Flipkart Integration with WMS: How to Fulfill Flipkart Orders with WareIQ in 10 Easy Steps in 2024?

Flipkart was founded in 2007 and instantly emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the still growing eCommerce industry at that time. Since then, especially with the entry of Amazon into the Indian market in 2013, Flipkart has been forced to up its game and adapt to the ever-changing trends in the rapidly-expanding Indian eCommerce market, which it has successfully achieved. It was acquired by Walmart in 2018, which has only bolstered its status as one of India’s leading eCommerce selling platforms, which can be seen in the 49% increase in its revenue in 2021, compared to Amazon’s 32%.

In recent years, Flipkart has emerged as a worthy competitor to Amazon, with both of them capturing around 31% of the eCommerce retail market. In today’s blog, we will dive deeper into how you can fulfill Flipkart orders, the benefits of selling on Flipkart and how to integrate WareIQ with a Flipkart seller account.

Table Of Contents
  1. How Can You Fulfill Flipkart Orders?
  2. Benefits for Retailers who Use 3PL Fulfillment Companies as an Alternative to Flipkart Fulfillment
  3. Flipkart Marketplace Integration: 10 Easy Steps to Integrate WareIQ with a Flipkart Seller Account in 2024
  4. Why Should Merchants Choose WareIQ as a Fulfillment Partner to Fulfill Flipkart Orders?
  5. Fulfill Flipkart Orders & How to Integrate WareIQ with a Flipkart Seller Account: FAQs

How Can You Fulfill Flipkart Orders?

Retailers can currently choose between 2 options to fulfill Flipkart orders – Flipkart Fulfillment and Self Ship Fulfillment. Businesses that choose Flipkart Fulfillment to fulfill Flipkart orders can take complete advantage of all the facilities offered by Flipkart such as order processing, storage and management of inventory, order shipping, reverse logistics and customer care.

The only downside is that you are not able to integrate Flipkart Fulfillment with other selling platforms so you will have to maintain different accounts for each platform. Conversely, Self Ship Fulfillment enables retailers to fulfill Flipkart orders on their own or by opting to partner with a 3PL fulfillment company such as WareIQ. There will always be advantages and drawbacks, regardless of which option you opt for.

Read our article on Seller Fulfilled Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon and Shopify Fulfillment to get an idea of fulfillment services offered by competitors.

Services Offered by Flipkart Fulfillment

Inventory Storage

Flipkart provides its users with storage facilities in warehouses and fulfillment centers. Inventory can be placed in multiple locations, depending on the type of commodity and areas with high demand for specific products.

Delivery Services

When you opt to fulfill Flipkart Orders with Flipkart fulfillment, you can take advantage of their delivery services to ensure that your orders are delivered to your customers on time.

Product Quality Checks

Flipkart ensures that all products are inspected rigorously to mitigate any deformities or quality discrepancies between units. This ensures that customers receive what they expected.

Packaging Facilities

Flipkart Fulfillment offers packaging services to its customers. Goods can be wrapped in standardised Flipkart packaging to make sure that products are delivered safely and securely and also look attractive in the process.

Services Required from Sellers in Self Ship Fulfillment

Entire Fulfillment Process

If sellers choose Self Ship Fulfillment to fulfill Flipkart orders, they will have to perform all the processes that are associated with order fulfillment such as packaging, distribution and eCommerce logistics.

Partnering with 3PL Fulfillment Companies

Sellers can opt to partner with a 3PL fulfillment company of their choice to fulfill Flipkart orders. This ensures that they still have access to cutting edge features and technology, while also maintaining the flexibility to be able to integrate with multiple other selling platforms so that they don’t have to put all their eggs in one basket.

Compliance with Flipkart’s Rules and Regulations

Sellers who choose to fulfill Flipkart orders on their own or through a 3PL eCommerce fulfillment company need to make sure that they abide by all the rules and regulations that have been laid out by Flipkart.

Seamless Customer Experience

Since Flipkart isn’t directly involved in the D2C fulfillment process of sellers who choose to fulfill Flipkart orders by themselves, they need to make sure that retailers follow the same measures to ensure that customers have a good and speedy delivery experience.

Benefits for Retailers who Use 3PL Fulfillment Companies as an Alternative to Flipkart Fulfillment

Access to Custom Packaging Facilities

Most big eCommerce selling platforms, Flipkart included, want to highlight their own brand the most and this is reflected in their packaging. Customers will only interact with your brand after they have torn off most of the outer Flipkart-centric packaging. However, retailers who partner with 3PL retail fulfillment companies to fulfill Flipkart orders usually have access to custom packaging facilities where they can opt from a whole host of different themes, styles and materials and can choose to highlight their own brand as much as they desire.

Access to Faster and Cheaper Distribution Facilities

In today’s day and age, 10-minute, same-day and next-day deliveries have become conventional and most 3PL fulfillment companies have been able to adapt to the growing demand for speedy delivery. Sellers that choose to fulfill Flipkart orders through 3PLs are able to take advantage of ultra-fast delivery while also paying way less due to the reduced prices offered by these companies. This is mainly achieved by the intelligent placing of inventory in warehouses and micro fulfillment centers that are located near areas of strong demand.

