What Are Snapchat Ads For eCommerce? Advantages, Types, and 5 Easy Steps To Run Snapchat eCommerce Ads In 2024

Millions of people use Snapchat daily, making it one of the most widely utilised social networking sites. Many brands have utilized it effectively to interact with customers, create leads, and boost sales. Since users on Snapchat are younger than users on Facebook or Instagram, this makes it easy for business owners because now Snapchat is the perfect spot for your eCommerce store to connect with young customers.

Snapchat is also well-liked by influencers, which may attract customers to your store. But first, you must know what works and the proper techniques to expand your eCommerce company on Snapchat and increase sales.

Snapchat advertising is one of the top tactics for eCommerce firms. Increase your internet reach by using paid Snapchat ads for eCommerce stores.

You can utilise Snapchat to increase sales and brand awareness with the appropriate plan. For example, you can use Snapchat to share special deals, promotions, or product debuts on this platform. 

This article will review how to and the best way to get started with Snapchat ads for eCommerce.

What Are Snapchat Ads For eCommerce?

Like Instagram Stories, Snapchat eCommerce ads are images or full-screen vertical videos 3 to 10 seconds in length that show in between naturally occurring Snapchat content, including stories or specially selected material.

Users can interact with Snapchat eCommerce ads by swiping up at any time while the video ad is playing. This directs them to a different action, such as a longer video, an article, a page where they can download an app, or your website.

You may use Snap Ads Manager to generate Snapchat ads for eCommerce, run product campaigns, monitor outcomes, and streamline your operations.

The majority of Snapchat users favour content that looks natural and mixes nicely with original photos and videos. Professional and expensive-looking material struggles on this platform with its large audience base of teenagers. Using humour can significantly increase the success of your Snapchat ads for eCommerce businesses.

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Why Should You Promote Your Business Through Snapchat eCommerce Ads?

Snapchat’s audience size falls between those of major players like Facebook and Instagram and smaller platforms like Twitter and Pinterest, with more than 550 million active users per month. 

But the Snapchat generation distinguishes itself with these distinctive traits:

  • Visual communication is 150% more likely used by users than verbal communication. This means that attention-grabbing graphics and captivating videos can draw Snapchatters in.
  • Snapchat’s overall ad revenue is increasing year over year, according to Statista. Snapchat generated USD 3.1 billion from this source of revenue in 2021, and it will likely produce USD 3.63 billion in 2022. By 2026, it’s anticipated that Snapchat will generate $5.9 billion in global ad income.
  • More than 80% of Snapchat users in the US are under the age of 36. This platform is attractive if you want to connect with 75% of Millennials and Gen Zers in the United States.

Additionally, Snap Ads offer a lot of freedom. You can optimise your campaigns with the help of the platform’s automated process. Alternatively, you can use the manual Advanced Create mode to have more control over every aspect of your campaign.

Snap Ads’ $5 minimum daily expenditure restriction means that getting started can be inexpensive too. This indicates that the platform has much room for experimenting with messaging, creatives, and campaign objectives.

Advantages of Snapchat Advertising

Make sure Snapchat is worthwhile for your budget if you already utilize paid social media or paid search advertising. That necessitates having a keen understanding of Snapchat’s advantages as they apply to your company. 

The following are a few of the most noticeable advantages of Snapchat advertising:

Low-Cost Method For Creating Brand Awareness

CPMs for Snapchat usually are in the $2.50 range. This indicates that, on average, 1,000 views of your advertisement may be obtained for less than $3. You would have to pay about three to four times as much for the same number of ad views as you would on Facebook and YouTube. In addition, all you need to get started is $5 every day.

Ability To Target Younger Audiences

Snapchat users tend to be younger people—82% of them are under 34. Snapchat ads for eCommerce might be worth your money if you’ve trouble connecting with a younger audience. Your Facebook ads seem to provide exclusive impressions to older demos. This perk will be available to businesses with a largely Gen Z or Millennial consumer base.

