, it will be difficult to stand out from the competition and clients will be less likely to respond favourably if the box or other sort of package is plain and monotonous. In this article, we’ll delve a little more into the definition of custom packaging and some of its advantages.

What is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging is boxing that is made especially for your business, the product your business is producing and the way it will be shipped. It seeks to protect the product more effectively than standard and generic packaging because it is designed to fit the product exactly.

To ensure that the branded packaging functions flawlessly, the package frequently needs to go through an engineering, designing, prototyping and testing process. Going with custom packaging over standard packaging typically requires much more time, effort and money because the packaging undergoes an extensive procedure.

The physical aspects of the package are equally as crucial as the engineering design, which must be flawless. Printing logos, patterns, forms, images or anything else the business wishes to incorporate on their custom packaging that stays loyal to their brand can be done on the boxes.

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6 Benefits of Custom Packaging for eCommerce & D2C Brands

Enhances Brand Recognition

When compared to normal packaging, the packaging of a product improves the consumer experience, brand awareness and value. Packaging is important since consumers today are looking for items that are distinctive and customisable. It leaves a lot to be desired and is likely to be a significant turnoff for customers to receive dull and generic goods that do not seem special and enjoyable.

The emotional bond you build with a consumer will be considerably stronger if you can increase the value of your brand through better custom packaging and a superior product. Long-term and repeat business will be generated by the emotional connection, which will also lead to long-term success for the business.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

As we mentioned previously, superior packaging results in a better customer experience. Customers are drawn to packaging that is beautifully made and designed, which makes them feel valued and joyful. They will see something as lacking in packages that are ugly, generic and monotonous.

Provides Product Protection

Custom packaging is an excellent choice for improved shipment protection if your product is unusually shaped or more prone to breaking. The last thing you want is for your goods to break during ecommerce shipping because the ordinary box you are utilising is not well-padded or fits poorly. Custom packaging options are excellent for protecting your product from all sorts of harm.

Grows Brand Value

Every client merits a “Wow!” experience. Customers typically grow weary of receiving monotonous brown boxes on a regular basis. This Christmas, you might choose to surprise them by changing the appearance of your bespoke boxes and packing. Give your consumers the moment they’ve been waiting for by decorating your boxes with vibrant colours and designs. You can receive positive reviews by giving your customers a “wow” moment.

Offers Eco-Friendly Alternatives

The majority of personalised packages are constructed with environmentally friendly materials, which reduces waste. Papers allow for recycling and reusing by allowing for the creation of unique boxes. Environmentally damaging chemicals are not used in the production of papers by eco-friendly manufacturing enterprises.

Sustainable materials like corrugated, cardboard and kraft can be made without using hazardous materials. The majority of these chemicals have an impact on both aquatic and atmospheric life. Therefore, choose eco-friendly materials while selecting a packaging material.

Offer Branded Shipping Experience

A post-ship experience doesn’t end when your customers receive an order. Ensuring your shipping materials and packing process are on-brand will help your company deliver a branded shipping experience most customers will remember.

When your customer receives a shipped package from your brand, their very first impression of your product is going to be the carton. From there, what is the first thing they see upon opening it? And the next? From start to finish, there are many opportunities for your company to deliver a memorable experience that solidifies your brand identity.

Shipped products should be packaged in a way that enhances the customer’s experience of your brand. The order in which items are presented can add massive value and streamline a customer’s shopping experience. 

Branded Tracking is used by some best fulfillment companies (such as WareIQ uses its own branded tracking page) for a much richer branding experience.

What Does Fulfillment Container Packaging Consist of?

Outer Packaging of a Fulfillment Container

The first thing your customer sees upon delivery is the outer packaging of your fulfillment container. An important question to ask when choosing outer packaging is this: Should my company’s shipping packaging be branded or not? For companies shipping products that require discretion – such as adult products or high-end products – a plain and unbranded outer package is likely preferred, in order to prevent theft in transit or prying eyes from neighbours. For other products – especially perishable food items – it can be important to mark or brand the outside of the box to alert recipients of the package contents immediately upon receiving delivery.

If your product doesn’t fit into either of those categories, consider what is best for your customer and your company. Will custom printed boxes and packaging material enhance your customer’s experience? If so, that can result in an increase in your company’s bottom line.

If custom-printed boxes aren’t right for your brand (or if it’s currently outside of your company’s bootstrapped budget), another option to consider is pre-designed non-branded coloured boxes. These can be enhanced with a simple creative solution such as using a stamp to add branding or a sticker used as a seal on the outside of the parcel.

Custom-printed packing tape is another great way to add branding elements to your shipping process. An additional perk of custom packing tape is that it serves to dissuade tampering during the transit of a product.

