Amazon Marketplace Integration 2024: How to Fulfill Amazon Orders with WareIQ in 10 Easy Steps?

Amazon is often credited with pioneering the boom of the eCommerce industry and popularizing the concept of shopping online and having your orders delivered right to your doorstep instead of needing to travel to physical stores. This phenomenon has also paved the way for advancement in other technologies such as online payments and automated warehousing processes. Today, Amazon is the largest eCommerce website in the world and changed the landscape of the Indian eCommerce industry when it entered the country in 2013.

Since then, it has benefited a vast number of retailers who use Amazon to sell their products, by enabling them to expand and serve an increased customer base that extends all across the country. In today’s blog, we will take a look at the advantages of selling on Amazon, how to fulfill Amazon orders and how WareIQ can enhance your selling experience as a fulfillment partner in the year 2024. 

How can You Fulfill Amazon Orders?

There are 2 methods with which customers can fulfill Amazon orders – Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). FBA is when you offload the entire retail fulfillment process to Amazon and FBM is when you sell products on Amazon but choose to fulfill Amazon orders on your own. For all intents and purposes, these are the processes that you would need to follow to fulfill Amazon orders :

Processes Required from Sellers

Research of Products

Research needs to be conducted for each product to figure out their demand, competition from similar products, prices customers are willing to pay and penetration of that product in the Amazon marketplace in order to optimize your business strategies.

Sourcing of Materials

You need to partner with a supplier who will be able to manufacture your products in the right balance of cost and quality. They can then ship the finished products straight to Amazon’s warehouses.

Listing of Inventory

Product listings need to be created for each type of offering with the marketable descriptions, clear photos and accurate metrics such as features and size dimensions.

Promotion of Products

You need to create hype around your products and market them to be as appealing to your target audience as possible so that you are able to differentiate your products from the vast amount of competitors on the Amazon marketplace fulfillment.

Management of Sales

You need to keep an eye on every order that comes in and manage inventory levels and listings so that the right amount of inventory is always available, depending on customer demand. Post receiving an order, you can leave it up to Amazon to do the rest.

Services Offered by Amazon

Management of Inventory

After Amazon receives the products from your supplier, it sorts out each product based on various metrics such as their type, price, demand levels, and expiry date, among others. It is then stored in massive fulfillment centers, where processes are followed by robots or Amazon employees. Keep in mind that it is in both your and Amazon’s interest to take the best possible care of your products because if anything is damaged in the fulfillment center, Amazon will pay you the retail price of what the product is worth.

Automatic Processing of Orders

Amazon automatically processes order requests, as soon as they are received from a customer. The order fulfillment process is initiated with the relevant product being picked, packed and shipped to the customers’ location, according to the estimated time of delivery. 

Management of Customer Support and Returns

Amazon takes care of your entire customer support, even after the order has been delivered. This includes resolving issues related to the order, answering queries and managing the reverse logistics process in the event of an RTO request

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Why Does it Make Sense for Retailers to Use 3PL Fulfillment Companies as an Alternative to FBA?

fulfill amazon orders_seller enablement

Fulfillment Across Different Channels

If you relegate yourself to selling only on the Amazon marketplace, you are cutting yourself off from a large number of local customers that possibly shop on other platforms. In order for a retailer to be competitive, it needs to open as many doors as possible. 3PL fulfillment companies often integrate with multiple selling channels seamlessly, to enable retailers to carve themselves a share of customers on each platform and fulfill Amazon orders at the same time.

Transparent and Simplified Pricing Plans

Costs in the Amazon marketplace, especially pertaining to FBA, constantly change and evolve depending on a variety of factors such as seasons, product size and nature, duration of storage and many others. This can lead to uncertainty in the amount retailers would have to expend to fulfill Amazon orders. On the other hand, 3PL fulfillment companies often have flat rates that are agreed upon beforehand, pricing per unit and no minimum order quantity. This provides transparency and enables sellers to budget accordingly.

Customized Packaging

Amazon has standardised most of its processes, including its packaging. While this may seem like a good thing on the surface, it means that Amazon’s brand is highlighted much more than the retailer’s brand is. There are also little to no customization options available. With a 3PL fulfillment company, retailers can customize their packaging with their brand logo, choice of materials, custom stickers and themes and much more through branded shipping, which will contribute to customers attaining much more knowledge about their own brand, while they fulfill Amazon orders.

Order Management

Most 3PL fulfillment companies offer software that helps them efficiently fulfill Amazon orders. In many cases, they are more simple and more intuitive to use than Amazon’s offering, which can feel overly complicated and cumbersome at times. This order management software will help you keep track of past, present and future orders and will mitigate any unexpected errors along the way.

Inventory Management

Gone are the days when the Amazon marketplace had a monopoly on smart inventory management services. Due to the widespread adoption of state-of-the-art technology and advanced Warehouse Management Systems(WMS), most 3PL companies are able to offer an enhanced level of inventory management capabilities to fulfill Amazon orders. This includes smart placement of inventory according to various metrics, monitoring inventory levels, forecasting demand and supply levels in the future and much more. 

Fulfillment Centers in Multiple Locations

Most of the larger 3PL fulfillment companies offer a vast network of warehouses and fulfillment centers that are strategically dispersed across the country in areas with high demand to be able to rapidly fulfill Amazon orders. This enables retailers to offer faster shipping services at reduced rates because of smart inventory placement at locations that are in close proximity to the delivery locations of customers. In addition, these companies are not bound by the red tape of the Amazon marketplace so this results in inventory being stored at much cheaper rates.