Potential To Put ads Between or Inside Content

Unlike other platforms, Snapchat lets you pick whether your ads appear between or within the content. Your advertising can be delivered between user tales and/or publisher/creator stories when the “between content” option is selected. In addition, your advertising can be provided to partner-curated stories and on the Snapchat platform using the “inside content” option. You can a/b test placements to discover the most effective for you, then make adjustments.

Simple Self-Served Platform 

Snapchat is a fantastic self-serve platform that many people will find helpful, even while you can rely on a digital marketing agency to handle your ads. You may make ads, start campaigns, and track the effectiveness of your Snapchat ads for eCommerce using the Snapchat Ads Manager.

Effective Audience Targeting

You have many options using Snapchat to reach prospective customers. For example, you can build audiences using the demographic, interest, and behaviour data from Snapchat or the data you’ve gathered and uploaded to the site.

Snapchat’s targeting tools let you carefully select the qualities of your ideal audience if your items are targeted towards a specific demographic of young people.

Types of Snapchat ads For eCommerce

No matter how big your company is, you can run a Snapchat campaign. Your task is to select the Snapchat advertising format that best serves your company’s objectives. In addition, Snapchat offers a variety of online shops.

Let’s examine the popular Snapchat ad formats.

Product Catalogues Ads

The primary format for Snapchat eCommerce ads is catalogue advertisements. They display a variety of goods or services culled from your product catalogue rather than just one picture or video. Ads in catalogues can be static or dynamic.

Scaling and automating ad generation for Snapchat campaigns is possible by utilising your current Snapchat product data feed.

Snapchat automatically generates product advertising in the format of your choice as you submit your feed and build a collection. Unfortunately, catalogue advertising is only available in some formats. However, you have an option in Ads Manager.

Single Picture or Video Ad

Full-screen advertisements that are both single and video serve various purposes. First, because they fill the entire screen, they do a superb job of grabbing users’ attention.

Snapchat’s image or video advertising appears before or after the original content of Publishers’ and Creators’ posts, “Our Story,” and User Stories.

This type of advertisement uses a variety of creatives, including photographs, videos, GIFs, and cinematography. Given the abundance of stimulus on Snapchat ads for eCommerce, it is advised to make a video advertising brief (between 3 and 5 seconds) (even though they can be up to 3 minutes long).

You can include a link in the advertisement to encourage potential customers to act immediately, like visiting your online store.

Product Collection Ads

Snapchat users can tap on the four tiles of collection advertising to browse and purchase your products. Then, if someone is intrigued, they can click on any of the products they are displaying to learn more.

Filter Advertisements 

You can also design an audience for your Filter advertisements based on audience interaction, gender, and age.

These artistic overlays for Snapchat ads appear after a user takes a snap and swipes it left or right. Users can include them in Snapchat eCommerce ads to emphasise the products and their variants. They may consist of precise, stylised text and pictures that specify the location where the Snap was taken.

Lenses Ads

Ads for lenses are pretty imaginative. They incorporate animated characters and various things into Snaps using augmented reality. As a result, they have the appearance of being present. Additionally, Snapchat ads for eCommerce can utilise lenses to change their appearance in various entertaining ways, including numerous other 3D effects.

You may start a Lenses campaign and run interactive AR (augmented reality) advertising in Ads Manager. You can create those ads using all the available features mentioned above. Playing with it and sharing it with friends will be possible for your potential future consumers.

Story Ads

A succession of advertisements makes up a story ad. They allow you to target your potential clients in between organic content or with a branded tile in the Snapchat section called Discover. To one Story ad, you can add anything between 3 and 20 photos or videos.

Because story ads are simple to consume, they are effective for Snapchat eCommerce ads. This ad type is excellent for showcasing new product launches, fashion collections, or branding initiatives.

Snapchat viewers can swipe up on your Story advertisement to learn more about what you’re selling and possibly to make a purchase.

Commercial Ads

Snap’s curated content may contain commercial advertisements for users of Snapchat (themed collections promoted in the Snapchat app). Since users cannot skip the first six seconds, it’s critical to grab their interest immediately. They can, however, last for three minutes.

Commercials are excellent for raising brand awareness, communicating a lengthy message, and capturing viewer attention.

