Top 10 Eshopbox Alternatives and Competitors for eCommerce Retailers Looking for Fulfillment & Shipping Solutions in 2024

Eshopbox is an all-encompassing eCommerce logistics company that was founded in Gurgaon in 2012 with the aim of providing quick and easily-accessible fulfillment facilities to eCommerce brands. The company was one of the first entrants into the pivotal Indian eCommerce market, even preceding Amazon’s entry into the country by a year. This has enabled Eshopbox to cement itself as a household name in the eCommerce fulfillment and eCommerce logistics space and acquired a loyal client base. The company provides all the usual set of facilities associated with 3PL fulfillment providers, such as inventory storage and management, integration with multiple eCommerce selling platforms, ultra-fast delivery, Prime-like shipping badges, and more.

However, with the emergence of multiple competitors offering more up-to-date features, advanced software solutions, and even more cost-effective prices, retailers in today’s eCommerce industry are spoiled for choice and need not relegate themselves to just one fulfillment company. In this blog, we will touch on the reasons that sellers search for Eshopbox alternatives, the top 10 alternatives to Eshopbox, and make a detailed feature comparison of Eshopbox competitors in the market. 

Why Do Companies Search for Eshopbox Alternatives for D2C and eCommerce Fulfillment?

Need for Alternative Services

Although Eshopbox is well known for its shipping services, its operations are centered around standardised packaging that is more suited towards non-perishable items such as electronic items and clothing. Thus, it is not always the best choice for transporting high-end commodities such as jewelry or other expensive items and bulky products such as furniture and large appliances. It can be beneficial to choose Eshopbox competitors that provide these services if a merchant deals in pricey or perishable goods that need special packing and cautious handling in addition to other services that may be required by specialised goods.

Access to Cheaper Pricing

While Eshopbox markets itself as an affordable option, there are 3PL fulfillment companies that provide their services at significantly cheaper rates, in addition to utilities such as no minimum order or service requirements, which would enable you to only opt for the facilities that you need and pay for the what you use. Many retailers seek Eshopbox alternatives so that they can find a way to save money so that they can increase their profit margins or redirect the savings back into the business.

Requirement for a More Expansive Fulfillment Center Network

Eshopbox has an impressive network of fulfillment centers in the grand scheme of things. However, the specific requirements of your business may entail storing products near tier-2 or 3 cities as opposed to large metropolitan areas. This is where the constraints of Eshopbox’s fulfillment network become apparent. The company has a combined 7 fulfillment centers for the entire country, which may result in increased delivery distances and timelines. The company also lacks the operation of dark stores, which are a necessity in the event of highly perishable goods such as food items. Many companies seek alternatives to Eshopbox for this reason.

WareIQ – Amazon-prime Like Logistics for Modern Brands in India

WareIQ, an eCommerce fulfillment company, empowers online brands with a superior-tech platform to compete with Amazon like service levels by bringing their average delivery timelines from 5-10 days to 1-2 days.

"With WareIQ, UTH is able to consolidate common inventory for all platforms and get much closer to the customer through access to WareIQ’s strong nationwide network of fulfilment centres, and last mile & hyper-local courier partners. We are excited about being able to offer same day delivery in several pin codes due to WareIQ."
- Samit Mehta, Founder, UTH Beverages

10 Best Alternatives to Eshopbox for eCommerce and D2C Businesses Looking for Fulfillment Solutions in 2024


eshopbox alternatives_WareIQ

WareIQ is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce fulfillment firms in India. The company leverages technology as a foundation to support a variety of eCommerce services, including order fulfillment, inventory management, ultra-rapid delivery, customer support, reverse logistics, and much more. WareIQ was established in Bangalore in 2019 with the goal of providing incredibly quick delivery to every Indian Pincode by erecting a sizable infrastructure of distribution centers and transportation hubs.

