7 Best eCommerce Fulfilment Services for Same Day and Next Day Delivery

Have you wondered how the eCommerce market leaders achieve exemplary growth and customer satisfaction metrics?

As the eCommerce boom continues and customer preferences rapidly change, powered by the plethora of options available to end-customers, differentiation in offerings will be the key game-changer for eCommerce businesses. This differentiation can be achieved through the selection of the best eCommerce fulfilment services, more specifically a reliable partner that offers the most recent trends in fulfilment, such as same day delivery and next day delivery services.

Keep reading to better understand how you can select the best eCommerce fulfilment service for your business, and how WareIQ can be your best fulfilment partner in the growth journey.

What are Fulfilment Services?

Fulfilment services are similar to third party (3PL) logistics service providers that take care of preparing the order and shipping it to the end consumer on behalf of the seller but also provide a multitude of related services such as taking complete responsibility for receiving, managing and completing the order.

As customer expectations of same day courier delivery and next day delivery grow at an ever-increasing and unimaginable pace, fulfilment services are fast evolving as the preferred choice for eCommerce businesses across the globe. The best eCommerce fulfilment services enable businesses to reliably, accurately and efficiently fulfil their customer orders while minimising capital expenditure. While fulfilment services vary with regard to their exposure to the value chain, they mostly act as a command centre for handling the entire order preparation and despatch process as well as double up as a buffer inventory for holding the clients’ products.

What Does an eCommerce Fulfilment Provider Do?

An eCommerce fulfilment service provider takes up a broad span of responsibilities ranging from receiving the stock, storage in warehouses, order processing, shipping and transportation.

The success of any eCommerce business largely depends on setting new expectations for the customer’s delight and fulfilling them effectively. With the eCommerce boom, customers have started expecting same day courier delivery and next day delivery as a general trend. However, for any eCommerce company, handling so many things single-handedly becomes cumbersome and the team starts losing focus on their core business processes. There is heavy capital investment, manpower hiring and management bandwidth allocation that is involved.

Hence, outsourcing eCommerce fulfilment to the best eCommerce fulfilment services has proved to be a simple but very effective way of addressing this issue while riding on the growth engine along with competitors.  An eCommerce Fulfilment Service’s task begins as soon as an order is placed by the customer and continues till the order reaches the doorstep of the customer or is returned due to some unavoidable reason.

The best eCommerce fulfilment services give the seller access to more dynamic eCommerce warehousing space, help negotiate more favourable terms with shippers, prevent stockouts and provide real-time tracking information of the order consignments.

What are the Factors to Consider while Choosing an eCommerce Fulfilment Company

While selecting a third-party eCommerce fulfilment services company, a number of factors should carefully be considered, and it can be a big burden for them to determine these factors. The decision depends both on the business objectives and personal preferences of the decision-maker. Broadly, the following factors must be taken into account while selecting the best eCommerce fulfilment services provider:

  • The spectrum of service offerings
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility with respect to same day delivery and next day delivery
  • Cost structure, pricing plans and price transparency
  • Ease of onboarding
  • Efficiency of customer service and reachability
  • Ecommerce friendliness and startup friendliness
  • Intuitive business intelligence dashboard for real-time monitoring
  • Extent of integration and security

Micro eCommerce Fulfilment: The Move to Same Day and Next Day Delivery

Same day delivery and Next day delivery are rapidly becoming the most preferred delivery models for customers globally. According to some recent survey reports, over 60% of eCommerce shoppers consider delivery speed as a significant factor in their purchase decisions and 80% of shoppers are likely to churn to a competitor brand if they encounter long delivery periods. Let us look at what these two trends essentially mean.

When an item is delivered to the customer within 24 hours of its being ordered, usually on the day on which it was ordered, we refer to it as same day delivery. To accomplish this humongous task, the item must be delivered from an inventory, also called a micro fulfilment centre, located as close as possible to the consumption clusters – in simpler terms, close to the eCommerce customer.

