Sell With WooCommerce: 10 Easy Steps to Build an eCommerce Website With WooCommerce, Digital Products to Sell in 2024

You may all be aware of how the internet has changed business processes and consumer habits. The use of websites has become an integral part of everyone’s life, whether they purchase or sell products online. Many different platforms enable users to tailor websites to their requirements. WooCommerce is one of the world’s most widespread eCommerce platforms that offer these services. It is extremely adaptable, cost-effective, and simple to use, even for beginners.

Over the last few years, eCommerce integration has been rapidly increasing in popularity. Whether or not their primary business is eCommerce, an increasing number of companies are utilizing online selling with WooCommerce. Being able to sell with WooCommerce allows big corporations, small businesses, and home-based entrepreneurs to develop eCommerce stores and sell with WooCommerce, effortlessly. Users should be aware of the numerous features of the platform so that they can make the most of online selling with Woocommerce. You will get a clear view of the step-by-step guide to online selling with WooCommerce by reading further.

Table Of Contents
  1. What is WooCommerce?
  2. Why Should You Sell with WooCommerce?
  3. 10 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Website and Start to Sell with WooCommerce in 2024
  4. Products to Sell With WooCommerce
  5. Services to Sell with WooCommerce
  6. Digital Products to Sell With WooCommerce
  7. How to Up-Sell and Cross-Sell With WooCommerce to Increase Revenue Generation 
  8. How Product Recommendations Can Help You Increase Your eCommerce Revenue by Online Selling With WooCommerce?
  9. Why Should You Choose WareIQ to Fulfill WooCommerce Orders in 2024?
  10. How To Sell With WooCommerce FAQs

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress eCommerce plugin that is both popular and well-reviewed. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, it is only available as a WordPress plugin and does not operate independently. WooCommerce can only be used on a WordPress site as a result. WooCommerce is open source and offers nearly limitless customization options and a solid and dedicated open-source community.

Using a single platform, WooCommerce provides multiple online marketplace services. Even though you may want to sell with WooCommerce by turning your website into an online store for selling different types of products, many businesses also use it to offer services, rent rooms, and schedule appointments. For service-based companies, online selling with WooCommerce is the perfect option.

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Why Should You Sell with WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is used by 99% of all WordPress marketplaces. WooCommerce is a simple plugin with a low difficulty level. It is simple to use for new site owners. Minimum order quantity, customer engagement, shipping status updates, inventory management, and more are available through online selling with WooCommerce. In addition to all these services, the best reason to sell with WooCommerce is that it has extensive reporting options, multiple payment gateway options, and other marketing and promotion options.

How Do Traders Sell With WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress. It allows you to convert a WordPress site into an eCommerce marketplace. WooCommerce is fully integrated with your WordPress site’s features. This means you can create an eCommerce WordPress site with products, a shopping cart, and multiple payment options. 

10 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Website and Start to Sell with WooCommerce in 2024

1. Install WordPress

Once you have picked a host, it is time to set up WordPress as your website-building platform. You must log in to your account, go to the sites tab and select WordPress. Then, to begin constructing, select Create Site. You may need to install WordPress manually if you use a different web host. Because each website server has a slightly different setup, you can contact your host’s customer care for further information on installing WordPress. Remember that you can move your WordPress website from your current host to another one, anytime.

2. Install the WooCommerce Plugin for WordPress

You will need to install the WooCommerce plugin after you have set up WordPress. This will allow you to list products and collect payments from customers.

Here is an easy guide to installing WooCommerce:

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress dashboard using your username and password.

Step 2: Go to the Plugins section.

Step 3: The WordPress Plugin Directory will appear. Select WooCommerce from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: The WooCommerce plugin will be installed. Click Activate when it is finished.

Step 5: WooCommerce will now appear in your active plugins list. Then you have to set up WooCommerce.

You will have access to all of WooCommerce’s features once you have installed and enabled the plugin. Now you can:

  • Create pages for your website
  • Make a product list
  • Create payment options

3. Customize Your WooCommerce Store

You can customize the shop page using 2 different methods, and they are:

  • Programmatically
  • With a page builder
Customize the WooCommerce Shop Page Programmatically

Step 1: You can create a theme

Step 2: Create the folder structure in your theme

Step 3: Form content for your shop page

Step 4: Create a page template for the shop

Step 5: Using shortcodes, you can customize the shop page

Step 6: Put the most popular product front and center

Customize the WooCommerce Shop Page Using Page Builder

Step 1: Make a listing page with page builder and fill it with content

Step 2: Create the newly formed page for your Shop Page

4. Add Product Listings to Sell With WooCommerce

After installing WooCommerce, go to WooCommerce – Products in your WordPress dashboard. Then click the Create Product button to start creating your first product. This should bring up the WordPress editor you are used to, but with some additional features. 