Faster Shipping for Lower Prices

2-day shipping was originally popularized in the Amazon marketplace and other retailers and eCommerce platforms had to adapt in order to compete. However, due to economies of scale and the technology behind fast eCommerce shipping becoming mainstream, there are many 3PL fulfillment companies that offer next-day, same-day and even 10-minute shipping for a fraction of the cost that Amazon charges for its fulfillment services and for companies to fulfill Amazon orders.

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Amazon Marketplace Integration: 10 Easy Steps to Integrate WareIQ with an Amazon Seller Account in 2024

Once eCommerce sellers get onboarded with WareIQ for their D2C fulfillment requirements, the sellers, apart from having access to WareIQ’s pan-India network of fulfillment centers & national courier partners, also get the benefit of integrating WareIQ’s platform with 20+ other online marketplaces & online platforms where they might be selling. 

Sellers can integrate WareIQ with an Amazon seller account in just 10 easy steps:

Step 1: Logging In

The seller can sign up at & partner with WareIQ for managing end to end fulfillment services for their eCommerce business. The seller gets the user ID & password from WareIQ’s customer onboarding team to log into WareIQ’s WMS portal.

fulfill amazon orders_step 1

Step 2: Access to WMS Dashboard

Once the seller logs in, the seller gets access to the WMS dashboard with an option to set up the account.

fulfill amazon orders_step 2

Step 3: Navigating the Dashboard

Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the WareIQ’s WMS dashboard.

fulfill amazon orders_step 3

Step 4: Accessing Account Settings

Click on “Account Settings”.

fulfill amazon orders_step 4

Step 5: Adding Company Address

The “Company Information” would have already been added to the portal by WareIQ’s customer onboarding team. Click on “Address”.

fulfill amazon orders_step 5

Step 6: Adding Channels

Fill up the “BILLING ADDRESS” and “DISPATCH ADDRESS” and click on “Add Channels”.

fulfill amazon orders_step 6

Step 7: Adding Amazon as an Integration

The seller can view all the online marketplaces & website builders with which WareIQ’s WMS can be integrated. The platforms already integrated will appear at the top like the “Shopify” logo. Scroll over “ADD NEW INTEGRATIONS” & choose AMAZON logo under “Select Marketplaces”.

fulfill amazon orders_step 7

Step 8: Adding Credentials

A screen pops up to add a few credentials of sellers to integrate WareIQ with an Amazon Seller Account and also with WareIQ’s WMS.

fulfill amazon orders_step 8

Step 9: Identifying Seller ID

Follow the steps below to identify seller ID and fill out the other required fields:

#1: Sign in to the Amazon central account of your business

Once you reach the website, sign in with your Amazon account and scroll to “Settings>>User Permission”.

fulfill amazon orders_step 9.1

In this section, scroll to Apps and Services and click the “Manage Your Apps” button.

fulfill amazon orders_step 9.1.1

After that, select the “Authorise new developer” option.

#2: Enter the required information

Enter “Easycom” as the developers name enter “1683-6824-8081” as the Developer ID. 

fulfill amazon orders_step 9.2

After that, select the “Next” option.

#3: Choosing options on the checklist

Once you select all the check-boxes, click on the “Next” button.

fulfill amazon orders_step 9.3

After you select the “Next” option, you will be directed to the below web-page:

fulfill amazon orders_step 9.3.1

After the retailer has provided all the information in the pop-up, select the “Connect” option. 

fulfill amazon orders_step 9.3.2

Step 10: Syncing Channels

Select the “Close” option to close the pop-up window and then select the “Sync Channels” option. 

fulfill amazon orders_step 10

The steps to integrate WareIQ with an Amazon Seller Account and also WareIQ’s WMS are now complete. The seller can start storing inventory for fulfilling orders from WareIQ’s fulfillment centers.

fulfill amazon orders_step 10.1

Why Should Merchants Choose WareIQ as a Fulfillment Partner for Fulfilling Amazon Orders?

There are multiple reasons why merchants should choose WareIQ as a partner to fulfill Amazon orders. Not only do we offer a seamless ability to integrate WareIQ with an Amazon seller account but we also offer many more features and cost-effective prices that are competitors don’t. Here is a list of some of the features that we offer:

End to End SaaS Delivered Solution

We offer a full-stack fulfillment platform with inbuilt inventory planning, order management & shipping system that are guaranteed to take care of every fulfillment requirement your business has.

Efficient In-house Warehouse Operations

Ownership of warehouse SLAs by internal WareIQ fulfillment leads for each region provides assurance on the stability and efficiency of warehouse operations to mitigate any unwanted errors or delays.

Shipping Optimization

Our custom inbuilt shipping engine allows access to all major national & hyperlocal couriers at discounted rates to offer same/next day deliveries at increased efficiency and reduced prices.

Customer Success Led Model

Our team of experts offer their experienced capabilities in supply chain planning & operations execution far beyond what SMBs can afford.

WareIQ is one of India’s leading and fastest-growing full-stack eCommerce fulfillment companies that offer a variety of services from same-day and next-day delivery, shipping badges and RTO Shield, to state of the art technological solutions such as our custom WMS and our intuitive, well-designed app store. We can take care of your brand’s entire fulfillment requirements and ensure that you and your customers get the best order fulfillment in the country and have a hassle-free experience and raise satisfaction levels to new heights.

fulfill amazon orders_WareIQ integration

Over 300 of the fastest-growing eCommerce brands such as The Man Company, Future Group, Kama Ayurveda and Wingreens Farms, already trust WareIQ with the fulfillment process of their companies, so they can focus entirely on core aspects of their businesses such as sales, marketing and R&D. You can also reap all these amazing benefits while stepping up your eCommerce game. We are tailored to every kind of business and offer the most competitive prices in the industry. Sign Up Now with WareIQ to take advantage of our superior fulfillment tech platform & accelerate the growth of your online business.

Fulfill Amazon Orders & Amazon Marketplace Integration: FAQs

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