8 Best Strategies to Become a Snapdeal Top Seller in 2024

Retailers opt to sell their products on eCommerce selling platforms due to the various advantages that it offers compared to conventional brick and mortar stores such as little to no setup costs, visibility to a vast customer base and the convenience of not having to operate a physical store and all the challenges that come along with it. In order to get customers interested in their products, out-perform their competitors and generate as many sales as possible, retailers need to employ a wide range of tactics.

Becoming the top seller in any given business, especially eCommerce, comes with a fair set of challenges. However, any business that has put the time and effort into doing the research, selling quality products and targeting the right audience, is bound to succeed. Read this blog to understand more about Snapdeal, find out the best strategies to become a Snapdeal top seller and the pros and cons of choosing to sell on Snapdeal in 2024.

About Snapdeal

Initially founded in 2010 as a daily deals platform, Snapdeal has since expanded its services to become a widely used online selling platform that offers a wide array of features such as the use of advanced technology to help retailers and their customers get a seamless eCommerce shopping experience, a highly customizable user interface and multilingual support that includes most major languages in India. The company is currently headquartered in New Delhi and has upwards of 500,000 retailers that use its platform on a daily basis to sell their products.

Unlike other eCommerce marketplaces, Snapdeal’s customer base is primarily located in smaller towns and cities rather than large urban conglomerates which has enforced it to offer services to more than 96% of pin codes in the nation, including more than 2,500 cities and towns. Snapdeal allows a wide range of products, across industries and with varying prices, to be sold on its platform and has garnered a reputation for being more affordable than other channels.

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8 Strategies to Become a Snapdeal Top Seller in 2024

Target the Appropriate Audience

You can have the best product in the world at the cheapest price available but if you target the wrong audience, it won’t make any difference to your sales and will limit your chances of becoming a Snapdeal top seller. Retailers need to conduct market research using analytical tools to determine what kind of customers they want to target, who will use their products, what price competitors are charging for similar products and what customers respond well to. Customer feedback is also a valuable asset as you are getting suggestions directly from them directly as to what works and what doesn’t, which can be used to optimise your operations to attract future customers.

Identify Your Unique Selling Point

Your unique selling point or USP, can help your product and business stand out from a sea of competitors. Whether it lies in certain core features of the product, the pricing, the delivery or any other aspect, a USP can help attract the attention of customers and help to boost sales. Once you have identified your USP, you need to market the daylights out of it to ensure that customers can discern the benefits as opposed to your competitors. This will give you a competitive advantage in the segment and can have a positive impact on your profit margins, in addition to helping you to become a Snapdeal top seller.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

To become a Snapdeal top seller, you need to offer a prolific support experience to customers whether they have already purchased your product or are thinking about doing so. This will enable you to generate their valuable feedback as to what they appreciated and if there was anything that they didn’t. This will allow you to increase their chances of becoming repeat customers and their positive feedback and reviews will direct more customers towards your business.

Utilise SEO Tactics

SEO tactics are extremely important if you want your product listings to rank at the top of search results when customers search for similar products. It is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and involves intelligently placing keywords in order to rank highly compared to other results on search engines such as Google. Employing relevant and high-volume keywords in your product descriptions and titles can make the difference between generating heaps of visibility and barely having any customers visiting your page. Utilising good SEO practices will greatly improve your chances of becoming a Snapdeal top seller.

Add High-Quality Images

Adding high-resolution pictures and videos of your product from different angles and use cases can have a positive impact on your goal of becoming a Snapdeal top seller. Retailers who sell on Snapdeal should make sure to add attractive images as this is the first visible interaction that a customer will have with your product so it should be as memorable as possible for the right reasons. Pictures can often make the difference between a customer purchasing a product and searching for other listings because the product images were of poor quality.

Employ the Use of Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are a great way to keep in touch with existing customers to remind them about upcoming events and product launches. It is also a useful method to convert prospects into customers by getting them interested in your product and brand through the use of well-written and visually appealing emails. Either way, it can spark interest in your business and help you to become a Snapdeal top seller.