The company offers a variety of distinctive features, including a custom WMS that can integrate with different eCommerce selling platforms, an app store where users can download different apps to improve their experience, an RTO shield to shelter retailers from having to pay for returns management, and much more. A few features that make WareIQ one of the best alternatives to Eshopbox are:

  • It does not require a minimum order amount
  • It provides a nationwide network of dark stores and fulfillment centers
  • It offers upfront pricing that is affordable
  • It provides branded tracking services that can be customised
  • It provides services for personalised packaging


eshopbox alternatives_FedEx

FedEx is a multinational eCommerce behemoth that provides shipping facilities, supply chain services and eCommerce fulfillment solutions to a wide range of industries, including healthcare, retail, electronics and many more. The company was established in Little Rock, Arkansas in the United States, more than 50 years ago and it now maintains its corporate headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee.

The business has operations in more than 220 nations and provides eCommerce retailers with services like the ability to sync their order information and inventory lists from different selling platforms in one place. Given its extensive eCommerce fulfillment experience, the business would be able to complete any requirement with ease. A few features that make FedEx one of the best alternatives to Eshopbox are:

  • It offers a worldwide network of services
  • It provides several integrations with various online marketplaces
  • It has a platform that is intuitive and simple to use
  • It provides a vast delivery network
  • It delivers packages quickly and offers reverse logistics services


eshopbox alternatives_ShipMonk

The central objective of ShipMonk is to make tech-based eCommerce services easily accessible to a large number of retailers across industries. The company was founded in 2014, and since then, its activities and services have swiftly grown. The company’s headquarters are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Packing services, pick-and-pack operations, warehouse management, customer assistance and a host of other services are all provided by ShipMonk. It presently operates more than 100 digital storefronts and provides specialised account managers to each customer for help with onboarding. A few features that make ShipMonk one of the best alternatives to Eshopbox are:

  • It provides users with a digital billing portal
  • It assists in the automation of fulfillment center operations
  • It has several different branding and customization services
  • It provides tax advantages and lower prices for large orders
  • It excludes setup and inventory receiving fees


eshopbox alternatives_DHL

DHL, whose expanded name is Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn, is a dominant player in the world of eCommerce fulfillment. The organisation, which was established in 1969 in San Francisco, California and now has its corporate headquarters in Bonn, Germany, has experienced tremendous growth and offers courier and shipping services to more than 220 nations worldwide.

Although the business is divided into many different industries, its distribution branch provides door-to-door delivery as well as freight transportation by air and sea. The ability of the corporation to easily clear customs and handle any other difficulties that may arise, as well as providing insurance on every parcel, is a huge benefit for shops that ship worldwide and choose DHL for their needs. A few features that make DHL one of the best alternatives to Eshopbox are:

  • It provides inventory optimization and integrations across several eCommerce marketplaces
  • It offers efficient logistics management
  • It offers both B2B and B2C fulfillment services in a wide range of industries
  • It provides next-day delivery in more than 80 Indian cities and towns
  • It provides a centralised technology platform for order fulfillment, inventory management and other processes


eshopbox alternatives_Ekart

Ekart was first established in 2009 as a Flipkart subsidiary, but it has since changed hands and expanded its service offering to provide fulfilment to a variety of other eCommerce marketplaces, including Amazon. The company, which has its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, has become well-known for both its lightning-quick delivery and comparatively affordable rates. Presently, they provide next-day delivery in 50 locations and same-day delivery in 13 cities. The business also provides a tracking API that enables updates on orders, label printing and much more. A few features that make Ekart one of the best alternatives to Eshopbox are:

  • It provides services for reverse logistics
  • It offers some of the lowest rates in the sector
  • It has an API that provides real-time updates to inventory and order levels
  • It accepts the majority of major payment methods
  • It covers almost 4,000 pin codes


eshopbox alternatives_ShipKaro

For eCommerce companies that require effective order administration, ShipKaro has offered shipping aggregation services since its founding in 2017. The Gurgaon-based company also gives organisations the ability to automate and customise shipping procedures in accordance with their intended results. Additionally, it offers services like label printing, bulk uploading of order data, individualised delivery schedules and much more. A few features that make ShipKaro one of the best alternatives to Eshopbox are:

