Amazon-Prime like logistics for modern brands.

WareIQ provides end-to-end fulfillment solution that combines strong pan-India fulfillment network and powerful SaaS platform, unocking faster deliveries for eCommerce brands across D2C, Marketplace, B2B, and Quickcommerce channels

Backed by
Same Day
& Next Day Deliveries
reduction in logistics cost
on-time shipping rate

Preferred fulfillment partner of 400+ top Indian eCommerce D2C & marketplace brands

Smart eCommerce fulfillment for same/next day deliveries to accelerate sales

Connect your D2C & marketplace channels to our smart platform
Integrate channels from 20+ D2C platforms and marketplaces & connect your orders to our platform
We identify locations closest to your customers to store inventory at using our smart platform
Use intelligent AI algorithms to identify inventory placement locations closest to customers and unlock same/next day delivery at a cheaper cost
We place inventory in our nationwide fulfillment network & manage your fulfillment fully
Leverage our capable operations team to store inventory in our pan-India fulfillment network and manage end-to-end order fulfillment efficiently
Optimize cost & speed through our smart courier engine to allocate orders to the right courier
Choose automatically or manually from a network of national, regional and hyperlocal courier partners to optimize for cost and speed

Pan-India network of fulfillment centers & dark stores with a capable warehouse operations team

Pan-India network of 20+ Fulfillment Centers & Dark Stores
Scale up or scale down your fulfillment infrastructure at speed
Manage order surges during sales seasons efficiently
Scan-based picking & packing operations to minimize errors
Amazon FBA prep services
Provision to personalize orders and create custom kits

Seamless/hassle-free integrations for faster order fulfilment

Ecommerce Marketplaces & Website Builders
Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
Shipping & Courier Service Providers
Finance & Accounting Returns Management ERP POS

Our Fulfillment Services

Our fulfillment services allow you to handle all of Amazon, Flipkart and other marketplaces’ requirements, without incurring any penalties or SLA breaches, while reaping the maximum benefits of selling on these marketplaces. Furthermore, our Value Added Services (VAS) such as Order Customization and Kitting allow you to create a delightful unboxing experience for your customers.

B2B Fulfillment
Simplify your retail fulfillment strategy with our B2B fulfillment capabilities
Amazon FBA Preparation
Scale your business on Amazon easily with the help of our seasoned experts
Seller Fulfilled Prime
Scale your business on Amazon easily with the help of our seasoned experts
Flipkart Preparation
Leverage the help of our supply chain experts to scale your business on Flipkart
Customization & Kitting
Customize your orders as per customers’ preferences & delight them


AI-Enabled inventory planning to help modern brands sell more from less

Now live on Y Combinator Launch YC: Inventory LogIQ: AI-enabled inventory planning for multi-channel consumer brands
Inventory Health Report
Network Planner
Stocked-out SKUs List
Overstocked SKUs List
Decrease your inventory holding costs by 40%
Increase product availability to 99%+
Place your inventory regionally for over 70% of demand

Why partner with WareIQ?

Capabilities WareIQ Last-mile Players Shipping Aggregators Warehousing Providers Other 3PL
Unified Platform Experience
Connected to all sales channels & enable end-to-end operations management
Yes No No No No
Smart Fulfillment Network Design & Inventory Placement Insights
for efficient inventory planning
Yes No No No No
Smart Courier Allocation
to optimize shipping speed and cost
Yes No Yes No No
Assured Prime-like Shipping Badges for D2C websites
to boost online conversion
Yes No No No No
RTO Risk Prediction
to minimize RTO/returns losses
Yes No No No No
Integrated Value Apps
for Branded Tracking, NDR Management etc.
Yes No Yes No No