Flipkart Gold Seller Guide: Advance Towards Gold Tier Selling in 2024

It is simply possible and easy to sell your products online on Flipkart and become a top eCommerce player with minimal cost, whether you’re a manufacturer, seller, or supplier. At this moment every seller is aspiring to be a Flipkart Gold Seller. In comparison to the other tiers, Flipkart offers a lot of services in the Gold tier. The question now is how to become a Flipkart Gold seller, and how to maintain your Flipkart Gold tier status if you already are.

Flipkart is an online marketplace with millions of products in more than 80 categories which includes clothing and accessories, automotive accessories, food products, books, industrial and scientific supplies, health care and beauty, mobile and accessories, home and kitchen, and many more.

Flipkart was started in 2007 by Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal and is headquartered in Bengaluru, India. The organization currently employs more than 50,000 people and has 150+ million registered users (Targeting 500 million by end of 2022), who visit the website daily. Flipkart’s technical support allows them to send millions of shipments per month, and the numbers are still growing.

Table Of Contents
  1. Five Reasons for Establishing Online Selling Business With Flipkart in 2024
  2. How To Get Started With Selling Products on Flipkart?
  3. How to Register as a Seller On Flipkart
  4. Seller Profiling on Flipkart
  5. Flipkart Gold Seller Benefits
  6. 4 Smart Ways to Achieve Flipkart Gold Seller Tier Status
  7. How WareIQ, as a Tech-Enabled Fulfillment Partner can Upscale Flipkart Sellers from Tier Bronze to Flipkart Gold in 2024?
  8. Flipkart Gold Seller FAQS

Five Reasons for Establishing Online Selling Business With Flipkart in 2024

The primary goal as a business owner is to promote and grow your brand, which enables you to generate revenue and indirectly increases the prospects of becoming a Flipkart Gold Seller. Even if you possess a prominent location for your business in a bustling market, you may be well-known, but your reach will be limited. What can you do about it? By starting to sell at online marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon, and Myntra.

When you sell products online, you can reach a much larger audience and potential customers. Building your brand value and making your products easily visible online to customers in various cities across India, will cause them to shop from you online. This way consumers can also easily order things online and have them delivered to their homes, without going to that place.

Selling with Flipkart has its perks and benefits.

Pan India Reach

You may have the most famous store in Connaught Place, Delhi, or in Commercial Street, Bangalore, but clients who aren’t in that area won’t be able to visit you. When you sell online, on the other hand, you can reach customers in your neighborhood and city just as readily as customers from distant parts of the country. For example, when you sell on Flipkart, you instantly gain access to over 150 million registered users. With this one move, you may transform your business by establishing an all-India presence.

To be precise, a physical store owner may only be able to contact a limited number of buyers. They can deliver to consumers’ houses, however, distance restrictions may apply. Hence reaching out to more customers can be beneficial to sellers who need to broaden their reach to find new customers.

Low Set-up Costs

Unlike a traditional shop, selling online on Flipkart doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money on setting up and running your business. With a few clicks, you can easily start a small business that can grow without having to spend a lot of money.

Organized Logistics Network

When you sell things online, you don’t have to worry about how you’ll get them to the customer or how much they will cost. You may use the logistical network that has been developed and perfected with ease if you choose the correct platform, such as Flipkart. You may enjoy the delivery experience while simultaneously protecting yourself from losses with the Seller Protection Program, which offers hassle-free pick-up and delivery of products through 200+ pick-up hubs and more than 10,000 delivery agents and also reduces logistics costs.

Low Marketing Cost

When you launch your business online, how will you stand out among the thousands of other sellers? Don’t panic, you can promote your company without breaking the bank. When you sell on Flipkart, for example, you’ll be connected with partners who will catalog and photograph your products so that they appeal to customers, as well as give you advice on promotions and advertising and assist you in making smart business decisions.

Access to Market Trends

You may take advantage of market trends when you start your online business on Flipkart. Flipkart collects data on a variety of topics to assist you to understand what products are in great demand, what new market trends are emerging, and what products sell better. You can utilize this data to make appropriate stock changes and, as a result, enhance your revenue.

With these five reasons in mind, start selling online and take your business to the next level. You may register in a matter of minutes and utilize the simple seller platform to manage and build your business. Flipkart’s online marketplace, which has over 150+ million registered users, has more room for expansion than you could ever dream of. This, together with all of the assistance you require, makes it simple for you to get started and become a Flipkart Gold Seller.