Access to Strategically Placed Fulfillment Centers

Retailers who choose third-party fulfillment services, gain access to a large network of warehousing facilities and fulfillment centers, scattered in different regions of the country. They can choose where they want to store specific products based on areas of high demand for those specific products and also based on things like proximity to large population centers and access to distribution networks, among many other factors. The storage facilities provided by 3PL companies are also much cheaper than the in-house storage that is offered by Flipkart.

Complete Management of Inventory

Most 3PL fulfillment companies offer advanced and detailed Warehouse Management Software (WMS) to enable efficient and smooth tracking of inventory, across multiple warehouses and selling platforms. These software solutions can also forecast future demand so you can optimise the storage of inventory and offer smart suggestions on inventory placement based on a variety of factors such as demand, expiry dates, perishability etc.

Offloading of Order Management

Retailers who partner with 3PLs to fulfill Flipkart orders, gain access to high-tech and advanced order management software where orders from multiple different platforms can be accessed and tracked in one software suite. This is in sharp contrast to Flipkart’s offering, where you cannot integrate with other platforms so you can only keep an eye on your Flipkart orders while orders from other platforms are left lacking.

More Freedom and Fexibility

Since retailers who opt to fulfill Flipkart orders on their own don’t have to rely on Flipkart directly for order fulfillment, they have more freedom to make their own choices in how they want to go about things, as long as they abide by Flipkart’s guidelines. They also have more flexibility in their choices by being able to choose if they want to fulfill Flipkart orders on their own or offload eCommerce fulfillment requirements to a dedicated fulfillment service.

Access to Cheaper and More Transparent Pricing

Retailers who use Flipkart Fulfillment to fulfill Flipkart orders are constantly at the mercy of varying prices. An increase in any of the multiple variables associated with order fulfillment can trickle down to retailers, who will then have to share some of that price increase with their customers. In addition, there are more hidden logistics costs as Flipkart needs to make sure that they can make the most money and this happens by putting the most risks on retailers.

On the other hand, most 3PL fulfillment companies offer transparent and no-frills pricing in order to attract customers. They also do not have a monopoly in the market so they cannot increase their prices on a whim as that would enforce retailers to choose another company with cheaper pricing.

Ability to Sell Across Multiple Channels

If the retailer restricts themselves to selling on Flipkart and fulfilling Flipkart orders only, they are depleting themselves of a huge chunk of potential customers that may use other platforms. Retailers who seek to expand their business operations need to be visible in every corner of the market. 3PL fuflillment companies offer their users the service of integrating with and beauty fulfilling orders on multiple eCommerce platforms and make life easy for them by consolidating all the order and inventory information in one place to increase efficiency and mitigate any bottlenecks that could have otherwise occurred.

Flipkart Marketplace Integration: 10 Easy Steps to Integrate WareIQ with a Flipkart Seller Account in 2024

When eCommerce retailers opt to partner with WareIQ to fulfill Flipkart orders and outsource all their fulfillment requirements, they instantly gain access to WareIQ’s country-wide network of fulfillment centers, cross-country courier partners and the advantage of being able to integrate WareIQ with a Flipkart seller account, which gives users access to 20+ other online marketplaces and platforms and state-of-the-art inventory and order management software.

Sellers can integrate WareIQ with a Flipkart seller account in just 10 easy steps:

Step 1: Logging In

The seller can sign up at https://wareiq.com/contact-us/ & integrate WareIQ with a Flipkart seller account for managing end to end fulfillment of eCommerce their business. The seller gets the user ID & password from WareIQ’s customer onboarding team to log into WareIQ’s WMS portal.

fulfill flipkart orders_step 1

Step 2: Access to WMS Dashboard

Once the seller logs in, the seller gets access to the WMS dashboard with an option to set up the account.

fulfill flipkart orders_step 2

Step 3: Navigating the Dashboard

Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the WareIQ’s WMS dashboard.

fulfill flipkart orders_step 3

Step 4: Accessing Account Settings

Click on “Account Settings”.

fulfill flipkart orders_step 4

Step 5: Adding Company Address

The “Company Information” would have already been added to the portal by WareIQ’s customer onboarding team. Click on “Address”.

fulfill flipkart orders_step 5

Step 6: Adding Channels

Fill up the “BILLING ADDRESS” and “DISPATCH ADDRESS” and click on “Add Channels”.

fulfill flipkart orders_step 6

Step 7: Adding Flipkart as an Integration

The seller can view all the online marketplaces & website builders with which WareIQ’s WMS can be integrated. The platforms already integrated will appear at the top like the “Shopify” logo. Scroll over “ADD NEW INTEGRATIONS” & choose the Flipkart logo under “Select Marketplaces”.

fulfill flipkart orders_step 7

Step 8: Adding Credentials

A screen pops up to add a few credentials of sellers like Seller ID, Location ID, Application ID etc. for connecting a Flipkart Account with WareIQ’s WMS.

fulfill flipkart orders_step 8

Step 9: Identifying Seller ID and Other Information

Follow the steps below to identify seller ID and fill out the other required fields like application ID, Location ID and others:

#1: Recording Location of Shelf

Once you add the channel,  the Smart panel’s shelf location of Flipkart needs to be recorded in EasyEcom. 

