15 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales Conversions and Cross-Selling & Upselling for Your Shopify Store and D2C Brands in 2024

One of the extensively used eCommerce platforms worldwide is Shopify. Shopify, a popular option for many small and large enterprises, has made setting up an online store front simple and democratised the market.

Utilizing the internet to expand your business is made possible through Shopify without breaking the bank. Shopify is the best option if you want to avoid hiring a staff of web developers or paying expensive site maintenance fees. According to Statista, Shopify’s Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) surpassed approximately 47 billion dollars in the third quarter of 2022.

The management of an online store is very different from that of a physical store. For example, the operators of online stores must keep an eye on page speed, checkouts, shipment orders, and email marketing. Fortunately, Shopify apps make it simple for store owners to manage their online shops.

It would help if you hunted for the top Shopify apps to take your online Shopify store to the next level to increase revenue and improve Shopify sales. With only a few clicks, you may stimulate the store to sell products, foster client loyalty, and more with the correct utilization of Shopify apps.

Many Shopify apps are available in the app store, but if you want to identify the ones that will help you expand your business. First, you must locate the ideal tool for your store and, if you already have one, integrate it into your theme using our list of the top 15 free and paid Shopify apps.

These top 15 Shopify apps will help you to boost sales and conversions that are reasonably economical.

What Are the Factors to Consider While Evaluating Apps From Shopify App Store for Your D2C Business?

Each approach is only practical for some organisations. The secret is identifying the solution that best suits your company’s needs. So before selecting your DTC tech stack in 2024, keep the following in mind:

Capable for Integration With The Store

Your technology stack enhances Shopify’s features. Thus, it should be deeply integrated. This makes it possible for your team to access customer data or carry out order operations without needing to switch between many windows or endure a tiresome process to complete straightforward tasks.


For various tasks like managing refunds or tracking shipping, Shopify includes different apps or extensions. To create a unique tech stack, you can choose the elements that best meet your company’s requirements. You can automate some of your operations with its assistance, and the team will benefit.

Ratings and Reviews

Using Shopify has several advantages, one of which is the sizeable Shopify Community. You can use it to locate the top applications for the position. On the Shopify app store, users post evaluations and ratings informing other business owners of the advantages of using a particular app and its drawbacks.

Free Trial

The majority of Shopify apps provide a free trial. You can base your selections on your trial experience as an online business owner. It will assist you in determining whether the apps you select satisfy your needs and serve their intended function. A demo can help you decide whether or not to purchase an app, even if it doesn’t offer a free trial.

Quick Setup

Shopify’s simplicity is only one of its numerous advantages. The software is quite flexible, and creating an account only takes a few clicks. The tech stack should maintain this experience you select. To continue enjoying a hassle-free experience on Shopify, pick a tech stack that is simple and quick to deploy.

15 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales and Conversion in 2024

Finding the best Shopify apps for the eCommerce stores can take time and effort. You’ll have to sift through thousands of apps to find what you’re looking for. It may take a lot of time and be complicated.

We laboriously investigated the market and identify applications that will boost your sales to save you the hassle. The majority of the apps we will be examining are thankfully free. Naturally, some others are compensated.

We have grouped these apps into several categories to make it simpler to follow through. These are what they are:

Best Shopify Apps for Marketing

You can monitor various indicators and obtain some understanding of your clients and business with Shopify’s basic reporting features and analytics tools. A competent sales and marketing app, however, can improve this capability by enabling you to run targeted advertising and promotion campaigns for your desired audience:


best Shopify apps_Klaviyo

Klaviyo, which functions primarily as an email marketing platform, offers individualised experiences through various marketing channels, including SMS, in-app notifications, and the web. According to Klaviyo, 67 brands reportedly switch to their platform every day. When that is considered, Klaviyo is undoubtedly among the top Shopify apps accessible.