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WareIQ – Amazon-prime Like Logistics for Modern Brands in India

WareIQ, an eCommerce fulfillment company, empowers online brands with a superior-tech platform to compete with Amazon like service levels by bringing their average delivery timelines from 5-10 days to 1-2 days.

"With WareIQ’s full stack digital enabled fulfillment solution, we got access to the pan India network of fulfillment centers & cold storage facilities enabling same/next day delivery, without any upfront investment in supply chain infrastructure from our end. During the IPL campaign in April 2022, WareIQ efficiently handled unpredictable 200x surges in daily order volumes of ~20k/day with a 99% fulfillment rate. With WareIQ as our preferred fulfillment partner, we witnessed 172% growth in online order volume in just 4 months, with a significant improvement in the overall customer experience in fulfillment."
- Damanbir Singh, Product & Operations Head, Lil’Goodness

How To Get Started With Selling Products on Flipkart?

While many people find the lengthy process of becoming an online vendor burdensome, Flipkart has simplified the procedure to the satisfaction of sellers. When you complete the Flipkart seller registration procedure, it will ask you for information and documents about the sort of legal business organization you wish to register with.

Identify Legal Business Entity

When you start to think about an online selling business on Flipkart, even before the seller registration process, you should be well informed about documents about the type of legal business entity you wish to register with. As a fact, before you join Flipkart as a seller, you first must establish a legitimate company entity.

There are the three classifications Flipkart has been offering:

  1.   Private Limited Company
  2.   Limited Liability Partnership Firm
  3.   Individual or Sole Proprietorship Firm

Each legal entity has its own set of characteristics and regulations. As a consequence, you need to determine which one meets your requirements. It might be detrimental to your business if the structure you choose is inappropriate. It is also significant in terms of the fact that the firm must file income tax returns and annual filings with the company registrar.

Let us provide the detailed information and advantages of registering as a legal business entity:

Registering as a Private Limited Company

There are various benefits of registering as a Private Limited Company on Flipkart. This is by far the most appropriate corporate structure. Sellers benefit from the advantages of a Private Limited Company, such as limited liability, which provides security to its promoters and shareholders, easy transferability, easy access to financing, independent legal entity, perpetual succession, and risk-taking ability to build the business, among others. It is an extremely progressive move to register as a Private Limited Company for selling/trading things on online platforms like Flipkart and Amazon. Documents required are-

  • Identification proof
  • A copy of the Private Limited Company’s registration documents or certificate of incorporation
  • MOA Copies (Memorandum of Association)
  • The company’s PAN card
  • Address Verification
  • Electricity bill under the company’s name
  • Lease or rental arrangement
  • Cancelled current account check
  • GST Identification Number 

Registering as a Partnership Firm or LLP

As a Partnership Firm, a seller can join Flipkart. Limited liability protection, a separate legal entity, and easy transferability are all advantages of registering as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) on Flipkart. Documents required to become a Flipkart seller using a partnership or LLP business type include-

  • Identification Proof
  • Certificate of LLP Incorporation or Partnership Registration
  • Partnership Firm or LLP PAN Card
  • Documents indicating the Partners
  • Address proof
  • Official document verifying the Partners’ address
  • Electricity bill in the name of Partners/LLP Telephone bill in the name of Partners/LLP Rental or Lease agreement Electricity bill in the name of Partners/LLP

Registering as an Individual or Sole Proprietorship firm

For individuals who do not want to maintain their business storefronts but still want to sell their products, online markets for them are usually very simple. Organizations like Flipkart make it easy for them to list their products and sell them across the country.

The majority of people are using these portals to register. The sole proprietorship is immediately granted to the person who registers under a brand name. This business model provides no insurance to the owner and limits the owner’s capacity to expand due to unconstrained liability and limited access to loans, company grants, and banks. As a consequence, selling as a sole proprietor is ideal for small business owners with minimal risk. Here is a list of documents and information required to register as a sole proprietorship-

  • Identification proof
  • A signed statement on the company’s letterhead stating that the person controls and owns the company’s bank account
  • Proprietor’s Passport
  • Proprietor’s PAN card
  • Proprietor’s voter ID/driving license
  • Identification card with the seller’s photo ( Aadhar Card)
  • Address verification
  • A proprietor’s bank account statement or a cancelled check
  • The proprietor’s electricity bill License or Lease agreement
  • GST Identification Number

How to Register as a Seller On Flipkart

Steps to follow to register your business on Flipkart

·    Go to the Flipkart Seller Homepage to register as a Flipkart seller.