Next day delivery, on the other hand, means that the customer gets the item at the doorstep on the day following the day when it was ordered. It involves bundling multiple orders throughout the day destined for a given region of distribution and making scheduled delivery stops by the shipping partner.

However, there are multiple challenges to this micro fulfilment revolution such as heavy capital expenditure on numerous warehousing facilities, investment in robotic product handling, rapid order processing and packing and lack of transport infrastructure in remote locations. Hence the micro fulfilment model by eCommerce fulfilment services is fast evolving to provide a more customised experience for eCommerce sellers with same day delivery and next day delivery offerings.

7 Best eCommerce Fulfilment Services Offering Same Day and Next Day Delivery

We have listed down the 7 best eCommerce fulfilment services that offer same day delivery and next day delivery services, which will boost customer satisfaction, leverage loyalty and increase online sales for eCommerce businesses.


Established in 2019, WareIQ, a Y-combinator backed startup, has rapidly grown to be the leading provider of full-stack eCommerce fulfilment tech solutions for some of the most reputed brands in India. WareIQ offers a full-stack platform for eCommerce companies to enable same day delivery and next day delivery to customers – an Amazon Prime-like experience but accessible to everyone. 

WareIQ has empowered brands to sell more, sell faster & sell everywhere due to:

  • Access to WareIQ’s strong nationwide network of fulfilment centres & urban darkstores near their customers
  • Access to all major national & hyperlocal last mile couriers at discounted rates for making same/next day deliveries possible
  • Easy integration across multiple online platforms & marketplaces
  • Access to a superior centralised tech platform for ecommerce operations
    • ML-based prediction engine for efficient warehouse network design & smart inventory placement
    • Centralised platform for core fulfilment & shipping operations
    • Post-shipping apps for delightful experience & zero to minimum supply chain leakages (Branded tracking page with smart marketing placements; Trigger-based updates & smart communication platform)

WareIQ has customised offerings for merchants experiencing different order volumes as well as having different delivery speed expectations. WareIQ is probably one of the very few fulfilment tech companies in the world that have same day delivery offering for their customers under their product “WareIQ RUSH”.

Best Ecommerce Fulfilment Services_shipping operations

With world-class WMS functionalities, WareIQ handles the entire range of intricate operations in the eCommerce fulfilment process, ranging from Inbound Operations such as scanning and quality check, through 100% accurate Pick and Pack, to Inventory Management across all channels. WareIQ’s next day delivery and same day delivery services are helping eCommerce businesses set new standards with respect to setting customer expectations and fulfilling them with high efficacy. At the same time, WareIQ customers realise significant cost savings and wider reach due to better negotiations with shipping partners, strategically placed warehouses, economies of scale and scope in warehousing and data-driven decision making.

WareIQ’s WMS, a centralised tech platform, is its core offering, with the following functionalities:

  • Shipping Management 
    • Integration to all major national couriers and same-day courier partners through WareIQ platform with discounted rates
    • Generation of bulk shipping labels & invoices in a few clicks
    • Offering a branded tracking page and sending auto-alerts to inform customers of their shipment status
    • Reduction in RTO % (Return to origin) by automating cases of failed delivery attempts (NDRs) by the shipping partner
    • Preemption of COD frauds through integrated AI engine flagging risky orders
  • Orders management
    • Tracking of orders across the channels 
      • Filtering of orders by status
      • Searching for specific orders
      • A quick timeline view of where the order is in the fulfillment process (e.g. when an order is picked, packed, or shipped)
      • Shipping-related information (e.g., weights, dimensions, or carrier service) 
      • Quick snapshot of any orders that require action
    • Syncing WareIQ’s out-of-the-box integrations with sales channels to eliminate manual importing of data and trigger all the necessary notifications to the end-customers
  • Inventory management
    • Tracking of inventory levels across multiple locations & sales channels – the website and marketplaces
    • Using WareIQ platform to distribute inventory to multiple locations optimizing for speed & cost/order
    • Setting reminders to proactively replenish inventory, bundle products for promotions, make inventory transfer requests, and much more
  • Warehouse management
    • Managing multiple warehouses and offline stores on WareIQ platform
    • 100% inventory accuracy ​​​with scan-based operations
    • Automated reconciliation tool helps to keep track of returns and unsettled invoices
    • Integrations with all major ERP & Accounting systems
    • Fulfillment By Amazon and Prime Status
    • Assured tag on Flipkart without physically dedicating inventory to them