Dynamic Ads

You can run dynamic advertisements on most social media platforms, including Snapchat. It’s easy to understand how dynamic advertising operates. They advertise your goods to Snapchat users based on their online behavior. Two examples of actions are viewing a product on your website or leaving the shopping cart empty. In addition, Snapchat creates a customised ad for a user when a specific effort is made.

As a dynamic ad, you can run either a single image or a group of images. Both were made using pre-made templates and products from your product catalogue. They are not manually made.

To Do Stuff Before Placing a Snapchat Advertisement

To successfully advertise your business and utilize Snapchat ads for eCommerce while measuring results, follow the procedures listed below.

Create a Snapchat business account

Go to the Snapchat ad account manager and log in with your account information if you haven’t already done so. You’ll be given the option to select a business type. For example, national or international businesses should typically use Brands, and any other company should typically use Small Businesses.

Create a public profile next so users may follow and interact with your company on Snapchat. First, select Public Profiles from the main menu in Ads Manager. Next, select “Create Profile” from the menu.

Then fill out your public profile by adding your address, website, and email. Customers will quickly recognise your company if you upload a logo and write a 150-character bio.

Install The Snap Pixel

Installing the Snap pixel is crucial if you wish to direct Snapchat users to your organization’s website. For example, you may track outcomes, discover which sites users view, and create remarketing audiences by including a personalised code snippet on your website.

Open the main menu in Ads Manager and choose Events Manager. Next, select the Web, App, or Offline source by clicking the New Event Source button. The Snap pixel code can then be manually installed, or you can use a partner integration to speed up data sharing. Once your Snap pixel is configured, Events Manager will display event tracking information.

Create a Snapchat Catalogue

If your company sells goods online, it’s also a brilliant idea to do so so that you may promote it. First, open the main menu in Ads Manager and choose Catalogs. Next, select the type you wish to create by clicking the Create a Catalog button.

You have two options for adding products: manually or automatically via product feeds. You may also use the Shopify partner connector to link your product feed automatically if you develop an eCommerce catalogue.

How to Run Snapchat Ads For eCommerce

You’re prepared to advertise on Snapchat once you’ve finished the fundamental procedures. First, select Create Ads under Snapchat Ads Manager. Then, use the Instant Create or Advanced Create workflow to market your company.

Establish Your Advertising Objective

You’ll be prompted with the query as soon as you sign in to the advertising platform to begin running your Snapchat eCommerce ads. What are you trying to advertise? This will aid Snapchat in figuring out how to improve its campaigns. Your choices consist of the following:

  • Website visits: For those seeking to increase landing page click-throughs from links
  • Promote Local Place: For those wishing to boost neighbourhood foot traffic
  • For individuals wanting to increase the number of phone calls or SMS messages sent and received
  • Installing apps is a way for people to get their mobile apps downloaded.
  • App Visits: For those wishing to boost the number of times their app is used in the app store.

The ideal choice for brick-and-mortar stores may be to Promote Local Places. But conversely, eCommerce companies will benefit from website visitors. So the final two advertising goals will make sense if you advertise a mobile app.

It would be best if you sat with your marketing team or advertising agency to discuss your marketing objective. Then, to increase your chances of success, decide on a campaign objective for which Snapchat eCommerce ads can be used to its full potential.

Create Your Ads

You can import images from your website to aid in the construction of ads if your advertising objective is website visits. 

Think about creating your advertising material using the following requirements (for a single photo or video):

  • 1080 px x 1920 px (9:16 aspect ratio)
  • static picture, animated gif, or video
  • 3-180 second duration
  • .jpg,.png,.mp4, or.mov

Visit Snapchat’s Business Help Center if you want to use a different ad kind or want to see a complete list of requirements.

You may also include a caption to make further the ad feel like it belongs on Snapchat while designing it. Other options include writing your company name and a headline, selecting your CTA, and writing your business name.

Making the ad feel local to the platform will increase interaction, whether you choose to use a video or a still image for your advertisement. This can entail incorporating attention-grabbing animations, text effects, or filter effects. But, again, use a powerful CTA to encourage user behaviour and keep your content (if you are using it) brief and to the point.