5. Add Product Titles and Descriptions

In the title section, type the product’s name. Next, complete your product’s description. The purpose of the description is to explain the benefits of a product. To make this section easier to read, you can use bullet points. Optimize the title and description for organic keywords when crafting them. Add semantic keywords to the long explanation if you wish to use them on the product page.

6. Choose Product Type

WooCommerce allows you to use numerous product types depending on the type of business you operate. There are four basic product types to pick from:

  • Simple Product: The default setting is a simple product, which is a one-size-fits-all approach. This is a popular product among WooCommerce store operators.
  • Grouped Product: A grouped product is typically used to group simple things, such as a pack of five t-shirts.
  • External/Affiliated Product: You can use this option to link the add to cart button to an external page if you have a dropshipping business or affiliate-based store.
  • Variable Product: A variable product comes in various colors, sizes, and other features. Consider a t-shirt with sizes such as small, medium, large, and so on.

Additionally, you have two more possibilities for customizing those four fundamental product types:

  • Virtual Product: This option is for individuals selling a digital product through the internet that does not require shipping.
  • Downloadable Product: You can enable this option if a downloadable file is related to the product such as an eBook or audio file.

To make this decision, go to the Product data box directly below the WordPress editor where you added the product description and use the drop-down menu and checkboxes.

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7. Fill Out the Product Data Meta Box

After you have picked your product type, you will need to fill out the remainder of the details in the Product Databox. To browse between different sections, utilize the tabs on the left which are listed below:

  • General tab
  • Inventory tab
  • Shipping tab
  • Linked products tab
  • Attributes tab
  • Advanced tab

8. Write an Engaging Short Description

Scroll down to the Product Short Description box after you have completed the Product Databox. On your single product page, the short description is normally shown clearly. The longer description you entered will normally appear further down.

9. Add Some Finishing Touches

If you follow the steps above, your product page is almost complete. Before publishing the product, add the following to the right-hand sidebar:

  • Product tags and categories: Product organization is helped by categories and tags. On the front end of your store, your customers can search for products using categories and tags. Make it as sensible and valuable to your target clients as possible.
  • Product image: Include the product’s main featured image. This will be the largest image on the single product page and also appear on the catalog page.
  • Product Gallery: Additional photographs that display in the gallery on the single product page can be added to the product gallery.

To publish, click the publish button.

After double-checking that all the product data is accurate, click Publish to take your product live.

10. Next Steps for Launching Your Store

You are almost ready to launch your store to sell with WooCommerce once you have added all your products. Next, you might want to check out some of the top WooCommerce plugins to help you expand your store’s capabilities.

Products to Sell With WooCommerce

Simple Products

The most basic type of products available in any store is simple products. They are the same as store-bought items. Each thing has a cost and may or may not be physical. Simple products do not go beyond the product’s basic functionality. This is probably the product category you will use if you sell single products or large numbers of standard items with no variants.

Variable Products

Variable products go a step further than simple products, allowing for a comparable grouping of products with minor differences. If you owned a clothes store and your products were available in a variety of sizes and colors, each size and color would be considered a variation. If you have a lot of variations, you will need this product type or your shop will become difficult to explore.

Individual SKUs, prices, sales, and stock amounts can be added to variations to support a wide range of use cases. When you visit a store selling variable products, each item has only one listing page. You can select your variant by going to that product’s page and choosing particular parameters.

Digital Products

The main purpose of this product category is that you will only be given a link to download or visit the item once you have purchased it. This product type is ideal for selling digital goods that do not require complicated registration codes, such as software or eBooks.

Custom Products 

You may discover that the way you wish to present your product to sell with WooCommerce or other plugins can be easily achieved. WooCommerce is a wonderful platform for developers to create custom product layouts and types because it is so flexible. Custom payment alternatives are always feasible and product pages can be updated to improve the shopping experience. Customer account areas can also be built to suit your store better. Make sure to speak with one of the experts who can interpret your needs and turn them into a workable concept.

Services to Sell with WooCommerce

Client services can be sold using any product included in the WooCommerce store. It could be services like consulting, hairstyling, workshops, or any other service you can offer on your website. Consider the following options:

Professional Services

Architecture, conveyancing, document preparation and review, legal services, real estate consulting, medical services and will writing are examples of professional services.