The central platform helps to better manage undelivered orders by reducing NDR processing time by 12 hours – a multifunctional NDR dashboard helps to track and take immediate action for undelivered orders in real time, thereby reducing RTO by up to 10%. Automatic replenishment recommendations and easy purchase order creation capabilities on the WareIQ platform further empower eCommerce companies to leverage all possible ways of increasing their ROI.

300+ brands, such as The Man Company, Future Group, Kama Ayurveda and Wingreens Farms, have trusted WareIQ as a reliable partner in their growth journeys. No minimum order quantity requirements make it suitable even for eCommerce firms having low order quantities to take advantage of the latest trends such as next day delivery and same day delivery. The onboarding process is simple, convenient and less time consuming, while the pricing policy is clear and transparent. WareIQ also undertakes strict safety precautions at its warehouses and complete ownership of the operations, thereby minimising the risk exposure of WareIQ customers.


ShipBob was founded in Chicago in 2014 as a global logistics technology and eCommerce fulfilment services company that fulfils orders for D2C brands with next-day delivery. With a claimed accuracy rate of 99.95% and serving more than 7000 customers worldwide, ShipBob provides end-to-end solutions for eCommerce fulfilment. It offers 2-day shipping at affordable and transparent prices, along with a robust software platform that allows integration to the eCommerce providers’ own platform with a developer-friendly API.

According to independent customer review reports, ShipBob ranks high with respect to:-

  • Broad network of warehouses across distant locations
  • A superb easy-to-use User Interface
  • Ease of integration with other platforms

However, customers have reported dissatisfaction on the following issues with Shipbob:-

  • Difficult to understand pricing plans
  • Not-so-active customer support
  • Non-availability of refrigeration facility for perishable products
  • Inflexibility for B2B operations

Shipbob also provides predictive analytics to ecommerce customers to better handle stock-outs during peak sales periods.


Also established in 2014, ShipMonk is based out of Florida and serves medium and small-sized eCommerce companies with comprehensive fulfilment solutions including warehousing, smart inventory management, subscription box fulfilment and campaign fulfilment.

ShipMonk’s warehouses are located strategically across the USA and it has plans to establish warehouses in Europe, so as to provide more customised fulfilment, including 2-day delivery and next day delivery to D2C eCommerce brands. ShipMonk is equipped with robust and eco-friendly modern technologies such as Locus robots, Kardex machines, Cubiscans and software that integrates easily with 75+ marketplaces and shopping carts. It offers customised packaging solutions and delivery protection schemes for willing eCommerce companies.

ShipMonk allows a convenient pricing model that allows customers to pay on a per-unit basis for 1 to 10,000 fulfilled orders per day. It also enables customers to better understand the returns management process with accurate and real-time data and round-the-clock customer support. ShipMonk has a respectable mindshare among its customers with respect to:-

  • Heavy discounts and affordable shipping rates
  • Complete paperwork and claims settlement
  • Zero setup fees
  • Zero inventory receiving fees
  • Easy integration with ecommerce platforms
  • Ability to handle international orders and subscription boxes effectively

However, Shipmonk’s software is not integrable with eCommerce company websites hosted on Wix.


Amazon has been the pioneer in the eCommerce fulfilment space with same day and next day delivery services for Prime members across a long list of cities. To add to customer delight, Amazon has gone to the extent of fulfilling certain eCommerce orders within a few hours of placing the order.