Set Your Campaign’s Budget and Duration

Budgets are everyone’s favourite topic! Even though deciding on an advertising budget might be tedious, it is one of the most crucial elements in determining the success of your campaign. Spending too much can provide high-frequency numbers and restricted results while spending too little can limit your learning. 

Let’s start by looking at the factors.


  • The daily minimum is $5.
  • The average CPM is $2.50.
  • Around 20,000 impressions may be obtained for $50 in advertising.


  • You can launch campaigns almost immediately.
  • Your campaigns can be run continuously or with a specific expiration date.
  • You may also select the precise hour, minute, and second that you want to begin (or terminate) your advertisements by using start and stop times.

Most of the time, you should start above the minimum. For example, instead of aiming for $5 per day, start with $10 to $20 per day and incorporate some targeting strategies. You’ll also ensure that your advertisements are delivered to your ideal target market, even if the CPMs may be more significant the more targeting you perform.

The budget of Snapchat ads for eCommerce is expected to be an initial monthly expenditure of between $300 and $500. When you have good results, scaling up and making the necessary adjustments is simple.

Select Your Options for Targeting

Personalised ads are more successful. Although many companies first consider leaving their ad targeting quite general, we advise incorporating at least one or two targeting components to increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

You can use Snapchat to perform sophisticated targeting based on devices, interests, bespoke audiences, geography, and demographics. Here is a brief explanation of how those operate:


  • Gender: All, Male or Female
  • Ages: 13 – 50+
  • Languages include Danish, Dutch, English, Arabic, and more.


  • Targeting Countries 
  • States
  • Radius Targeting on a Map

Custom Audiences & Interests

Select lifestyles to target, including those of gamers, art and culture aficionados, DIY enthusiasts, and more. Using its data and third parties’ data, Snapchat creates lifestyle categories. These categories aim to connect with people according to their interests and actions.


  • Android, iOS, or all operating systems
  • Apple, Samsung, and other device brands

Furthermore, you can retarget your advertising to past site visitors or create lookalike audiences when Snapchat’s Pixel is introduced to your website. A practical method to start with Snapchat advertising is targeting ages, languages, and particular interests.

You’ll see Delivery Estimates displayed on the right of Snapchat’s Ad Manager when you modify your targeting settings and budget. Given your current settings, Snapchat estimates give you an excellent sense of the ad reach, impressions, and swipes (clicks) you can anticipate.

Analyze and Enhance Your Advertising Campaigns

Statistics drive everything in contemporary business advertising. You’ll want to ensure that you have a firm grasp on the crucial metrics that Snapchat will give you before you begin your Snapchat advertising. These figures could consist of the following:

  • Impressions: the total amount of times your advertisement was viewed
  • Spend the overall sum of money you have put into your campaign.
  • Swipes are akin to other platforms’ “clicks.”
  • Draw Up a Comparable “click-through rate” on other platforms’ percentage
  • Only related to video material are video views.
  • Effective cost per swipe up (CPSU), sometimes known as “cost per click.”
  • Screen Time is the duration of time spent viewing your advertisement.

The primary objective of Snapchat ads for eCommerce is rarely to generate leads or sales. Instead, this is primarily focused on raising brand recognition and boosting interaction. As a result, pay close attention to indicators like “swipe up per cent” (which reveals how frequently people engage), “screen time” (which provides more information about how long people view ads), and “CPSU” to determine how efficiently we are allocating our advertising budget.

Improvements are crucial if the results are different from what you expected. These improvements could involve altering your targeting criteria, modifying your ad copy, or reallocating your budget.


Regarding advertising, Snapchat is a good choice for companies trying to reach younger consumers. Spending time and effort on the objectives, creative, budget, and targeting is necessary to start with Snapchat advertising. It also entails knowing how to optimise your efforts and keeping up with reports.

Whether you’re trying to raise awareness, encourage consumers toward engagement, or drive sales, Snapchat advertising is the best way to target Millennial and Generation Z consumers. In addition, you may develop your brand and expand your business by utilising the platform’s engaging ad formats, pre-defined audience demographics, and effective split testing.

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