You can do this by going to “Inventory >> Manage Listings” and selecting the “Update Listings” option. 

fulfill flipkart orders_step 9.1.1

After this, choose “Flipkart Smart” as your marketplace and download the listing data.

fulfill flipkart orders_step 9.1.2

You then have to record the shelf location of every product and upload those files to EasyEcom.  

fulfill flipkart orders_step 9.1.3

You can contact customer care at EasyEcom post updating the shelf location in Easy Ecom.

#2 Flipkart Seller Panel details 

Identifying Your Seller ID

To begin with, you need to sign in to your Flipkart Seller Panel and press Ctrl+Shift+i and then select network. 

fulfill flipkart orders_step 9.2.1

You need to copy the Seller ID and paste it into the “Seller ID” column.

Identifying Your Application ID and Secret

You can start by opening this link: https://api.flipkart.net/oauth-register/login which will take you to the page below:

fulfill flipkart orders_step 9.2.2

Sign in with your account details and select “Register new application”. 

fulfill flipkart orders_step 9.3.3

After this, you can copy the Application ID and Application Secret. Then you can select the “Flipkart Smart” option and you will get a popup where the information can be pasted. 

Identifying Your Location ID 

In order to identify your Location ID, sign in to your account via this link https://seller.flipkart.com/.

After this, scroll to “Orders>>Smart Fulfilled Orders”.

fulfill flipkart orders_step 9.2.4

You can then copy your Location ID from the URL.

Note that the Location ID always begins with “LOC”.

​​Step 10: Syncing Channels

Select the “Close” option to close the pop-up window and then select the “Sync Channels” option.

fulfill flipkart orders_step 10

The process to integrate WareIQ with a Flipkar seller account has now been achieved. The seller can start storing inventory for fulfilling orders from WareIQ’s fulfillment centers.

fulfill flipkart orders_step 10.1

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Why Should Merchants Choose WareIQ as a Fulfillment Partner to Fulfill Flipkart Orders?

There are a vast number of reasons why merchants should choose WareIQ as their partner to fulfill Flipkart orders. Not only do we offer a seamless ability to integrate WareIQ with a Flipkart seller account but we also offer many more features, both in the forward and reverse supply chain, that will be sure to enrich your business with the tools it needs to tackle growing online demand and order fulfillment. We also offer cost-effective and transparent prices compared to our competitors. Here is a list of some of the features that we offer:

Forward Supply Chain

Smart Inventory Placement

We analyze order density, SKU velocity, seasonality, & market trends by location for smart inventory placement to mitigate any delays and errors.

Quality Assurance

We offer services such as inbound management, coupled with rigorous product checks while adhering to Legal and Metrology compliance.

Customization/ Personalization

We enable through branded shipping, the creation of custom curated kits and custom packaging to meet every seller’s brand standards & requirements and help them highlight the unique aspects of their brand.

RTO Shield

Our in-house RTO Shield allows sellers to intelligently identify high-risk RTO orders and insures them against any RTO losses to maintain their profit margins and eliminate wasted resources.

First-Mile Sourcing

We offer centralized sourcing hubs to conveniently obtain all your materials and resources in one place.

Prime-Like Badges

Sellers can boost customer conversions by 30% using WareIQ’s Prime-like badges, which showcase varying levels of delivery speed and services offered.

Smart Courier Allocation

We give sellers the option to leverage data-driven insights to match them with the most suitable courier partner and the ability to ship with flat rates across each zone.

Post-Purchase Experience

With WareIQ’s Branded Tracking offering, sellers can deliver a premium post-ship experience. It also enables them to re-target & cross-sell thus increasing revenue and profit margins.

fulfill flipkart orders_WareIQ X Flipkart

Reverse Supply Chain

Smart RVP

We enable last-mile partners to verify product quality by leveraging reference checklists and images, eliminating returns of damaged or misplaced goods by customers and thus, mitigating reverse logistics expenses.


We provide liability protections for our customers with simplified Seller Protection Fund claims and seamless settlement processes.

Value Recovery

We assist in recovering the value of returned goods through liquidation to the secondary market, upcycling and recycling, donation, and converting waste to energy to help businesses utlize every ounce of their capabilities and mitigate any wastage that might occur.


We offer services for the sustainable disposal of products across categories such as food, apparel, electronics, health & hygiene etc.

fulfill flipkart orders_steps to go live

Over 300 of the fastest-growing eCommerce brands such as The Man Company, Future Group, Kama Ayurveda and Wingreens Farms, already trust WareIQ with the fulfillment process of their companies, so they can focus entirely on core aspects of their businesses such as sales, marketing and R&D. You can also reap all these amazing benefits while stepping up your eCommerce game. We are tailored to every kind of business and offer the most competitive prices in the industry. Sign Up Now with WareIQ to take advantage of our superior fulfillment tech platform & accelerate the growth of your online business.

Fulfill Flipkart Orders & How to Integrate WareIQ with a Flipkart Seller Account: FAQs

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