Amazon makes it possible through a very carefully placed network of fulfilment centres, comprising of warehouses and phantom godowns, close to the sites of maximum orders, based on their past order data and projections. The same day delivery concept evolved from the 2-day delivery promise that Amazon inherently made to its Prime members.

While most eCommerce companies, especially small and medium businesses, admit to having benefited largely from the same day delivery offering of Amazon, the associated costs have been heavy for eCommerce companies having less frequent and uneven rates of orders. Moreover, the same day delivery and next day delivery services of Amazon are available only for registered vendors and sellers of Amazon; external parties selling through other platforms cannot avail of these services, thereby restricting their reach.


Established in 2017 in San Francisco, Deliverr provides superior fulfilment solutions to small eCommerce companies, with a 2-day delivery service. Transparent pricing, badges similar to Amazon Prime and hassle-free experience stand at the core of Deliverr. Ecommerce companies can leverage the live data tracking options of Deliverr to predict their future fulfilment performance and even next day delivery for D2C customers located in close proximity of the warehouses. Deliverr ranks high on the following parameters:-

  • Online Customer support
  • Ease of onboarding and integration
  • Transparency in pricing
  • Multi-platform integration for same company

The primary disadvantages of Deliverr are unavailability of International delivery, telephonic customer support and non-adaptability with subscription boxes.

Rakuten Super Logistics 

Originally established as a 3PL company in 2001, Rakuten Super Logistics has established its strong foothold in the eCommerce fulfilment domain since 2013. A nationwide fulfilment network helps eCommerce companies minimise shipping periods, control costs and increase accuracy in eCommerce order fulfilment. RSL has partnered with some of the leading shipping carriers to handle a diverse range of parcel sizes for eCommerce platforms. While currently offering only 1-day delivery, it plans to introduce same day delivery services in the very near future to compete with Amazon.

Rakuten customers have reported a plethora of advantages including:-

  • Dedicated customer support managers, available on phone
  • Two-way inventory management and address verification
  • Speciality fulfilment
  • Discounts with bulk orders

The main barrier for smaller eCommerce companies in partnering with Rakuten Super Logistics is its minimum order quantity of 250 monthly orders, although the company plans to shred down this limit in future. The other disadvantage is that eCommerce websites hosted on Wix cannot integrate the API of RSL directly. Also, Rakuten Super Logistics does not offer a live chat feature and 24*7 customer support.


FedEx, formerly Federal Express Corporation, was founded in 1971 as an urgent delivery services company. Over the years, Federal Express has grown and evolved as a multinational eCommerce fulfilment services, serving diverse sectors such as healthcare, transportation, D2C, B2B and B2C eCommerce fulfilment solutions etc. Having operations across 200+ countries, FedEx has many large multinational conglomerates among its customer base and continues to innovate supply chain solutions to meet changing customer expectations. Moreover, FedEx offers the convenience of shipping pre-ordered consignments without storing them in a warehouse.

However, the main disadvantages are that FedEx does not ship oversized and overweight products and it does not integrate with Amazon – an essential requirement from any eCommerce fulfilment service.


So, by now, you must have gained a fair understanding of the importance of having a strong fulfilment services partner, which is capable of providing same day and next day delivery services, which will boost the ability of your eCommerce company to become more customer-friendly. There is no standard one-size-fits-all approach for selecting the right fulfilment company.

So, it is best to trust WareIQ, the fulfilment company that has been the preferred choice of 300+ eCommerce brands including market leaders such as Kama Ayurveda, Future Group, Piramal Group, Wingreens Farms etc. provides you with the right flexibility with respect to order size and pricing. WareIQ has been constantly working on incorporating feedback from customers and strengthening the focal points in the fulfilment chain to provide you with a consistent improvement in customer satisfaction.

Best Ecommerce Fulfilment Services_customer testimonials

We help you not only to reduce your logistic costs but also your delivery timelines – this could be the game-changer for your business needs! 

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