How Can Flipkart Sellers Achieve Flipkart-Assured Badge For Their Products in 2024?

Flipkart is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and successful eCommerce platforms. According to YourStory Flipkart currently offers more than 150 million products across 80 categories, and sends eight million shipments monthly.

For sellers, Flipkart is certainly a marketplace that fulfills their aspirations. This is why Flipkart has gained more than 400000 registered sellers on its marketplace. However, due to the rise of vendors, this marketplace has become more vulnerable to non-genuine products.

The solution to mitigate the problem of non-genuine products offered by sellers is called Flipkart Assured Badge, which focuses on the product’s quality and speedy shipments. Therefore, it is called Flipkart Assured. The items covered by Flipkart Assured are checked, boxed, and then delivered to the buyer. Every product from merchants whose offerings have been validated by Flipkart bears the “Flipkart Assured Badge”. Thanks to the trust badge, customers may quickly tell a Flipkart Assured product apart from a regular one.

About Flipkart Assured Badge

A badge of approval for quality products advertised on Flipkart is called Flipkart Assured. The badge guarantees both quick delivery and superior product quality. Products with this label are thoroughly examined for quality before being packed and sent to customers. ‍

In order to improve the entire customer experience, Flipkart introduced the “Flipkart Assured” quality label in 2016. This program offers products that are of a high caliber and may be delivered more quickly than usual. Moreover, this hallmark allows Flipkart to inspect fake or non-genuine products rigorously. ‍

What Flipkart Assured promises is as follows: 

  • Quality assurance with prompt and dependable shipping alternatives
  • Orders over INR 500 receive free shipping.
  • Secure order delivery and effortless returns
Increase Online Sales With Flipkart Assured Badge

How is the “Flipkart Assured” Badge Awarded For a Product?

The “Flipkart Assured” emblem is more than just a sticker backed by a whole package of services. Sophisticated technological infrastructure and effective supply chain management support the badging process, which buyers or sellers cannot entirely determine. The data science team at Flipkart has created a special algorithm that computes various data inputs, including customer ratings, returns, seller cancellations, and other activities that may relate to performance and customer experience. The developed algorithm awards the product with the “Flipkart Assured” badge depending on how well the product performs.

What Qualifies a Product for the Flipkart Assured Badge in 2024?

Not all products qualify for the “Flipkart Assured Badge”. It is granted by an algorithm created by the data scientists of Flipkart that evaluates the effectiveness of all the aspects connected to the product and assigns the “Flipkart Assured” label. Only products that pass extensive tests on their quality and the seller’s performance are given the “Flipkart Assured” badge. The “Flipkart Assured” Badge is based on the factors listed below.

Six Quality Inspections

Six rigorous quality checks are performed on all items with the Flipkart Assured tag, starting with storage and ending with packaging. These product inspections are based on the product’s MRP compared to the eCommerce catalog price, the product’s color and size, physical damage, and a 100% data check on the seller cancellation, ratings, and returns threshold.

Packed for Secured Transportations

Each delivery is packaged in compliance with Flipkart’s quality shipping requirements to guarantee that consumers receive their goods in pristine condition. In addition, Flipkart carefully selects packaging materials for each product type and properly packages them to ensure that the contents of the package remain undamaged even after a difficult journey. Secure packaging materials, including bubble wrap, airbags, paper, cardboard, and styrofoam, are utilised to accomplish this.

Fast and Free Delivery

For many clients in the eCommerce industry, Flipkart has been the preferred choice. It functions miraculously because it has a profound awareness of the needs of the Indian customer. The understanding built results from a decade’s worth of research, not just a few years. Customers who use Flipkart Assured gain advantages like better purchasing experiences and hassle-free shipping.

Products with a Flipkart Assured badge must be delivered in 2-4 days. Additionally, Flipkart provides free shipping on orders over Rs. 500. Customers can pick expedited delivery for specific regions, which will deliver their items the next day.

Safe Delivery

Flipkart gives customers complete order visibility by allowing them to track their orders and find out exactly where their packages are.‍

Quick Returns

Customers must be able to take advantage of Flipkart’s streamlined return policies, which include hand-to-hand replacements and tech visits if they are dissatisfied with their purchase.

Read our blog on “Returns Management” to know how WareIQ seamlessly manages returns for its clients.

Top 5 Advantages of The Flipkart Assured Badge for Flipkart Sellers 

A Flipkart Assured badge has the following advantages for Flipkart sellers: ‍

Flipkart Provides Quality Assurance

Genuine goods of the highest caliber are given the Flipkart Assured mark. That suggests that customers will be guaranteed the legitimacy and quality of the product they purchase on Flipkart. ‍

Provides Quick and Free Shipping

Customers throughout the world appreciate quick and free shipment. Customers who purchase items with a Flipkart Assured badge receive their products in 2–4 days, and all orders over 500 rupees receive free delivery. ‍

Enhances Consumer Loyalty

A Flipkart Assured badge also guarantees superior packing, real-time purchase tracking, simple customer returns, product quality, and transportation. All of these elements provide customers with more assurance when making a purchase. In addition, a layer of assurance to the consumer that the product is up to par is provided by an F-Assured badge. ‍You can read here how to provide good customer service.

Increases The Visibility of Products on Flipkart

Higher search rankings increase the visibility of products bearing the Flipkart Assured emblem on Flipkart. The likelihood that a customer will click on and purchase a product increases with the product’s position in search results.

Increases Sales on Flipkart

Customers are more likely to purchase products with a Flipkart Assured label thanks to increased product visibility, quality assurance, and improved eCommerce shipping alternatives, which boosts Flipkart sales.

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How To Become A Flipkart Gold Seller With WareIQ, A Tech-Enabled Fulfilment Partner, and Increase Revenue Generation?

Selling on Flipkart as a Gold Tier Seller will be possible by working with a tech titan like WareIQ. Let’s examine how:

Ensure Shipment Compliance and Prevent Order Cancellations

With the help of WareIQ’s SLA-driven and efficient fulfillment services, you can promptly pack Flipkart orders and mark them as “ready to dispatch.”

By carefully processing orders while keeping SLA in mind, sellers may reduce late deliveries and cancellations.

flipkart assured badge_3PL fulfillment companies_wareiq info

Extensive Distribution Enhancing Revenue Generation

India is home to a scattered network of WareIQ’s fulfillment centers. To achieve Regional Utilization (RU) and incredibly quick fulfillment of your Flipkart orders, with same-day or next-day deliveries while saving on shipping costs, you can divide your inventory and store it locally for customers.

Utilize The Right Inventory Relay To Prevent Out of Stock

You can prevent overselling by using the appropriate inventory relay. One of the main reasons for SLA breaches is overselling. This happens when a vendor runs out of stock and cannot complete a customer’s order. WareIQ frequently syncs your inventory across all channels to prevent this from happening, enabling you to accurately communicate inventory levels to marketplaces and prevent out-of-stock situations, which can lead to seller cancellations.

With WareIQ, there are no seller cancellations because you only receive orders for products you possess in your inventory.

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