How Organic Riot covers 80% of its demand centres under 2-day delivery

Organic Riot was able to cover 78% of its demand centres under 2-day delivery with WareIQ’s strategic warehousing.

The Brand

Organic Riot is an affordable & safe skincare brand offering products without any endocrine-disrupting synthetics or carcinogenic chemicals. As consumers move away from synthetic products and demand organic ingredients, beauty brands have emerged (and old ones pivoted) to offer natural products with 100% transparent formulas. Organic Riot is at  the forefront of this revolution in India & New Zealand. 

The Challenge

In 2019, Organic Riot  found themselves in a  challenging situation where they were unable to ship to their customers within expected delivery times. Some of their best-selling products like the acne serum cream were urgent requirements for customers and not receiving them on time, hurt customer loyalty. 

The root cause of the problem was that while Organic Riot had customers all across the Indian metros, all their shipping was being done from a single warehouse. This meant, only customers in close proximity to the warehouse would qualify for fast shipping. At this time, only 23% of Organic Riot’s demand centres could cover 2-day delivery.

The Solution

Organic Riot worked closely with the WareIQ team, led by founder/CEO Harsh Vaidya, to leverage WareIQ’s pan-India fulfilment network and cover more demand centres under 2-day delivery. . Organic Riot was now able to utilize facilities in Mumbai, NCR, Bangalore and Pune in a plug & play manner and be closer to their customers – resulting in faster delivery. The fast delivery has helped Organic Riot drive up customer satisfaction, and reduce NDR and returns substantially.

Sid Somaiya, founder and CEO of OrganicRiot explains, “We could have used any other tech platform but speaking to both Harsh & Aayush is like sharing your concerns with friends and it’s always been more than business for me. Also, we internally had no idea on what kind of effort and issues we would face once we catch up to scale, we needed allies in this aspect & WareIQ happened to be my obvious choice.”

WareIQ’s Value & Business impact

  • 85% of orders started falling in Zone A & B (2-day delivery radius). Earlier this number stood at 22% 
  • Return rates reduced to 3% (industry-leading)

Now many other DTC brands across India use WareIQ to reach their customers in 48 hours. Ready to transform your fulfilment and offer Amazon-like delivery to customers? Explore our services on