·    When you click “Register Now,” you’ll be sent to the seller registration page.

·    After submitting the basic details (Name, Email-Id, GSTIN) you will receive a confirmation email from Flipkart that registration has been successfully done.

·    The next screen will ask for your pick-up location. You must first enter your pin code, which will be confirmed, followed by your address.

·    Business information will be requested in the next following step.

·    After providing the information asked, there will be another verification email request to confirm the email address. To confirm the email address.

·    The Flipkart seller account would be finally created. After that, the individual will be brought to the final page for authenticating the account, where filling out the following categories is mandatory. Attach a scanned copy of each supporting document to demonstrate the legitimacy and functioning of the business entity.

  • The store’s name
  • Business Information
  • Details on the Virtual Signature Bank
  • A photograph of a cancelled cheque
  • GSTIN Documents Supporting KYC Documents
  • List of Products Interested in Selling Tax Registration Documents

To begin selling on Flipkart, one must submit Tax-Related business documents.

Listing The Products On Flipkart

  • Click the listing in your Flipkart Seller Account
  • By clicking on Listing, select ‘Add New Listing’
  • Depending on your preference, you can submit a single product or a batch of products
  • To check your inventory, click ‘check Inventory health’ after uploading the details of the products
  • Flipkart also features a dashboard for sellers to manage their accounts. Update or change all of the product’s details using the dashboard

Setting up for Shipping and Logistics Operations

Flipkart offers shipping and operational support. It has collaborated with major logistics partners across India to pick up and deliver orders quickly wherever in India. Packaging expertise, materials, and training are provided by the logistics company or courier services. After receiving the order, the seller is responsible for packing the product and keeping it ready for dispatch. The courier service representative collects the order from the vendor and delivers it to the specified location.

Flipkart Smart Fulfillment

Flipkart assists you in achieving maximum results with less investment. As a result, the Flipkart Fulfillment service allows you to access cutting-edge fulfillment centers at a very low cost. Where products are stored at fulfillment centers. Flipkart fulfillment offers space for fulfillment centers, efficient delivery of products, professional inspection of products for quality, and aesthetic packaging.

The benefits of Smart Fulfillment are:

·    Orders are processed quickly.

·    Strict quality controls

·    Packaging materials of high quality

·    Assured by Flipkart

·    Inventory is distributed across several fulfillment centers.

·    People that join up for Flipkart Fulfillment and sell high-quality products earn the Flipkart Assured badge

A seller must meet the following requirements to receive this badge:

·    Least customer returns

·    Smart retail fulfillment should be listed.

·    A product’s rating should be higher than the standard.

·    Flipkart imposes shipping charges if you receive the Flipkart Assured badge.

·    You can determine delivery charges depending on your costs if you lose the Flipkart Assured badge.

Managing Payment and Returns

Flipkart deposits funds directly into your bank account between 7-15 business days of receiving your order. The reward varies according to the performance level. Seven business days for gold sellers, ten business days for silver sellers, and fifteen business days for bronze sellers.

Flipkart also charges a minimal fee on successful orders, and you have complete control over the price of your products.

A returns policy is a collection of rules and regulations that enables customers to return goods if they are disappointed with them. Flipkart’s return policy protects customers from products that are damaged or defective.  It allows buyers to request a return, replacement, or refund based on predetermined criteria.

Seller Account Analysis

 Every Flipkart seller has to analyze data, and Flipkart has made it simple for them to do so by creating the Sellers Hub mobile app. It gives real-time information on listings, payments, D2C order fulfillment, refunds, and other topics.

Flipkart also has its dashboard where vendors may view the metrics analytics. Sellers can easily comprehend data from a certain period and also recognize return orders.

The Flipkart dashboard assists you with evaluation, management, and analytics. It includes all of the relevant information for a seller, such as listings, payments, inventory, orders, growth, reports, and advertising.

Seller Profiling on Flipkart

It became increasingly difficult for Flipkart to treat all merchants fairly as the number of sellers increased exponentially. Flipkart had to decide which sellers’ products would get the most visibility, which sellers would want a dedicated account manager, which sellers would require advanced seller support, and so on.

In 2016, the Seller Tier System was implemented, with sellers being paid based on their performance. To assign a particular tier to the seller, Flipkart evaluates a seller’s performance using these inspection criteria: sales, product ratings, service quality, and regional utilization.