Key Characteristics:
  • Forms & Personalization: Use the popup and eCommerce signup forms to conduct tailored interactions with clients and exchange information.
  • Customer Profiles: Access essential subscriber/customer data in a single view.
  • Update consumer segments automatically through segmentation.
  • Predictive analytics backed by data science can help you save time.
  • Automation: Use information like customer lifetime value, lifecycle stage, etc., to automate conversations with prospects or customers.



With the help of the marketing automation application Omnisend, you can create a subscriber list and send emails, texts, and push notifications from a single location.

Key Characteristics
  • Email & Form Builders with Drag-and-Drop: Create dynamic signup forms and professional-looking emails easily.
  • Automated workflows already in place: Send emails and SMS automatically.
  • Customer segmentation Adapt your message to a particular customer group.
  • Seamless Shopify Integration Connect your store in one click to begin sending around the clock. Customer service: Support is readily available and available 24 hours a day.
  • Signup forms, Shopify integrations, and other e-commerce platforms are all seamless.

Best Shopify Apps for SEO

Plug In SEO

best Shopify apps for eCommerce store_Plug In SEO

Checking your store for SEO issues is what Plug In SEO stands for. The app, in this instance, analyses your store to identify the problems with search engine performance.

You can save hundreds of hours by using this software instead of manually inserting meta tags to various pages on your Shopify store and also your Shopify plus store.

With the app’s unique templating technology, you can quickly modify the meta names and descriptions for tens, hundreds, or even thousands of product, collection, and blog pages.

The SEO plugin examines page headings, titles, meta descriptions, speed, blog post organisation, and content freshness.

Key Characteristics
  • Optimizer for traffic: Increase traffic by locating relevant keywords.
  • Improve click-through rates(CTR) with Google structured data and rich snippets, says a data optimizer.
  • Text optimizer: Increase visibility by adding text to your photographs to fix them.
  • Improve your page’s speed with the page speed optimizer. You can know more on Shopify speed optimization.

Best Shopify Apps for Inventory Management



You are no longer required to consider packaging or delivery, thanks to Oberlo.

With the help of the Shopify shipping app Oberlo, you can locate popular products to include in your store.

A firm may manage bulk orders, sales reports, virtual inventory, product statistics, and more using this eCommerce platform.

In addition, it enables you to customise clear and user-friendly product descriptions and import products from AliExpress.

Key Characteristics
  • Price reduction.
  • Tracking of shipments.
  • Reporting/Analytics.
  • Purchasing Management.
  • eCommerce Administration.
  • Management of product information.
  • Automate order fulfilment so a product can be appropriately shipped to the customer.
  • Change the photos, titles, and descriptions of your products.
  • Utilize integrated order tracking to follow your delivery.



You may import, manage, and ship orders with Shipstation, a shipping programme. A platform like Shipstation is especially well-suited for retailers who use various selling channels. For a seamless experience, the Shopify app interfaces with more than 150 online marketplaces.

Key Characteristics
  • Order management: Automate, sync, and track orders from all used selling channels at every stage of the shipping process.
  • Simplify the shipping process for you. Create reduced shipping labels for all your orders, obtain the best deal, print, or quickly create multiple brands.
  • Branding: With Shipstation’s branded shipping, you can give each of your customers a unique delivery experience, from personalised shipping labels to a returns portal to a tracking page.
  • Monitoring, tracking, and managing your inventory is possible from a distant location or a warehouse.

‍QuickBooks Commerce

best Shopify apps for eCommerce store_quickbooks

You can handle orders and inventory for your eCommerce store with QuickBooks Commerce. It makes selling and replenishing more efficient and helps you keep track of your inventory across many warehouses. Some of its top qualities are listed below:

Key Characteristics:
  • Utilize an interactive dashboard to create and manage orders, keep track of inventory, and get in touch with clients and suppliers.
  • Tracks pack sizes, batches, and expiration dates
  • Allows you to link to invoices with credit card payments and automatically updates product listings, orders, and customer information.