Inner Packaging of a Fulfillment Container

Choosing the inner packaging of your fulfillment container is another superb opportunity to highlight your branding. While many items are shipped with packing nuts, paper, foam, bubble wrap, etc., you may differentiate your shipping experience by using materials more aligned with your brand’s ethos.
For companies looking to promote their eco-friendly ethics, opting for biodegradable packaging or recycled materials shows your customers that you care about minimizing environmental waste. This gives customers the satisfaction of investing in a brand that promotes ethical, sustainable practices, which makes them feel even better about purchasing.

Do you have a particular thematic colour scheme associated with your brand? Crinkle paper comes in most colours. Tissue, perhaps a more elegant option, can be printed with your company’s watermark!

Types of Custom Packaging Materials

The various kinds of materials used in custom packaging include:

Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard boxes are strong, lightweight cartons that may be cut and shaped into a variety of designs. They are the most commonly used packaging for retailers that deal in a variety of products and need a standardized material that can fit in all of them. It is also one of the most cost-effective options on the market.

Solid Bleached Sulphate Boxes

Their exquisite white hue is provided by the clay coating on their surface. They can be the finest choice for perishables like pastries, meat, and other items because they are smooth and ideal for branded packaging.

Unbleached Coated Kraft Boxes

This packing material has a rustic appearance. It will appeal to any customer who appreciates the organic appearance of repurposed materials. These cartons are perfect for storing heavier products like detergent for clothes, soft drinks and so forth. 

Recyclable Paperboard With a Coating

This packing material is used by online retailers to sell dry goods like pasta and cereal. It is constructed of fibres with clay coatings for added strength. It is inadequate for heavier objects and is readily weakened in storage areas.

Corrugated Boxes

They are also referred to as cardboard boxes and they work best for transporting goods from one place to another. Corrugated boxes are used to package the majority of Nike footwear. The flute size of these boxes also serves to distinguish them. Your product will benefit from additional cushioning and compression resistance as the flute size increases.

Paper Bags

Paper bags are versatile and simple to use. Paper bags were used for packing before newer materials were available. Paper bags are commonly used in grocery stores because of this. Aside from that, they are incredibly environmentally friendly materials that anyone interested in sustainable business may choose to use.

Rigid Boxes

Perhaps more expensive than other packaging supplies are rigid boxes. They are thicker than usual since they are produced from heavily compressed paperboards. They can be used for shipping and are not collapsible like other types of paper. They can be used to package pricey items like jewels, phones and shoes.

Things to Consider While Choosing Your Custom Packaging in 2024

You should at the very least pick the colour, size and style that will be ideal for the type of brand image you want to convey to your customers. The sort and size of the product involved determine the quality and size of the custom boxes you opt for. Custom packaging can hold cosmetics, electronics, kitchenware and other products. The various factors to take into account as a result while selecting a tailored package include:

Opt for a Reasonable Cost

When you purchase custom packages in large quantities, you may frequently find them at reasonable pricing. Customers occasionally receive complimentary bespoke packages around the holidays. Therefore, firms should go for high-quality yet reasonably priced custom packaging to avoid incurring such high costs. Additionally, the design shouldn’t be expensive.

Test Out Various Materials

Check out several materials before purchasing branded packaging supplies in bulk. Make sure the material you choose is appropriate for the design and object you have in mind. Looking for materials that will last and be strong. You can choose between kraft paper and cardboard for your packing needs. They can safeguard your things, are not too pricey and work well for personalised packing.

Check Out the Finishing and Colours

It’s crucial to keep an eye out for appealing colours and finishing when selecting a personalised package. For your brand to stand out from rivals, it needs a distinctive hue. Therefore, selecting a single colour palette for your personalised products that represent your brand can aid in raising awareness of your company. For instance, the matte black colour boxes of the iPhone 12 pro series make them easy to spot.

Optimize the Size and Shape

When selecting custom packaging, take into consideration the appropriate shape and size. You can accurately measure your equipment and stuff to match it to the appropriate box size. You may protect your possessions from any kind of damage or negative publicity by doing this. Additionally, you will avoid waste and additional costs.

Choose Themes

Additionally, you can pick the ideal themes for your goods. Your company’s themes, colours and patterns can help people understand your brand identity and draw in new clients. For instance, you might utilise a springtime floral design or add some red and white seasonal hues to your holiday presents. Your consumers will feel the greatest during any special season thanks to themes.

Conclusion: Is Custom Packaging Right for Your eCommerce & D2C Business? 

You may all agree that every firm benefits greatly from branded packaging. You can market your business, increase revenue and attract new clients with its assistance. Your consumers are equally as thrilled since your store offers a wide selection of beautifully designed custom boxes for them to select from. If you need assistance with offering branded packaging, you can choose to partner with WareIQ.

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WareIQ is a rapidly growing eCommerce fulfillment company that provides a vast amount of services to meet every requirement that online sellers can have. We provide branded packaging options that can be customized as per every requirement that a seller has and will make their products stand out from the rest. We offer a wide selection of materials and themes to ensure that your brand is represented in the best possible way.

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