  • Sales- The performance of sellers on Flipkart is one of the most important distinguishing factors. Flipkart evaluates a seller’s sales success using one of three metrics: units sold, revenue earned, or growth index.
  • Product Ratings- Flipkart enables consumers to rate products based on their usability and customer service aspects. The scale for these ratings is zero to five, with five being the highest (topmost rating).

To earn favorable feedback, sellers must ensure that their items and services satisfy the required customer expectations.

  • Service Quality- Flipkart expects its sellers to just provide prime-quality service. To do so, they’ve instated strict guidelines that sellers should follow, as well as penalties for any breaches. Flipkart evaluates a seller’s service quality using two criteria: Ready to Dispatch (RTD) violations and seller cancellation. When selling on Flipkart, sellers must be careful with inventory updates and Service Level Agreement (SLA) driven order processing.

Based on the analysis of the performance of the seller, they are provided with certain benefits. These benefits are considered to be directly proportional to the performance of the sellers and this becomes important from the seller’s point of view.

Better the seller performs while selling on Flipkart, the more perks he will receive. Performance is reviewed and rewarded, and it is classified as a Bronze, Silver, and Flipkart Gold Seller (prime-tier). This rating is valid for 90 days, after which it will be upgraded if you meet all of the criteria for the following tier.

GMV (Gross Marginal Value), or the number of units sold, seller cancellations, Ready to Dispatch (RTD) breaches, and product ratings are all factors considered for the specific classification.

Requirement for Becoming Flipkart Bronze Seller

  •  As a seller, you are automatically assigned to the Bronze tier
  • To progress to the Gold/Silver-tier on Flipkart, sellers must focus on expanding by hitting benchmarks using the tools provided on the dashboard

Requirement for Becoming Flipkart Silver Seller

  •  A minimum of 30 lakh rupees in revenue or 4,000 units sold is required.
  •  Seller cancellations are less than 0.50 percent
  •  RTD breaches of less than 1.40 percent
  • Required ratings must satisfy the vertical benchmark

Requirements for Becoming Flipkart Gold Seller

Every seller at Flipkart aspires to be a Flipkart Gold Seller on the platform. In comparison to the other tiers, Flipkart offers a lot of benefits in the Gold tier. The question now is how to become a Flipkart Gold Seller, and how to maintain your status as a Flipkart Gold Seller, if you already are.

To attain Flipkart Gold Seller tier status on the Flipkart marketplace, you must meet certain conditions-

  • Seller Cancellation- If the seller cancellation rate is greater than 0.15%, then the seller will not grow out from the existing tier.
  • Ready to Dispatch (RTD) Breaches- If dispatch breaches are greater than 1%, then the seller again will be kept in the existing tier.
  • Product Ratings- There are various vertical benchmarks for analyzing product ratings. It is possible that if a seller has a bronze seller rating in any product or category, Flipkart will promote them to a higher tier, however, this is entirely dependent on Flipkart, and WareIq suggests you keep your product ratings as high as possible.
  • Sales- Either 50 lac rupees in sales or 6000 units are required. Flipkart requires to fulfill either sales or unit criteria. If any one of them is accomplished within 90 days from the start of the current tier, the seller progresses to the next tier.
  • Growth Index- The growth index compares your performance to that of other sellers over the same period. You may examine the growth index by going to the Growth tab and selecting Performance Overview from the drop-down menu. It will demonstrate your progress in comparison to other sellers. The growth Index should either be equal to or greater than 2.
  • Regional Utilization- The number of units sold and delivered in the same local or zonal region is divided by the number of units sold. It should be in the 30 percent range or higher.

These are the most critical pre-requisites which are to be keenly obeyed to become a Flipkart Gold Seller. Dare you miss any of them.

Flipkart Gold Seller Benefits

Flipkart always incentivizes its sellers in an attempt to keep its customer base in the face of raising the level of competition amongst sellers. Flipkart Gold Seller tier members receive a 20% discount on forwarding shipping costs, a 7-day payment cycle, high product visibility, a dedicated account manager, exclusive participation in exclusive Flipkart events, and first-page high visibility on the Flipkart website. This Flipkart Gold tier features to assist in the expansion of the Flipkart Online Selling business.

Flipkart Gold Seller_Achieve Gold Tier

4 Smart Ways to Achieve Flipkart Gold Seller Tier Status

After registering on Flipkart as a seller and spending the majority of your day there, sellers probably noticed a large increase in their overall sales. However, the sky’s the limit in online business. If you’re still wondering how to increase your Flipkart sales and maintain the Flipkart Gold Seller status, you are at the right place to learn the tactics.