Shopify Apps for Managing Reviews

Reviews are one of the most effective ways to build client trust in an era of fiercer online competition. A robust review system encourages client interaction and helps them form stronger bonds with your company. Additionally, because it gives your company legitimacy, it aids in promoting sales:



Yotpo is an excellent eCommerce marketing platform that will help you accelerate your company’s growth. It is a Shopify app. Yotpo offers you a variety of solutions to manage SMS marketing, graphic marketing, loyalty, and customer evaluations. With Yotpo’s AI-powered solutions, you can keep an eye on, order, and place consumer content at crucial conversion moments.

Key Characteristics
  • Reviews and ratings: Use personalised content to increase purchases. Utilize in-mail technologies to gather evaluations and ratings and use them effectively.
  • SMS marketing: Target and engage an extensively segmented audience with highly personalised SMS and MMS communications that use powerful automated routines.
  • Loyalty and Referrals: By developing highly customised solutions or selecting potent pre-built campaigns for rewards and referral programmes, you may engage current customers and attract new ones.
  • Visual UGC: To increase product discovery and brand engagement, display consumer photographs, videos, or reviews around your website.


best Shopify apps for eCommerce store_okendo

A consumer marketing tool created just for Shopify users is called Okendo. It enables proprietors of businesses to control every type of user-generated information, from ratings and reviews to queries and comments. Some of its essential characteristics are as follows:

Key Characteristics
  • Allow you to manage the reviews for each product on your shop and to create automated review request emails.
  • It enables you to track reviews for every product in your store and provides crucial Information and insight points about each client.
  • Syndicates every review from every source

Shopify Apps to Boost Conversions

Any activity taken up until and including the actual transaction is referred to as a conversion. These could include subscribing to your email list, clicking a coupon link, adding something to the shopping cart, or completing the checkout process. Increase your conversion rate by encouraging more visitors to take action on your website. Here are the best Shopify apps for boosting website conversion rates.


best Shopify apps for eCommerce store_optinmonster

One of the top Shopify apps for building your email list, increasing revenue, and recapturing lost clients is OptinMonster.

Since OptinMonster can perform the duties of several apps on this list.

The eCommerce features of OptinMonster make it simple and quick to construct beautiful marketing campaigns for product suggestions, lead generation, recovery of a forgotten cart,

discount tyres, and additional perks.

Key Characteristics
  • Campaign builder with drag and drop
  • Several design elements are available for adding films, countdown timers, graphics, and more.
  • Several campaign kinds, including content locker, popup, fullscreen, floating bar, slide-in, and discount wheels
  • 50+ ready-made playbooks and templates
  • Rules for precise targeting and triggering
  • Utilizable on a variety of platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, and others
  • Live customer assistance and in-depth guidance



You may use PushEngage, one of the best Shopify apps for eCommerce store to send personalised push notifications to your visitors. By doing this, you may retrieve abandoned carts, interact with users again while they are on your website, and ultimately increase sales.

Since opting in to push notifications doesn’t require providing personal information like an email address or phone number, more people are likely to do so.

The best feature is how simple it is to install PushEngage with just one click.

Key Characteristics
  • Rules for customizable opt-in displays
  • Options for flexible push notification design.
  • Automated cart abandonment notifications.
  • Audience division
  • Simple setup without the need for coding

Shopify Apps for Selling on Social Media

Although Shopify is a fantastic platform for creating your eCommerce store, you might want to sell on other sales channels with a broader audience. The top applications for selling on other platforms are listed below.


best Shopify apps for eCommerce store_pinterest

You may post shoppable product Pins to your Pinterest account using the Shopify app.

Pinterest is a well-known platform for sharing material, particularly for items related to fashion, home goods, and other lifestyles. Customers surfing Pinterest may find, save, and purchase items from your online store with the Pinterest Shopify apps. Essentially, it is an unpaid advertisement.

Direct use of Pinterest is possible from the Shopify admin interface. To see how much money your Pinterest posts are making, examine Shopify’s marketing attribution reports.