Run Sales and Provide Discounts

Retailers who sell on Snapdeal can run sales and provide huge discounts on certain products in order to attract the attention of customers. Research shows that customers are more likely to purchase a product if they think they are getting a significantly better deal than what it usually costs. Sales can be run for older products that are at risk of becoming obsolete, products that are not selling well or to spark interest in a brand new product. Customers will also appreciate these discounts and are likely to inform family and friends about offers that they deem as being good value which will help you in generating more sales and becoming a Snapdeal top seller.

Reduce Shipping Costs

Shipping costs can have a significant impact on whether your customer proceeds to check out or exists the page because it is too high. There are many ways to reduce shipping costs such as partnering with a 3PL company to take advantage of bulk shipping, discounts and more but there are also ways to intelligently make shipping costs invisible such as by bundling them into the product cost and offering free shipping, qualifying customers for free shipping if their shopping cart is of a certain value and much more. Retailers who sell on Snapdeal can make use of these tactics to become a Snapdeal top seller.

Sell on Snapdeal: Pros and Cons

Pros for Retailers Who Sell on Snapdeal

  • Snapdeal enables retailers and their customers to save money, time, effort and resources by getting everything done online. Retailers do not need to incur the setup and operational expenses that are involved in a conventional store while also not needing to be physically present at an office to be able to ensure that operations are running smoothly. 
  • The user interface of the website and dashboard is easy to use for retailers who sell on Snapdeal. This enables any and every type of seller to sell on Snapdeal effortlessly, regardless of their technical prowess. Users can manage orders, check their inventory levels and edit listings from one master dashboard.
  • There are currently more than 27 million unique customers that interact with Snapdeal to browse and purchase products. When retailers choose to sell on Snapdeal, they instantly get access to this entire base. While the sheer numbers will obviously reduce when you filter the statistics based on customers who shop for similar products and at a particular price point, you will still be left with a huge network of potential customers that you can convert into buying your products.
  • Retailers who sell on Snapdeal can take advantage of its vast operational network that covers 96% and more than 2,500 cities and towns in the country. This enables users to generate sales to distant locations across the country because they are no longer constrained by their location.
  • In addition to giving retailers who sell on Snapdeal access to a wide pool of customers, the platform also operates 24/7 to ensure that regardless of what time customers are browsing, sales can always be made. And since Snapdeal also takes care of the logistical procedures, retailers do not need to worry about fulfilling orders at odd hours.

Cons for Retailers Who Sell Snapdeal

  • Retailers who sell on Snapdeal are subject to some of the highest operating expenses of any eCommerce marketplace. In addition, Snapdeal also provides the lowest sellable amount to sellers which greatly reduces profit margins, especially for small and medium-sized retailers who are struggling to get by.
  • The listing power that sellers have on the platform is extremely limited compared to other platforms. Not only is it much slower and is frequented by glitches, but it also does not offer any customization options and does not penalise sellers who use images from other businesses.
  • Retailers are forced to incur returns expenses if the return is initiated by the customer for a particular reason, regardless if it is the fault of the seller or not. Since returns happen frequently, this additional expense, which includes travel to and from the destination and any other logistics costs that have been spent, can eat away at a seller’s profit margins.


If you are a retailer that seeks to sell on Snapdeal, it would be in your and your customers’ best interest if you employ strategies to enable you to become a Snapdeal top seller. While Snapdeal themselves don’t provide any additional benefits for being a top seller, it will pay dividends in terms of customers having the best possible experience, highlighting that feedback in public forums and attracting new customers, who want to buy from a reliable retailer that sells quality products. This will help you to generate more sales and ultimately increase your profit margins. If you need assistance with fulfilling orders on Snapdeal or any other type of eCommerce-related assistance, you can think about partnering with WareIQ.

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