Improve Overall Sales Performance

Participate in Spike or Flash Sales

A flash sale is one of the most effective ways to achieve Flipkart Gold Seller status. Vendors can advertise the sale in advance, which will work as a stimulant, resulting in greater sales and money. Go to the ‘growth’ section of the seller dashboard to participate in such events. Flipkart actively encourages vendors to participate in its promotions. 

With Flipkart’s spectacular shopping events, often known as spike sales, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to grow your brand. There are interesting offers on practically all categories during spike sales. This draws a large number of purchasers and delivers a lot of traffic to websites and mobile apps. Sellers not only increase sales with little work but can also reach out to more buyers all at once. Participating in spike sales can also help increase buyer satisfaction and helps in getting established as a Flipkart Gold Seller.

Flipkart makes sure suppliers receive a large number of buyers during the sale by providing everything from extra operational employees to TV commercials and promotions on web portals.

Running Advertising Campaigns

Running ad campaigns on Flipkart is another effective approach for increasing the discoverability of your products on the platform and attaining Flipkart Gold Seller status. You can develop highly-targeted and tailored commercials for customers who are most likely to buy your products using paid advertisements. Simply go to your Flipkart seller dashboard and click on advertisements to use Flipkart ads. Flipkart has a comprehensive rate card with various CPCs for various categories. Sellers can start advertising after selecting the appropriate category and defining targeted demographics.

The more clicks your products receive, the more likely they are to be purchased. Product Listing Ads are the simplest approach to obtaining more clicks for your products on flipkart.com.

Select a product and develop an advertising campaign for it. Then these products are displayed as ‘Featured Products’ on relevant Flipkart pages.

When a buyer comes across an ad while looking for things to buy, he clicks on it. If it is relevant to the buyer search query, most probably it is purchased.

Offer Better Cataloging

On an eCommerce website, a catalog displays a list of products and plays a key function in influencing shoppers. To become a Flipkart Gold seller, it’s critical to have a well-designed catalog with a concise explanation of your products if you want to convert traffic to sales. Remember that most people shop online to save time, so your product description should impress them without making them waste time trying to figure out what you’re selling. Adding your goods to the appropriate category and sub-category is another key aspect of cataloging that can help you enhance sales. This will make it easier for shoppers to find your products and increase traffic.

Make sure you have enough things to pick from for your customers. Even if your product line is small, you can give your clients the option of selecting numerous product versions such as colors and other features. This improves their chances of making a purchase.

Improve Overall Product ratings

Use of High-quality Images

Images are the closest a customer can come to the look and feel of a real product on a digital platform, making images a crucial component of online selling. Your product’s images should always be high-resolution, with every detail visible. Because what looks nice sells more, make sure that product images are professionally photographed to pique buyer interest.

Customers may never know what they are buying if you display your products with pixelated or blurry images. This increases the likelihood of your products receiving negative feedback. To avoid this, make sure all of your profiles include high-resolution photos of your products. This can help you achieve Flipkart Gold Seller status

Use Informative Descriptions for Products

Customers may have unrealistic expectations of your products if you don’t use accurate and helpful product descriptions. This may result in people giving your products a low rating. You should include content-rich product descriptions, including characteristics, materials used, weight, size, and more, to avoid any mistakes. Using detailed descriptions will escalate your chances of becoming a Flipkart Gold Seller.

Accurate and Easy to Read Size Charts

The ratings of clothes and footwear brands, in particular, suffer because buyers order the wrong size. Furthermore, there is a small size difference across brands. Customers will order the correct products if they include an easy-to-read sizing chart, which will also help boost product reviews. This can also help in making you a Flipkart Gold Seller.

Improve Overall Service Quality

Reduce Ready to Dispatch Breaches

RTD stands for ready to dispatch, and an RTD breach occurs when the product is not dispatched on or before the scheduled dispatch date. On a priority basis, sellers should pack orders and designate them as ready to ship.

A procurement Service Legal Agreement (SLA) is decided upon by the marketplace and the sellers. According to their order processing capacities, sellers should apply procurement SLAs to their product listings.

In the event of a resource shortage, quickly boost procurement SLAs across all listings to avoid an RTD breach. Finally, avoid packing orders on the last day and designate them as ready to ship.

Reduce Seller Cancellation

When a seller lacks sufficient inventory or is unable to obtain an ordered item, the seller is compelled to cancel the order.

Regularly update product listings with the correct selling price and quantity.