Design Services

Brand identity work, graphic design, picture editing, infographics, online interior design, and stationery are all examples of design services (business cards, brochures, flyers, leaflets, and print layouts).

Expert Services

Online business, copywriting, CV writing and resumes, career development, coaching, consulting, lifestyle services, life coaching, love and relationship counseling, marketing, photography, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and web analytics are just a few of the expert services available.

Technical Services

Printing, programming, and software development such as WMS software, sound mixing,  and technical support are some examples

Digital Products to Sell With WooCommerce

Online Courses

Selling online courses is one of the most popular and successful ways to generate money online. Digital products to sell with WooCommerce are the latest development in the technological world. You can construct a training or educational program for whatever skill or subject you want to teach.


Templates are another digital product you should try selling. This can be extremely useful if you have basic graphic design or digital art skills.


eBooks have long been one of the most lucrative internet money-making opportunities. They were among the first digital products to appear on the e-commerce market and they remain popular today.

Memberships and Subscriptions

You can sell recurring access to information and events in your sector, such as instructional material, training programs, webinars, and more, using membership services. You can also charge a fee for VIP access to your website.

Professional Services

Another alternative is to use your website to market professional services for order fulfillment. This is not a digital product in the traditional sense. Professional services can be a profitable method to make money online.


Another big category of digital assets that you might want to look into is audio. Many people are prepared to pay for audio files, including podcasts and music, to reduce logistics costs.


Selling your photographs might be another great option to make money online if you are a photographer. With so many companies shifting their activities online, high-quality images are always needed to use in marketing campaigns and websites.

Graphic Art

Many companies and professionals cannot design their graphics or brand assets. As a result, if you are knowledgeable and experienced in graphic design, you can use your WordPress site to sell visual art and creative bundles.

How to Up-Sell and Cross-Sell With WooCommerce to Increase Revenue Generation 

Since existing customers are significantly more likely to convert interest into a purchase than a new prospect, cross-selling and upselling are easy wins for growing revenue.

What’s the Difference Between an Up-sell and a Cross-Sell?

Cross-selling and upselling are two extremely similar strategies. They both improve the profit of small businesses but in opposite ways. UpSell with WooCommerce increases income by promising a higher-level product, and cross-selling accomplishes the same by suggesting more items to purchase. The customer’s goal is also a factor in the differences between these strategies.

When a shopper gets cross-sold extra things, they have no intention of purchasing them. After receiving the suggestion, the customer may want to consider adding those items to their economic order quantity because they are similar to the original order. Upselling appeals to the desire of the buyer to make a purchase. Sellers make the offer to exchange for a higher-quality item, which is the end justification.

5 Upselling and Cross-Selling Tips and Tricks

Keep It Simple

Offering too many items or services simultaneously might backfire by confusing customers and diluting their attention. Teach your salesmen to focus on only a few things that provide clear value to the consumer regarding upselling and cross-selling. More possibilities to market additional items or services will naturally arise as they work with the client and develop a long-term relationship. In addition, you can get multi-channel sales fulfillment.

Map Complementary Options

Provide excellent maps to your salespeople to help businesses decide which services and products they can offer to which consumers at each stage of the customer journey. Analyze your current clients’ purchase history and categorize by customer segment and products purchased to create a map of complementary choices. Further, your salespeople, account managers, and customer service representatives should be knowledgeable about the product.

Offer Loyalty Perks

Create a system for customers to earn rewards based on their purchasing habits. Customers who purchase more should be rewarded. Teach your salesmen about loyalty programs to use in upselling and cross-selling effectively.


Cross-selling and upselling opportunities often present themselves after a customer has made and enjoyed a purchase. Train your salesmen to follow up with existing clients to ensure they are happy and suggest appropriate upsells and cross-sells as part of their daily routine.

Plan the Timing

When customers have already committed to a purchase, businesses can cross-sell with WooCommerce at the end of the sales cycle. This can work but it is usually better to incorporate the upselling and cross-selling procedure into the sales process in complex situations.

How Product Recommendations Can Help You Increase Your eCommerce Revenue by Online Selling With WooCommerce?

Product recommendations can help you increase your eCommerce logistics based on product suggestions from the recently viewed category and also by the trending upsells and cross-sells. Offering free branded shipping also encourages more customers to buy your product, which can increase your eCommerce revenue. In addition, it increases your income by:

  • Using personalization
  • Placing product recommendations on similar pages
  • Leveraging herd mentality
  • Crafting engaging product recommendations
  • Letting customer feedback inform your product recommendations

Selling digital products is a great way to increase eCommerce fulfillment services without dealing with the hassles of traditional order fulfillment. However, if you want to succeed, you will need a reasonable plan and a product that meets customer wants. Online selling with WooCommerce is a complete eCommerce solution that is quick to set up, simple to use, and adaptable to your business’s needs. The points mentioned above mentioned are the step-by-step guide to setting up an online store and starting to sell with WooCommerce.