Key Characteristics
  • Automatically updated catalogues
  • Tracking performance on Pinterest
  • A Pinterest profile with a shop tag
  • Using demographic and interest-based targeting



To attract a wider audience, Instafeed provides shoppable personalised Instagram feeds.

Instagram and Shopify are connected in both directions. Your Shopify store can incorporate your Instagram feed. As a result, your Instagram following expands, your business’s content seems fresh, and social proof is displayed on your Shopify site.

Additionally, you may use Instafeed to make shoppable Instagram posts. This might turn Instagram users into Shopify clients.

The admin area for Shopify fully integrates Instafeed, allowing you to manage your feeds from within Shopify.

Key Characteristics
  • Suited to all themes and gadgets
  • Adaptable post formats
  • Posting on Instagram with a product tag
  • Post likes displayed

Shopify Apps for Loyalty Programs and Gifts

Using gifting to boost sales is another strategy. Even if a buyer isn’t very interested in your goods, they might know someone who is. Here are our top options for Shopify gifting apps.



Customers may more easily give your products as gifts to their friends and family thanks to Giftship.

With gift options for each recipient, customers may send things to multiple addresses in a single checkout. In addition, you can include gift wrapping, delivery dates, and messages.

With their automatic packing slip, invoice printer, and knowledgeable customer service, Giftship also makes your life as the store owner easier.

The best part is that Giftship can be used from the Shopify admin panel.

Key Characteristics
  • Multiple addresses for shipping
  • Optional gifts
  • Upselling

Shopify Apps for Payment

Alternative payment and ordering methods are sometimes disregarded to boost sales, yet they can be very effective.

Globo PreOrder


By allowing preorders on brand-new or out-of-stock products and displaying stock replenishment alerts, Globo PreOrder can boost your sales. Customers who may otherwise leave unsatisfied will be able to preorder or get reminders to buy when the product or variety they desire is back in stock.

Globo PreOrder functions with the most recent themes and is readily accessible from the Shopify admin dashboard.

Key Characteristics
  • Options for manual and scheduled preorders
  • Discounts and partial payments for preorders
  • Preorder buttons and email reminders that can be customised

Appstle Subscriptions


With the Shopify subscription software Appstle Subscriptions, you can give your clients goods and services regularly.

Recurring orders can significantly increase your revenue, and Appstle makes it simple to provide clients with subscription options.

Within your Shopify admin panel, you may manage the subscription orders you have placed with Appstle.

Key Characteristics
  • Integrated shopping cart for one-time and recurring payments
  • Various subscription discounts
  • Independent customer portal


These 15 carefully chosen Shopify apps will increase your store’s sales. Installing them in your store is all left for you to do now. Then, sit back and watch. You may also integrate your Shopify business with eBay to significantly increase your sales.

Without a doubt, you can also try out a tonne of different substitute apps. But always read the reviews posted by other store owners before installing any apps. Using an app that ultimately damages your store rather than enhances it is different from what you want to do.

Why Should You Choose WareIQ As Your Shopify Store’s Preferred Fulfillment & Warehousing Partner?

As a tech-enabled 3PL, WareIQ uses its proprietary software throughout its fulfillment network and provides information to clients to analyze their inventory levels and orders as they are picked, packed, shipped, and delivered in real-time.

Orders are instantly delivered to our warehouses after your store is connected, where the product is picked, packed, and dispatched. In addition, our fulfillment services assist your brand in time and cost optimization, utilizing the delivery operations to live up to your customer expectations and take control of a more significant portion of the client relationship.

With the help of WareIQ’s fulfilment network, you can strategically distribute your inventory through our vast fulfilment network to deliver your products more quickly and affordably. This is possible because keeping inventory close to your customers helps reduce the shipping expenses of sending orders to distant locations. In addition, with WareIQ’s 2-Day Express shipping option, you can provide 2-day shipping to any area in India, whether you ship from one or several fulfillment centers.

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