If an ordered item is not in stock, strive to locate it immediately so that the order can be fulfilled on time. Remove the product from the listing immediately if you are unable to source it and avoid submitting too many product listings and then failing to fulfill some of them.

Improve Regional Utilization

Analyze the Most Demanding Zones

Analyze the region with the most orders using your previous order history. It assists you in distributing products according to high-selling zones. Flipkart has built a robust seller panel that may generate performance reports for you. These reports can be used to determine the most important zones for storing your merchandise. If you’re just starting, it can make sense to disperse your goods across the country’s big metropolises, such as Mumbai, Delhi, and others.

Identify High Selling Products and Improve Regional Inventories

Find products with a high sell-through rate and distribute them to various eCommerce fulfillment centers. Distribute stock of your flagship products if you’re starting from scratch and don’t have sales data to identify top performers.

These ways when adopted help the seller to achieve Flipkart Gold Seller Tier.

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How WareIQ, as a Tech-Enabled Fulfillment Partner can Upscale Flipkart Sellers from Tier Bronze to Flipkart Gold in 2024?

The technology behind WareIQ prioritizes speed and scale to give you complete control over your logistics and provide clients with Amazon-like delivery. WareIQ combines all of your logistics operations into a single platform, allowing you to manage everything from inventory, orders, and warehousing to shipping, delivery, and refunds all in one location. There will be no more squandered resources or data fragmentation from a hundred separate tools but WareIQ provides a one-stop solution for every eCommerce complication and reduces logistics costs.

Since customer expectations have risen dramatically as a result of changing consumer preferences and high digital adoption and eCommerce logistics expansion after the COVID-19 pandemic. To stay ahead of the online selling competition, brands now must improve their website interface and services to become a Flipkart Gold Seller. 

In this article, we’ll go through numerous pain points that can affect your online selling and how WareIQ can help you deal with them.

flipkart gold seller_WareIQ services

SLA Driven Order Processing: Ensure High-Quality Service

The SLA-driven and streamlined pick and pack automated systems in WareIQ ensure that every order is packed and marked as “ready to dispatch” on time, every time.

We assist our sellers to avoid RTD breaches and seller cancellations by properly processing orders while keeping the SLAs in mind which helps sellers to attain Flipkart Gold Seller status.

Efficiently Handle Flash Sales or Promotional Events

When participating in flash sales and promotional events, frictionless fulfillment is essential to satisfy the peak needs and complexity of direct-to-consumer and direct-to-business orders, with automated order fulfillment systems, this can be productively fulfilled. 

Effectively handling exponential increases in order quantities, WareIQ combines its enormous fulfillment infrastructure with well-organized procedures. All you have to do is tell us when and how long the flash sale will last, and we will handle the rest – everything from raising your daily pick capacity to allocating dedicated labor is taken care of.

Avoid Overselling with Correct Inventory Relay

With the correct inventory relay, you can avoid overselling. Overselling is one of the leading causes of SLA breaches. When a seller is unable to fulfill a customer’s order owing to a shortage of inventory, this occurs. To avoid this, WareIq syncs your inventory across all channels regularly, allowing you to accurately transmit inventory levels to marketplaces and avoid overselling, which can result in seller cancellations.

With WareIq you only receive orders for inventory you have which causes zero cancellations from sellers.

Terminate Low-Quality Products Reaching Your Clients

To ensure that your consumers receive premium quality products, WareIQ runs quality checks at the time of receiving inventory and order processing. If you have one-of-a-kind products that require further scrutiny, WareIQ lets you tailor the inspection criteria to meet your requirements which indirectly assists you in increasing your average product ratings by presenting the appropriate products. With precise order processing, we won’t let you deliver a low-quality product to your clients. This will assist you in becoming a Flipkart Gold Seller.

Improve Your Regional Utilization with WareIQ

Our storage facilities and fulfillment centers are scattered across India and closer to your demand centers. This is how WareIQ helps you to reach a wider audience in less time. Also, our strategic inventory placement keeps your demand centers filled and allows for effective and timely delivery. WareIQ can assist your transition from a 5-15 day delivery system to an Amazon-like same-day/next-day delivery system. With WareIQ, you can split your inventory based on your most popular zones and improve your regional utilization

WareIQ Helps You Secure a Flipkart Gold Seller Spot

What if we told you there is a method to become a Flipkart Gold Seller right now, that is too hassle-free?  All you have to do now is contact us and our executive will help get you onboarded then as a vendor you will start enjoying the benefits of being a Flipkart Gold Seller in less than 90 days.

Flipkart Gold Seller FAQS

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