  • It has affiliations with over 14 domestic and international shipping providers
  • It integrates with a variety of eCommerce marketplaces, including eBay and Flipkart
  • It enables customers to take advantage of shipping discounts and offers a tool for contrasting those prices with those of competing businesses
  • It syncs order data from various order management platforms for seamless order processing
  • It offers precise order tracking


eshopbox alternatives_Shipyaari

With its current headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Shipyaari is an Indian eCommerce logistics and shipping aggregator that was established in 2013. Its capacity to manage orders from big businesses in great volume is one of its distinctive qualities. The business offers a variety of delivery partners and eCommerce integrations in addition to offering comprehensive cash-back guarantee programmes. A few features that make Shipyaari one of the best alternatives to Eshopbox are:

  • It provides alliances with ten courier providers that provide coverage for more than 25,000 pin codes
  • It offers integrations with popular eCommerce systems, including WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento
  • It provides a software solution for order fulfillment, inventory management and delivery services
  • It provides consumers with order tracking via API integrations
  • It provides supplementary features, including RTO reduction, data analytics and NDR management

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

eshopbox alternatives_Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Amazon is a household name in eCommerce fulfilment and retail. When it debuted in 2006, its first-party fulfilment service, known as Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), was the forerunner of the order fulfillment revolution. Amazon takes advantage of its position to offer the best services possible, including running numerous fulfillment centers around the world, providing consumers with free shipping, providing picking and packaging services, managing returns and much more.

Additionally, by providing free order processing, warehousing and other services, it helps retailers to control their costs. However, sellers must keep in mind that it can only be used to fill orders placed on Amazon and a few other specific eCommerce selling platforms. A few features that make Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) one of the best alternatives to Eshopbox are:

  • It has no limits for minimum orders
  • It answers all customer questions and handles returns and refunds
  • It can handle orders on a few different outside selling channels
  • It uses inventory pooling to combine similar items from several sellers
  • It offers customers free shipping

Read our blog on Amazon FBA alternatives if you are an Amazon seller looking for other fulfillment solutions.


eshopbox alternatives_DTDC

DTDC was one of the first providers of eCommerce logistics in India. The company established its headquarters in Bangalore in 1990 and remains there today. It has a customer base of more than 10,000, with 75% being online shoppers. It provides extra services, including warehousing, a tracking API that may provide order updates and issue non-delivery notifications, and services more than 17,500 pin codes in India.

In addition to the standard options of same-day and next-day delivery, it also provides a range of other delivery alternatives, such as ultra-fast delivery, hyperlocal delivery, scheduled delivery and slot-based delivery. The company sets itself apart from its competitors by being able to complete requests for a wide range of commodities, such as expensive items, hazardous goods and bulky products. A few features that make DTDC one of the best alternatives to Eshopbox are:

  • It accepts all popular forms of payment
  • It offers specialised delivery for expensive, large and dangerous goods
  • It provides real-time tracking capabilities through a tracking API
  • It facilitates more than 17,500 pincodes
  • It offers express delivery

Ecom Express

eshopbox alternatives_Ecom Express

Ecom Express is a logistics and courier service provider that offers eCommerce fulfillment services. It was established in 2012 and has its current headquarters in Gurugram, Haryana. Their ability to successfully deliver high-value goods like jewellery and electronics by offering extra security and safety safeguards is one of their distinctive selling factors. The business is open every day of the week, including holidays and guarantees delivery within 72 hours after the order’s confirmation. They also offer a 72-hour return guarantee in a similar manner. A few features that make Ecom Express one of the best alternatives to Eshopbox are:

  • It has improved security features for all orders
  • It operates around the clock and on vacations
  • It guarantees all orders will be delivered within 72 hours
  • It provides services for reverse logistics
  • It services more than 27,000 pin codes

Feature Comparison Table of Eshopbox Competitors [Updated 2024]