Why Should You Choose WareIQ to Fulfill WooCommerce Orders in 2024?

Consumers are becoming accustomed to same-day and next-day shipping alternatives. As a result, there is a significant demand for shipments that are quick and, most importantly, punctual.

When your order fulfillment process is inconsistent or slow, it might be difficult to get shipments delivered on time. Overall, inefficient fulfillment procedures harm your firm. This is why if you sell with WooCommerce, outsourcing fulfillment services for your business can be advantageous. A fulfillment partner can help you with every aspect of your eCommerce logistics needs, from warehouse storage to shipping and refunds.

WareIQ is one of India’s top and fastest eCommerce fulfillment providers, providing a centralized platform for multichannel sales fulfillment and a variety of services such as smart selecting and packing, same day and next-day delivery, generating shipping badges, RTO Shield to cut RTO costs, Intelligent MOQ and EOQ calculators for warehouses and cutting edge intelligent warehouse management systems with our user-friendly app store be streamline online selling with WooCommerce

Enabling WooCommerce Order Fulfillment with WareIQ by integrating your online store with WareIQ’s fulfillment platform enables you, as a retailer, to focus on your core business while minimizing shipping concerns.

Even the most seasoned entrepreneurs can rapidly become overwhelmed while focussing on expansion and large-scale client interactions. Customers are delighted when WareIQ handles their online selling with WooCommerce and inventory management, while merchants can focus on providing great products and items.

sell with woocommerce_wareiq services

Benefits of Partnering with WareIQ to Sell With WooCommerce

Customer Service

Our top concern is customer happiness. Customer service representatives at WareIQ will address your problems and handle package clarifications and claims on your behalf.

It might be difficult to choose which fulfillment service is best for you if you sell a large number of items through your eCommerce site. That is why WareIQ places a high value on excellent customer care, which is a significant advantage of outsourcing fulfillment.

Oftentimes, business owners get lost trying to figure out all of the details of fulfillment operations. WareIQ’s customer support team is available to help you through every stage of the order fulfillment process. We can assist in housing your products in our fulfillment center and integrating with our Warehouse Management System( WMS) so that you can effortlessly sell with WooCommerce.

Furthermore, after you’ve completed your setup, we’ll begin sending your orders to your clients as soon as possible.


We check shipping prices from reputable shipping companies to get the best one for your requirements. Take advantage of our bulk pricing — the more you deliver in bulk, the more money you save.

When it comes to post-fulfillment services, many firms are hesitant to choose 3PL services because they believe that they would be more expensive. However, selecting a fulfillment partner such as WareIQ might be far more cost-effective.

Online selling with WooCommerce is free and highly effective but there are additional factors to consider. This involves challenges such as running out of inventory space or having to pay for packing and shipment. Not to mention the costs of hiring and management.

WareIQ as your fulfillment provider can help you with all of that. You will get access to our warehouse for storing your items as well as 24-hour order processing.

Our shipping and freight charges are among the most inexpensive in the market since we are a certified shipping facility.

Overall, if you sell with WooCommerce and hire WareIQ as a fulfillment partner, you can save money on shipping, manpower, and warehousing expenditures.


Another advantage of using WareIQ eCommerce fulfillment services is that it saves time. You probably don’t have time to focus on expansion if you’re so preoccupied with order fulfillment. You should be able to spend time as a business owner in sales and marketing, growing, obtaining new goods and ideas, and enhancing your overall business plan.

When you choose to sell with WooCommerce, there is no additional time spent once a consumer places an order. This is due to our capacity to complete the fulfillment procedure rapidly. In other words, keeping your items in our warehouse saves you time. We can rapidly package, print your business labels, and ship client orders while your items are kept with us.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management can be time-consuming and difficult but when you opt to sell with WooCommerce, it is critical. Better inventory planning can assist you in running your business more effectively and economically. Outsourcing inventory management is a fantastic approach to immediately improving company operations.

WareIQ’s fulfillment centers deal with a variety of eCommerce firms and we have extensive knowledge of the best practices that we can share with you. 

When you sell with WooCommerce, we can handle all of your brand’s fulfillment needs, ensuring your consumers receive the best post-purchase experience in the country and have a hassle-free experience.

How To Sell With WooCommerce FAQs