Shiprocket Alternatives ➡️
Features ⬇️
WareIQFedExShipmonkDHLEkartShipKaroShipyaariFulfillment by Amazon (FBA)DTDCEcom Express
Core BusinesseCommerce Fulfillment
- Fulfillment Centers & Full - Stack Fulfillment Platform
- Inventory Management & Network Design
eCommerce shipping and courier serviceseCommerce shipping and fulfillment serviceseCommerce shipping and courier serviceseCommerce fulfillment serviceseCommerce shipping and courier serviceseCommerce shipping and logistics serviceseCommerce fulfillment serviceseCommerce logistics and courier serviceseCommerce logistics and courier services
Unified OMS & WMS (Fulfillment Tech Stack)YesNoYesNoNoNoNoYesNoNo
Smart Inventory PlacementYes, enables same/next-day delivery and prevents inventory bloatYesNoYesNoNoNoYesNoNo
AI-based Inventory Forecast & ReplenishmentYesYesYesYesNoNoNoYesNoNo
Periodic Reports for Inventory Planning & ManagementYesYesYesYesNoNoYesYesNoNo
Fulfillment CentersYes, managed in-houseYesYesYesYesNoNoYesYesYes
Dark StoresYesNoNoNoNoNoNoYesNoNo
SPF Claims FilingYesYesYesYesYesNoNoYesYesYes
RTO Prediction & InsuranceYes, with insurance claims managed internallyNo, but RTO management availableNo, but RTO management availableNo, but RTO management availableNo, but RTO management availableNoNoNo, but RTO management availableNo, but RTO management availableNo, but RTO management available
Branded TrackingYesYesYesYesYes, through 3rd party appsNoNoNoYes, through 3rd party appsYes, through 3rd party apps
Integration with Top Courier Partners (Last Mile Delivery)YesNoYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYes
Notifications/Alerts (Post Ship Experience)YesYesYesYesNoYesYesYesNoNo
Key Account Manager AllocationYesYesYesYesNoNoNoYesNoNo
Onboarding SupportYesYesYesYesYesNoNoYesYesYes
Troubleshooting Support (Customer-Success Led Seller Enablement Services)YesYesYesYesYesNoYesYesYesYes
Returns ManagementYesYesYesYesNoNoYesYesNoNo

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Conclusion: What Makes WareIQ One of the Best Alternatives to Eshopbox?

By comparing your options and deciding which company fits your requirements the best, you can get access to the best service and the lowest prices while ensuring that your customers get the same. Eshopbox has been in the eCommerce fulfillment game for a while now but there are many additional competitors that have entered the market since then that may place more focus on the facets that are important to you.

If you are looking to expand your operations or introduce new products into the market, it may serve you well to identify existing pain points that your customers may have and also areas where you can save financial resources to increase your profit margins. There are many Eshopbox alternatives that offer facilities such as RTO insurance and do not impose minimum order requirements so you only need to subscribe to what you need. While there are many options available, WareIQ offers the perfect blend of the latest features at the most affordable prices.

eshopbox alternatives_WareIQ_enterprises fulfillment

WareIQ is one of the fastest-growing fulfillment companies in India. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing advanced and unique features such as a custom WMS, an app store with multiple downloadable apps, and much more. A few of our key offerings are listed below:

Pan-India system of Dark Stores and Fulfillment Centers

  • Provides a straightforward plug-and-play setup with no minimal requirements
  • Offers integrations with eCommerce marketplaces such as  Myntra, Flipkart Assured, Amazon Seller Flex, and many more
  • Provides access to local sourcing hubs to cut out on first-mile costs
  • Uses internal warehouse management
  • Improved network planning and inventory management
  • Provides industry-leading AI models for auto-replenishment thresholds and sales forecasting
  • Offers product classification depending on SKU type (regular, non-regular, seasonal, etc.) to increase sales conversions

Stack of Vertically Integrated IT Services

  • Provides connections to more than 20 popular channels and D2C sites
  • Enables integrations with over 27,000 pin codes worth of regional, national, and hyperlocal courier providers
  • Offers a single, integrated technology stack for OMS and WMS

App Store with Downloadable Productivity-Boosting Apps

Ultra Fast Delivery With WareIQ Rush

Eshopbox Alternatives: FAQs

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